The Crack! – The Hunt for Ninjas
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The Crack! – The Hunt for Ninjas

December 9, 2019

Were on the hunt for a wild creature It’s only known as the Snow Ninja oh wait there he is such an amazing creature but we’ll have to be careful not to wake him Oh S*** he’s awake What do we do?, what do we do? A Ninja can only be seen? Oh, that makes more sence… Copyright © Element Animation 2011

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  1. Oh, [Gorilla]!

    I like it. Maybe Sailor Mouth would go differently if they just used Gorilla over the bad words! E.g. …

    Krabs is a [Gorilla].

    Spongebob: Hello, Patrick. Lovely [Gorilla] day we're having, isn't it?
    Patrick: Why yes it is, Spongebob. This [Gorilla] day is particularly [Gorilla] lovely.
    Spongebob: How [Gorilla} right you are, Patrick.
    Patrick: [Gorilla]!
    Spongebob [Gorilla]!
    Patrick [Gorilla]!

    At the Krusty Krab
    Spongebob: Attention customers. Today's special is a [Gorilla] krabby patty served in a greasy [Gorilla] sauce and grilled to [Gorilla] perfection. And don't forget to ask us to [Gorilla] the [Gorilla] fries! It'll be our [Gorilla Gorilla] Pleasure! (To Squidward): Hi, Squidward. How the [Gorilla] are ya?
    Patrick: Nice [Gorilla] Day, isn't it Squidward?

    Mr. Krabs's tirade
    Mr. Krabs: Waaaaaawoooooaaaahahaah! Oh, my [Gorilla] foot! What [Gorilla] genius put a [Gorilla] rock in a [Gorilla] path?! Can't you see I've got a [Gorilla] foot here?! Oh, [Gorilla]! Ah, [Gorilla] and a whole lot of [Gorilla] with a side of [Gorilla] and a heaping helping of [Gorilla] and a boatload of [Gorilla]! Ah, [Gorilla Gorilla] Grabbin' [Gorilla]!

  2. It’s been so long since I’ve seen these videos. I loved them so much as a kid. Going back and watching them again makes me happy. I’m glad I stumbled upon this when I was younger.

  3. In the scene missing part is where rick and Jason from the future come and save Jason and they bring this Jason on board

  4. I'm curious to know if you guys ever saw rex the runt. It has a similar comedy style to this, very british, and jolly well animated (aardman)

  5. I like how I can’t bare to watch old YouTube videos from great content creators because they are bad, but element animation has been quality from the start

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