The Completely Blind Hunter: Profiles by VICE
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The Completely Blind Hunter: Profiles by VICE

November 17, 2019

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  1. To all of the people who are commenting against the blind person having a gun. You you can't even begin to judge or say anything when you haven't experienced things the way that he has. I myself am a blind individual who has shot guns. Guns don't kill people. Stupid people with guns kill people. People without the proper training kill people or hurt people. As he said I may not have eyesight but I have a brain. In my opinion commonsense overrides eyesight. I could have 2020 vision and still be at risk of hurting somebody without the proper training. A person should be trained when, how, and where to use and not use the gun. And as far as concealed carry is concerned, I am planning on obtaining a permit myself. I already carry a knife on me for utility and defense purposes. Also I am skilled in some areas of martial arts. Most concealed carry and counters occur as much as three, maybe 2 1/2 yards away from the person. A man robbing another man with a gun is not doing so from hundreds of yards away. I don't know about you all but if somebody is standing that far away from me, I can accurately gauge where he's standing by the sound of his voice, aim properly and eliminate the threat.

  2. Having someone aim for you and you only pull the trigger with no idea what you are shooting at is not actually hunting. This is lame.

  3. RIIIIGHT ON MAN!!! Good souls you and your wife. I hope people can get all the msgs from this because it's beautiful and positive in such a unbelievable way to other who judge or assume what they don't or can't understand.. Thank you for being patient so many can learn from you.

  4. So wait, a living creature that has lost a sense, that wouldn't have survived through natural selection, is then given the right to kill able bodied animals for no other reason than for sport/game? I hate humans.

  5. "A person who has one of these has to have their marbles"

    Says the man who treated his PTSD from a dog attack by shooting things, and owns a dog.

  6. Its bad when someone who talks through his nose steals your You Tube page to get his video up. Why do these guys do this? Its not right.

  7. He's not a hunter, he can't even shoot without someone guiding him the entire time. how does he get a license if he needs someone to tell him where to shoot and when. Vice is ridiculous.

  8. lol this dude gets attacked hes gonna shoot everyone trying to hit his attacker , and he has a scope too omfg im done XD america is honestly fucking hilarious

  9. Let's have blind drivers too. Also lets have blind doctors as well…. buy a fucking knife dude. NRA fucking loves you for being a political prop.

  10. It’s not about him being blind- I’m more worried about the ptsd and depression. Those are real reasons not to posses a firearm.

  11. I can't help but feel like there might be some compensation here. "I'm blind and live in a trailer, but I'm a tough guy who carries around guns and shoots stuff, so I'm clearly not to be fucked with".

  12. Well let’s hope your dog or your loved one doesn’t scare you at night….
    There’s logic behind preventing the blind from purchasing fire arms!

  13. this is not an example of the second amendment, or rights. this is an example of someone going through therapy and recovering from a vicious attack. we should let him heal.

  14. America is funny! Blind man with a gun, maybe they should train to be top sniper for their war machine. They could also become a pigment mixer or tattoo artist or Koi breeder. Only in America, so funny 信じられない。。。

  15. “Facial vision”??! Do you mean SPACIAL vision?! Jesus Christ this dude is so insane. Good thing you’re dirt poor because you spend every bit of money you make on guns. He also calls a magazine a “clip” which you would think you’d know when you base your entire identity around guns.

    He’s not even good at being blind. He’s not even used to it yet. He can’t even find things without feeling around. God forbid he starts ripping shots through his house because he hears a noise.

    Also, how does he see when his gun is clean or still needs to be scrubbed?

    Christ dude. I have guns and I keep my guns and I will never give up my right, but even I recognize that there are considerations.

  16. To feel strong again he one day will have to kill a human since that would be the only way to become a better predator

  17. I am all about anyone having access to guns legally in America, and if they choose to carry and can, I’m all for it. But this is just completely fucking stupid lol I honestly wouldn’t be supposed to restricting the blind from being able to get their CCWs. We don’t need a blind man shooting into a crowd when there’s an active shooter, the blind man will kill more people than the shooter himself.

  18. Also, why the fuck is Vice promoting this episode on Snapchat when it was recorded four years ago? Seems like Vice has run out of ideas lol

  19. "This is safe" (moves selector to fire). "This is fire" (moves selector to safe). That just put the cherry on top of why this is so fucking stupid. I just pray Vice edited the sound.

  20. a blind man baring a gun hell! we need one of those in our dutch police force! most of them are deaf baring guns!

  21. Im visually impaired (no central vision) and i was worried i wouldnt be able to get my concealed carry. not so much anymore

  22. In California i have perfect eye sight years of shooting experience clean record never ever committed any crimes yet get denied a CCW. But a blind man can

  23. I feel really sad for his wife and him but when she said all i do is color made me want to help them. Anyone know how i can ?

  24. The man is clearly responsible and well hinged. He's exercising his rights in a safe and controlled manner. Nothing wrong with that.

  25. There's no reason that this man should have deadly projectile weapons. and I hate to say it, but he's not hunting, the dude aiming for him, and driving him to the blind is hunting and it's messed up.

  26. This whole thing lost me when the guy proficient with guns called a magazine a clip. And the gun store guy agreed????

  27. I love this guy!! I live in WV and I'm a hunter..people who can see are inhumane hunters and don't know wtf they are doing, this guy does it with a guide and worked hard to get his permit! so many douche bags who have nothing wrong with them aren't as safe and as educated as this cat!! and also anyone who is beautiful and good has no need of making fun of this cat or his wife -I'm so happy they have love, have each other, and have things that make their life complete ! right on!!

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