The Compassionate Side Of Hunting You Never See
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The Compassionate Side Of Hunting You Never See

November 19, 2019

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  1. So he killed a caribou because he thought it wouldn't survive the winter? I mean could you just let nature run its course? Instead of getting a hard-on killing animals you could actually improve the world and be environmental activist…

  2. If you were to be born an animal and had the choice between being born a cow that would spend a short life imprisoned and then be inevitably slaughtered, or as an elk that would be subject to hunting, the choice would be very clear. Hunting for meat is decidedly more ethical than eating at McDonald's. Deliberately picking the old bull, that is a cut above. Kudos.

  3. 1:23 "Look at me – Damn I am so awesome and I let you know it. That imaginary hawk in the sky there should look at me too! – LOOK AT ME YOU FUCKING BIRD OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN!"
    3:08 "Oh damn my shoe ties are loose… Should I fix that? ..HM… no that´s uncool… – I will just stand here until the camera guy leaves! – Oh look there is my bird again! – DAMN IT Donnie! Dont look else where, it´s uncool!!!"

  4. Better for an animal to live a long life in the wild and to suddenly die without knowing what hit it than to enslave an entire species and herd them into industrial scale killing factories.

  5. When this talks about pot heads who do cannabis nobody bats an eye. But hunting, OH NO! More people hate that, like come on

  6. If you want to be like your ancestors, why not drop your modern day bows and arrows and go back to what your ancestors used to use. We human advanced in technology, and that's why we need to be differed to what our ancestors used to do, both in doing and thinking. I say STOP!

  7. "oh no dont kill stuff" fucking ninnies. go drink starbucks and ignore real problems. or be like green peace and destroy nazca lines for your pathetic message.

  8. I rather eat the meat of an animal that I know have had a good and healthy life then One that has lived it's entire life in a bad horrible condition and has been bred for slaughter and human consumption.

    That's the positive thing I see with hunting.

  9. It is nice to hear stories from compassionate hunters. Check out his YouTube channel. There's something appealing about this lifestyle that I do agree is in all of us. The simplicity of being out in the wild and finding your connection to the earth is truly priceless.

  10. This guy might be a hipster but I can relate. I was raised into a super poor family in Finland. I guess my parents could have given up and rely on the welfare system. Instead we picked berries and mushrooms, we fished and my father hunted. We perhaps had close to zero income but we were never too hungry and we gained enormous respect for the nature that kept us alive. Today I am much better off and almost a vegan. Hovewer, I'd kill a duck or deer any day if it was needed to feed my kid.

  11. Thank you seeker stories this was a beautiful video, unfortunately the mob mentality of anti hunter's will reject this with extreme prejudice.

  12. By the end of the video, I had no problem with this.  He said he wanted to know where his meat comes from.   If the meat was eaten, I have no problem.   My only question is:  The meat from and older moose is tough, isn't it?

  13. I am a vegetarian since 7 years, but I would eat the meat from the animal he hunts. I think he kills the right way

  14. Pardon the veganazi comment, but where is the compassionate side of this hunt? Hunting an old animal? B.S.! He just took the live of an old animal who would be the very likely next meal of some other animal. I AM NOT AGAINST HUNTING, don't give a crap really, even if I think it is utterly unneded at this point of human evolution, but he was just self promoting…

  15. I find it amazing that no one respects or even acknowledges our roots in the cycle of life. Being able to remove ourselves from this cycle is what makes us intelligent creatures, but there is a part of all of us that still yearns to be part of that cycle.

  16. Making art out of something cavemen did… I don't know. It's like organic farm promo video. Nicely filmed. I want those horrrns.

  17. "The Compassionate Side Of Hunting You Never See"…or do you mean "The Compassionate Side of Hunting You ALWAYS See."?

    Every hunter I know is just as reverent when taking an animals life as this guy. No one takes an animals life lightly. Hunters are much more active and compassionate conservationists than any of the hypocrite vegans commenting. I don't see vegans out cleaning up waterways, forests and trails and creating and maintaining habitat….I see hunters who care about the sustainability of animals they harvest and share the space with.

  18. This isn't all that uncommon amongst hunters. In the states (assuming you're a hunter not a poacher) the government sets up a system (Called hunting seasons) so that hunters work to make sure no one species population gets out of hand or dies off. It's a sport, just like many other things people like to do, they do it for the challenge.

    And as far as morals go, I feel much better about tracking down and killing an animal myself after he lived a long decent life, then going to a fast food restaurant and pretending like the chicken nuggets l'm eating came from an animal that 'died of natural causes'. That's my view of things at least.

  19. The title of this video is misleading, hunting is not some brutal blood sport that sadistic people take part in, but that's the idea it gives of when it says that there's a compassionate side people don't see. People don't understand because they've never gone hunting, it's respectful, it's for food, for population control, for all the right reasons, and real hunters hate people that hunt disrespectfully

  20. I also love all the veggie eatters who fail to understand the cycle of life and leave those hipster comments but don't allow a person to reply. Must be nice living in that small little world.

  21. So he killed the animal because it's likely it won't make it through the winter? But what gives you the right to kill it? He was trying to be inspiring but did he forget about "Hope"

  22. the infrastructure he despises is the greatest achievement of our species; the primitive primates could never have become spacemen without it.

  23. No faggot, were not natural hunters these things had to be learned in order to survive, why dont you let nature take its place instead of you fucking killing something for no reason but your own personal pleasure , its 2015 !! I hope one of these animals catches you and takes you out"naturally"

  24. hunting is not always that dangerous; I am purity sure my neighbor is not doing anything that extreme every time deer season comes around ( I have found his bait stations behind my house.

  25. I have absolutely no issue with hunting. That said there is nothing compassionate about video. He hunts and kills it's as simple as that. All the rest of it is just BS to make it appear in another light. The biggest BS is saying it's not a choice, that it's something that lives in his soul. It is a choice. Anytime you have you have multiple paths to take or choices to to make it's a choice.

    I really dislike the attitude that everyone else that doesn't hunt, that chooses to buy from a store has lost something. And what kind of idiot believes that everyone should go hunting at least once in their life. If that happened he would be spending the rest of his hunting trips looking at the pictures of all the animals that are now extinct.

    It's nice to see him take an interest in the impact he makes but almost every hunter I know feels the same way. It's nothing special.

  26. I photo hunt and I would be an amazing hunter because I can get within a few meters of a wold or a bear without it even knowing I get some awesome shots but in the places I go there is no need for me to kill the animal though I understand why you do

  27. It seems some commenters are taking issue with the title's use of the phrase "you never see" — which some are interpreting as meaning "because almost no hunters possess this compassion".

    However, I took this phrase to mean "because the popular and media portrayals of hunters don't show this compassion".

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought the title was favorable to hunters.

  28. How is killing compassionate? was the animal in pain, unable to care for itself, incapacitated? was it harming you? were you or someone else in danger from it? 

    I don't like judging people because I know that no one is perfect, I am not vegan, I am just a vegetarian & I do contribute, even if indirectly, to the cruelty towards animals. I just don't like it when people try to label and promote unnecessary acts of cruelty as something good.

  29. There was no need to hire Keanu Reeves to cry for 3 minutes while filming himself doing what thousands of us have done…but I suppose it's more likely to convince women.

  30. wtf this guy is cool, but why does he has to kill an animal? Even if it would die anyway then let nature do it.

  31. Fucking Ricky gervais and other "cultured" media persons has normalised this extreme anti-hunting agenda , shutup you pretentious drones, voice your hate on a PETA video!!

  32. OK he hunt to show he is a macho and NEED to go back to nature and kill something because "civilization" and I need someone to film me and "am concern" and I do it with a bow because am so bad ass. seriously I thought he was compassionate because he was hunting to SURVIVE and he lived in the wilderness.  but he DOES NOT he is killing an animal FOR FUN and leave the meat and furs to rot in the wild. nop this is bullshit just a sport hunter that talks like he is "concern"…

  33. All these comments are strange and baseless.  This was an interesting video, but evoked no emotion except that the pictures were cool.  Here in the U.S. the government sells hunting tags to control the population of these animals.  We have nearly wiped out the top predators in most of North America.  We have pretty recently reintroduced the grey wolf back to many parts of the U.S.  They are actually a keystone species of the temperate forests of North America.  They cull the herd and keep the herd moving so that they don't devastate large areas of forests.  But even now humans and wolves are getting into conflicts.  Even though they are an endangered species, farmers and ranchers in some states are allowed to shoot the wolves on site.  Hunting in modern times here in the U.S. has become a band-aid for preserving the ecosystem.   We don't want to live with top predators, but we need to help forests out.  Hunting at this point in our human history is helping the environment, and I am not talking about killing elephants or something idiotic.

    Same thing happens to beavers as a keystone species of rivers and humans.

    Most of you commentators need to be better read, instead of making false, emotional statements. "Why kill when there is plenty of food?"  "He's cool but why hunt?"

  34. Thank you @Seeker Stories for telling the true side of hunting. Kudos to you for talking about hunters as the true conservationist they are. You didn't even mention the hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars @Donnie Vincent, myself, and other other hunters spend on hunting tags each year. Just for the opportunity to hunt. That money ensures the animals we love and depend on can continue to thrive. The hunter is the true nature lover and the modern hunter puts their money where their mouth is.

  35. The title of this video is bull. It should read "The Compassionate Side of Hunting You Always See". That is, if you care to look beyond the idiotic propaganda of the anti-hunting crowd. Vincent's attitude is representative of virtually all hunters.

  36. Bs! Not buying for a second! If you love animals so much then set up a conservation for them not kill them ! Sorry man your priorities are all screwed up! And by the way I have no pity and respect for hunters! Some soppy crap story!

  37. Ok seeker stories that's my first thumbs down cause this guy is full of shit but all your videos I like so far

  38. What i don't like of hunters is not only the fact that they kill, which is the less honestly, what i hate the most is that many do it irresponsibly and kill in extreme levels or even endangered species, another thing is that many hunt just for sport, and some hypocrites even come out with that shit of "i love wildlife or animals" or "i care about nature" etc.

    Also, if they do it to get their food because that's the living they CHOOSED, then at least have more respect for life and death, i hate how they show off their photos with stupid pride, you do it to eat, don't you? then stop showing off with their dead bodies and have more respect for these animals whose life you took away, what's it to be proud about killing? what's all the fuss about? you do it to eat then fucking eat, killing is not and should never be fun and there is nothing to be proud about when you do it, have some fucking dignity.

    There is nothing in this video related to the title.

  39. I gotta say that the reason I hunt is because of tradition, excitment and fun. It's also pretty social in some cases.

  40. This is a total bull*** for me. Pseudo philosophical crap.
    Why is he diffrent than Walter Palmer exactly?
    These people kill animals for "adventure" and "adrenaline" and call themeselves a "nature lovers". Give a break. And yes this is my opinion.

  41. interesting to watch the lower threshold of consciousness excuse its ignorance and joy of murder. When we cannot clearly communicate with the life-form and are deciding one of the most important decisions without consent. We are committing a low conscious decision, because we are lacking compassion for the life form as well as ourselves. We will need to mature as a species before we meet new extra terrestrial life forms.

  42. So wait-I'm confused. What happened to the meat? Is that what he is carrying in his backpack, the one that has the antlers hanging out??

  43. This is the kind of hunting I can respect. It's not canned hunting where the rich "hunter" is sitting on a truck inside a pen with his "prey" in his sights. It's not taking out an already ultra-endangered species.

  44. I don't get why this is so morally wrong, it's not like he ia hunting something in dangered or he is killing them in large quantities with a passion. He is hunting with morals, it's when you are hunting with greed and hate that is wrong. When you see a fisherman would you say the same thing? Thats taking a life as well. Don't judge the man for what they are doing, judge them for how they do it. nothing wrong with a guy going back to their roots.

  45. Well.. i understand where he comes from. But come on… why the bow and arrow? Thats just gonna make the animal suffer more.

  46. 2:44 FUCKING ON POINT!!! I love the outdoors and danger, i'm 13 and i want to go on and solo overnight hike. I can build a fire and am fully equipped and pretty skilled but my mother is afraid, and i don't blame her. I want to be out there, the nature and explore, and my mother doesn't understand that. She was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine with parents who never made her do anything scary or with an adrenaline rush, she never learned to swim or ride a bike. therefor was never exposed to the sheer joy and rush in having a near death situation. Something may go wrong but we are humans, we are not easy to kill , and i wished she knew that.

  47. the first time i shot a deer ill be honest i cried. but yeah when you know where your meat comes from its great the meat a lot of the time is leaner and you can use the antlers bones and pelt for stuff too you usually don't waste that stuff, plus deer hunting helps keep their population at a manageable level which makes it safer for us and them

  48. any one aginst hunting and saying some silly shit. had better be a fucking Veg head 100% period. or dont even comment on how inhumane hunting is in your hypocritical mind.

  49. BS! The point is, as a species, there are 6 billion of us in the planet. Even if there's just a small amount of people indulging in this primitive urge to hunt, that would still be a LOT based on 6 billion potentials. And this kind of stress is something the planet can no longer sustain; or the question really is, should it be subjected to that kind of stress at all?

  50. I live in Newfoundland and am a hunter. I too like Mr.Vincent want to run in the other direction. I don't choose to hunt. I have to it, is who I am. I feel most at home in the backcountry. Well done Donnie Vincent||

  51. Many folks think there is waist in nature, not so …life feeding on life. Young… old …trophy or not, what's the difference? Just choose.. from your heart. Conscious awareness , self- development , real fulfilment is in what our experiences make of you. Good job!

  52. You'll always get whiny pussies who say we don't need to hunt and kill animals anymore.
    It's a part of life, you're born, you live, you die. Most hunters are hunting these animals for the meat and nutrients they provide, and nothing is wasted. Humans need lean meat and protein to be in peak condition, and frankly, there is no better way to get this than by hunting. At least the animals hunters kill have lived full and wholesome lives.
    People should admire these hunters rather than chastize them.

  53. Mother Nature is a better manager of population regulation than hunting. I disagree with the statement of needing to take older animals to help improve the overall population again in remote areas that he prefers to hunt-not enough hunting pressure to be effective. Why not just say hey I like to hunt and part of hunting is killing?

  54. To everyone complaining about the morality/ethics/compassion of hunting:

    Since you have already decided that hunting is bad regardless of the situation or motives behind it, I’m going to assume you live off grid in the woods one with nature, only eat vegan, and not using any man made products or services. Most of those contribute in some fashion to pollution of air, soil, and the environment as a whole where these hunted creatures live. If you have not reached that point of nirvana, maybe you could be a little more understanding and open minded about what this man and others are doing in the wilderness.

    Kudos to him and all the other ethical hunters and this channel for showing the way.

  55. compassionately killing is an oxymoron. We do not need to therefore it is unnecessary, we are not promoting hunting because we care about the environment, or because it is because of some natural biology process that happens. We have no biological ways to hunt and kill these animals, have no instinct to tear into an animals body with our hands and teeth, and have remorse when we watch our victim suffer. We are the farthest thing from omnivores and carnivores, and our planets environmental degradation and destruction is proof of that.

  56. I totally understand the feeling and idea of not wanting to do any harm to animals. Although if we were to follow this bull with a go pro attached to its antlers then we would have likely got footage of coyotes eating this thing legs and testicles first while it screamed in pain from being slowly chewed apart for 12 hours straight. Even as a human, I could at least relate and choose the former as a method of death.

  57. This guy is likable…..buuuuuut….if you wanna say you were concerned that the old bull wouldn't make it through the winter, and that's why you took him for yourself….to show compassion and stewardship……….what about the other wild animals who are having a hard time seeing the winter through who would scavenge the body of the old bull, shouldn't their needs be met first before a human steps in with his un-natural implements and foreign influence. Please do show me the compassion and stewardship…we sure as he'll need The Real thing.

  58. We should pet animals and love them and when possible put little pink bows in there hair after grooming them. Then we should eat them with a little A1 sauce and go back for seconds. ?????? yum.

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