The Clairvoyants: Cool Couple Plays Mind Games with Heidi Klum – America’s Got Talent 2016 Auditions
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The Clairvoyants: Cool Couple Plays Mind Games with Heidi Klum – America’s Got Talent 2016 Auditions

October 8, 2019

hello hi guys yeah hi how are you very good give me your names please I’m Tommy and I’m a marine and together we add the clairvoyant okay married not yet Oh yet oh wait hint is this something you do full time the two of you really did it for parents you know in France and they really liked it yeah and so we tried to create an act and we did it in schools and colleges now in the mineral people you know calling us and we can come to their I don’t know parties and stuff and perform and what brought you here because we love what we do we want to share our passion especially with a Mary Kay all right well isn’t best about both of you thank you so much thank you before we start we need one thing Heidi do you have your hand back with you hey y’all perfect yeah yeah Heidi please take your hand back and join us on stage give Heidi some encouragement every time when we perform people think there must be something in Emily’s ears like maybe a loudspeaker or something so to verify that there is nothing you can check out my ears if they’re like antennas earphones whatever maybe another left ear little malt but that’s it haha just kidding please inspect this blindfold as well I can take this for a second and just make sure there’s nothing inside nothing hidden no Wi-Fi flat screens now or hold it against your eyes just for a second and just to confer can you see anything through it yeah perfect now come to a right side and look for one or two objects out of your handbag and it feels like there’s a lot of stuff inside whatever you like and place it on my right hand how you already chose something it’s a small object you can open it I quite like this shade it’s lipstick okay that’s correct yes there is a number on it I quite like the shade it’s lipstick number 602 is the correct that is correct what that’s amazing and now ladies and gentlemen please look in your pockets in your handbags in your wallets for any objects any items you brought with you tonight make it as difficult to select holdin up but do not say what it is yes because that is my job let’s start with this that feels like a cell phone so the color it’s why it’s the friend i found the provider there must be AT&T ATT it’s crazy I was right thank you so much that the big run for flops remedy thank you think that was amazing did you see that son can you just ever look there is like no camera in my sleeves no nothing on my check it in my hair no all good yeah look again any objects any items what about this one you have something in your hand but there is liquid inside I think these are kind of drops no and I’m pretty sure those that I drops that is correct that is absolutely correct if you have a closer look there is an expiring date on it oh there’s an expiration date at least fire there must be made 2017 that is correct yes yes it is ladies and gentlemen Thank You YouTube thank you for watching on air and online and to subscribe just click below and comment and like and just don’t touch

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