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August 30, 2019

okay here we go I’m gonna be honest I didn’t want it to be like this this video was supposed to come out a couple of days ago I’m just I’m gonna be honest with you I’ve been in Ibiza partying my ass off and being a degenerate with my brother Jake I’m fine I’m sure yeah here we are finally making a video you may have seen on my Instagram yes yes the rumors aren’t the true my leg is completely bruised purple swollen and I do have to unfortunately get it amputated now you don’t need two legs to do every time just kidding I don’t think I have to get amputated it is tough to go for lack of better verbage and yes it is from the Challenger games which this video is about I’m gonna show you how it happened and what happened and although the event was indeed a huge success and we raised a bunch of money for charity it does suck that I got severely injured when I said this in my pre-challenge er games video I’m willing to blow out my fucking leg for you guys I don’t give up I actually wasn’t serious like you know that wouldn’t have been ideal I actually I didn’t think it would happen and it did I don’t know I don’t know if this is there’s a good way to ship Hey okay I’m making a video I’m making a video me alone will show you the swelling oh please don’t flag me YouTube how’s it looking I mean what’s looking good bro I feel kinda like an Instagram thought right now but just focus on the purple on my leg very best it’s pretty bad so look it’s purple it’s swollen know how I made its way down my entire leg all from a pulled hamstring you’ll see me pull it and then re pull it in this video which I’m actually just gonna roll this footage and then let’s have another chad the end of this video subscribe enjoy I’ll be fine we’re probably good the challenger games today one of the biggest youtubers on the planet are gonna be racing for $100,000 all goes to charity you guys know I’m quick I’m real quick bite I had a hamstring injury pulled my hamstring guarding Snoop Dogg in the game of basketball so this morning started off right and I did some rehab [Music] how do you injure a hamster no I’m a hamstring Oh hamster but I’m feeling good today I haven’t been training for the past week and a half I don’t want to use that as an excuse but I’m definitely going to should I somehow into some go Wonderland Fantasyland not win who knows the Challenger games as you guys know presented by halogen TV got two members of maverick family competing today for by one Mike is commentating that’s correct Marty it back to you Marty I want to raise a bunch of money for charity how much a billion Oh smelly I think I’m going for 1 billion dollars and I want this to be an annual event so every year we get together we raise we find it was the fastest or maybe the events change today the focus is on just being the fast as I possibly can row I didn’t go on fox business and say I’m the fastest man on the planet for nothing I meant that running I could be the quickest man on the planet they also say do it I did but look it’s cured and that you were going bro yeah hey listen the point is today’s gonna be awesome I love you guys thank you for the support and I hit that subscribe button now let’s do this you ain’t a lose man I love this attitude that are like 20 years old running for 50 miles you have a broken hamstring and you’re mentally incapable I remember this story about this bar I’m down who are you are you what’s your name bro I like you no seriously no I seriously do you know but today talk you’re just you’re not my okay I mean all right ask your mother who she thinks is gonna win the race what’s really good [Music] talk about why you already wrote erode you’re gonna blow a hamstring [Music] [Applause] what’s up guys my name is Logan Paul and welcome to the first ever challenger games presented by halogen we are here in Long Beach California Veterans Memorial Stadium to figure out who is the fastest internet entertainer on the planet I went on live television and said it to me we all know it to me I’ve had $100,000 on it all so today we’re here to benefit the Special Olympics that’s right we’re raising money for charity we have the biggest internet personalities in the world in this stadium today all ready to race to figure out who indeed is the fastest entertainer on the planet subscribe hashtag at the Challenger Games on Twitter every social media site let’s do this let’s race good and they’re off for the first heat of this inaugural Challenger Games mark donors suck it up a little bit of gas there in the back I think is good spend too much time at the nightclub [Applause] and here we go let’s see if your prediction comes true and putting a stranglehold early on to one I’m thoroughly impressed I knew she had the ability to do at fashion ova posts on Instagram but I did not know she could run that was quite impressive ties [Music] right now it’s down to the wire it’s gonna be late for host a little slip off there and the set Jake Paul Finch in Jake Paul’s the winter table dizzle and second twelve point two six he 1.10 guys I’m sorry that this is just the first heat I move on to the final now pulled through because I am the fastest youtuber on the planet everything so I’m gonna take home this W and Logan’s gonna give me a 300k thank you guys and it get married tomorrow let’s go [Music] and you can you can see Logan Logan’s face right now he is not happy this is the last thing he wanted to see his little brother Jake take the ice yeah it looks like he’s stretching out that hamstring it’s gonna be interesting to see how he does on a 400 I know he’s running the 100 but the 400 also is going to take a lot of strength and endurance to power through this event [Music] I just thought attempted to sprint I put my no you did absolutely what the oh yeah I just pulled it again I’m literally up right now same thing same leg today way I pull much good just like this now I pulled it again take this as a life moment when there’s millions of people watching you and wanting you to succeed and do something you promise you to do and right before you do it employ your hamstrings I’m in panic mode right now I have no idea what I’m gonna do [Applause] [Music] [Music] I can’t do anything I’m immobilized [Music] [Laughter] [Music] I feel so dumb I don’t know this is it for me I think so where are you gonna be the rest of this this day I mean your relay team like you said but just just watching rooting for Jake now I hate to say but I think so [Music] Logan i-i’ve never been more saddened by an apparent injury you came out the gate you looked immediately like a robot just sucks man it just sucks I’m disappointed but to be honest this event is not about me it’s about charity it’s about donating to the Special Olympics and I think we’re still doing a great job of that and it’s really it’s really under taming like I’m really enjoying watching these races you’re hammy happy birthday oh I’m finished okay you actually should run a little bit okay I can do what I did with your leads like gold fast asleep bro I really feel like Lo is gonna be the reason we lose bro it’s the opposite okay okay is that quick I mean quick enough maybe if I get this w you will never guess the fastest man here though bro you can blow them away and they’re off raka raka actually with it’s unclear who’s leading right now but lane seven looks like they’re pulling out in front big time come subarray for the handoff to Jake Paul oh wow we’ve got out here winner right now you angry [Music] third rule I was so dumb I miss so much more babe he just recruited [Music] totally Jordan go ahead make some noise for your top three finishers fastest email entertainer on the planet and Charlie Jordan she was gonna clean up that’s why I put her on my four by one team even though we long as the fastest entertainer on planet earth makes some noise for your gold medal winner destroy [Music] thank you guys for joining us right here in the 2019 Challenger games thank you guys for joining us for a very special event this has been the Challenger games 2019 we’ll see you next time that a mad star yet a rough race whenever I start in a plastic chair for four half hours have a drink of water nothing I was treated like somebody I was fasting and some sort of hindu ritual here we are Rebecca so the problem was I shouldn’t have ran on it at all but my pride and my ego a little bit was sort of affected and I was embarrassed and I wanted to at least complete the race and so I did I ran sort of the hundred meter dash and phousi actually carried me I’m sure you guys saw across the finish line which was awesome but I think the real problem was me trying to run the relay with summer Charlie and Jake and hopping down 100 meters just like hold and reap old and reap old and then next thing you know slowly but surely turning into Thanos but everyone got hurt at the I made a list here the Challenger games literally just collected hamstrung King batsh a sensei Charlie morally model Roz a sensor Daisy key joseline and Austin McBroom everyone in some way or shape or form got hurt related to the Challenger getting one of the hundred meter mens he three people in this same race got hurt like just ridiculous we’re all right we’re getting tools for this next year I don’t think the Challenger games are gonna be a track-and-field me it’s gonna be a different type of epic event so comment below what you want to see think like maybe American Ninja Warrior think like gladiator type war a nice friendly harmless game of golf with that said right now I’m focused on recovery that’s not true at all I lied I’m more focused on partying well I’m sure everything’s fine thanks for watching this video if that’s subscribe button fucking love you guys if you donated it if you sponsor if you participated to all that athlete seriously thank you guys challenger games was so much fun and I cannot wait until next year’s 2020 challenger games I’m gonna rally my brother and we will see you next time target

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  1. Interview with Casey: “I’m not going to be insensitive anymore”

    This video: “I have to get my leg amputated, blah blah blaaaah”

    🙄🙄🙄 you’re a clown.

  2. Hey how about in the 2020 challenger games a men’s wrestling Tournament. The girls can have one too if they want to Ik some girls don’t like wrestling and think it’s a mans sport but it’d still be awesome to see.

  3. As an ex runner for XC and track, props to Logan for even competing. Pulling a hamstring, let alone twice is no joke it's super fucking painful.

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