The cause of World War One! Origins: Rap Battle | WW1 Uncut – BBC
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The cause of World War One! Origins: Rap Battle | WW1 Uncut – BBC

October 7, 2019

– (CROWD CHEERING) (♪♪♪) (RAPPING) Yo, your fatty Franz Ferdinand
didn’t see Princip’s pistol Too busy guzzling
his 10th wiener schnitzel Popped a cap in his a**
for my Black Hand brothers

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  1. Чингис хаан тэднийг бидний гичий болгож монголчуудын тухай шившиг болгож байгаа юм

  2. Why am I not in this? I was the one who saved the day! I always save the world everyday! If I wasn’t in this war Britain and France would loose! So why am I not in it?!

  3. Yo we are just gonna ignore that ww1 started cause of a student shot the nephew of the emperor so its prsctically serbia's fault?

  4. WWⅠ All Monarch…
    King George V (UK)
    Kaiser Wilhelm Ⅱ (Germany)
    Tsar Nicholas Ⅱ (Russia)
    Kaiser Franz Joseph Ⅰ (Austro-Hungary)

    Sultan Mefmed V (Ottoman)
    King Victor Emmanuel Ⅲ (Italy)
    Emperor Yoshihito (Japan)
    King Albert Ⅰ (Belgium)
    King Peter Ⅰ (Serbia)
    King Feldinand Ⅰ (Romania)
    King Feldinand Ⅰ (Bulgaria)
    Grand Duchess Marie-Adélaïde (Luxembourg)
    King Constantine Ⅰ (Greece)
    King Hussein bin Ali (Hejaz)
    King Rama VⅠ (Siam)
    Emir Abdul Aziz ibn Saud (Nejd)

  5. teacher: ok we're learning about ww1
    Willy: ugh it's so boring *crys

  6. "I can't back down now, I'll look like a clown now!" When you realize that line is the reason for a lot of wars that start over insults… Oof.

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