THE BOYS ARE BACK! | Gmod: Prop Hunt (Funny Moments)
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THE BOYS ARE BACK! | Gmod: Prop Hunt (Funny Moments)

November 20, 2019

*intro sound* Who’s with me, who’s hunter?
Ho ho! W: Just to make it fair you guys, there is rotation lock if you press R, so you can move your camera without turning. W: And there’s also balls that spawn if you grab them will give you magical powers… M: Oh yeah, the rocket launcher…
J: Oh yeah… we get like super guns B: I don’t remember that happening… M: That’s like the better prop hunt. J: Not like your mom’s- not like your dad’s old sh*t prop hunt that he keeps in the basement… J: This ain’t your dad’s prop hunt… *laughter* B: I was just flushing out of the idea of your dad’s old shit prop hunt- oh hey J: Hi B: Just like a kid in the basement in a sea of sh*t, just digging through like- J: There’s a ball Bob, Bob grab the ball B: Where am I supposed to go? B: Which part of this sh*t ain’t real-
W: Those things apparently just roll around. J: Yeah, there is like a purple ball her-
*ooh* B: Oh, I got a SUICIDE BOMB-
-explosion- J: Oh, Jesus Christ M: That doesn’t sound appropriate! W: What just happend?
B: It blow for no reason! J: Look, there’s pieces of you up here!
*laughter* B: Holy- I don’t see that, I’m fine, I’m right here… B: All of me is right here…
M:oh okay (laughing) J: This is just… Blood splatters on the roof W: Wait… so the balls could be bad..?
J: Yeah B: I don’t know! Apparently…
M: Apparently… J: It’s a sad ball
*laughs* J: oh, it’s been a long time since I played this, I don’t know what anything looks like… M: Yeah… J: Boom. Boom. *random shots* W: Hey, wait M: yeah, Bob, are you actually dead or you like still here? J: No no he’s still there B: I’m right here M: Well the whole concept of suicide bomb and piece of you on the ceiling I don’t know! I can’t see you guys J: Yeah that wasn’t-that wasn’t clear information M: *laughing* Alright, Thank you. If I want clearer information when we’re competing against each other, please W: Wait we’re competing I thought we worked together M: Nooo J: You guys, are
M: We are? Wade, why didn’t you tell me? W: I didn’t know! J: Oh oh oh! Hi. W: Nope. J: You- You’re not smart about this B: Oh no what is that? J: Look! “You got a special weapon”, what did I get? M: Okay. Wade- Wade, how am I doing? B: AH! It just says “error” for me, you’re just carrying around an “error”! J: Yeah! I’m carrying a giant “error”! J: BEWARE! *laughs*
J: Of the “error”! W: You both fit in and don’t fit in at all at the same J: Wait, I want to shoot this and see what happens M: Shoot him in the d*mn mouth, and thank you J: Wait, look at this! It just… J: It a just puts holes in the wall J: I don’t know! B: What the f*ck? It’s just a gun! *Laughter* W: Do you see the gun? J: No! B: No! its just a big f*cking error sign over him! That’s amazing! J: yeah! W: It’s a really long auto rifle so with like the clip going into the top J: ohh I know which one it is M: wait what kinda game do you need to get that? W: We didn’t check to make sure you guys had all the games and staff… J: That’s a Half Life gun!
B: We’ve been playing Prop hunt for like five years! W: This does not look like a half- M: Well I-I DM’d all of you being like “Hey check out the- make sure you have the-” UGHHAAHAUH *laughter* J: *imitating Mark* “Make sure you have the- UGHHAAHAUH” *laughter* M: Sorry I just had to vomit at that moment W: I didn’t even see you get shot you were just- M: There was just no hesitation about that grenade I didn’t even get to barf. B: I mean I saw the plant and I was like. . . ” Yeah I think that’s him” “I-I feel like we know what needs to happen” M: Ugh it’s true, it’s true. We’ve got a busy day ahead of us J: I d- I don’t wanna be anything too small, I feel like that will just be annoying M: mmm I don’t know W: yeah I think you shouldn’t be anything too small either cause you’re on the other team M: mmm M: *laughs* wait a minute Wade Wade wait wait turn around Wade Wade turn around. Oh you missed it. It was there, I swear. B: OH NO there’s a timer! I forgot about the timer! J: yeah same! M: there’s a rogue bucket there’s a rogue bucket that was- B: Nah nah it’s fine J: We’re good we’re good we Gucci We Gucci man M: oh wait *laughs hysterically* B: IT’S FINE don’t worry about it don’t worry about it everything’s fine M: CUT HIM OFF CUT HIM OFF M: Did you cut him off? Wade you idiot! Cut him off! W: I’ve never seen this bucket! I don’t believe it actually exists! M: there’s a bucket! I’m not crazy! there’s a bucket B: Mark’s just insane, don’t worry about it M: wait a minute… B: NO NO NO IT’S FINE don’t worry about it it’s fine everything’s fine! M: WADE COME BACK CIRCLE AROUND B: yes Wade come back- J: the f*ck are you? M: ahh I almost had you B: I’m definitely real Wade. Don’t worry W: I don’t believe in this bucket! M: There was a bucket. It was very clearly existing! J: I don’t know where you guys are W:I don’t see a bucket again! M: Oh Come on Wade, jeez man! W: I don’t know how you keep losing this imaginary bucket! M: There was a bucket and it was mobile! W: Hey a bucket! I found a bucket! B: No, no let’s talk about this, I’ll show you where Jack is! Hang on, we can be friends! W: Alright! okay, that sounds right okay, man. J: Hey man! That was mean! B: I’m right here, I’m the bucket. M: Wait wait! That was my bucket kill! W: No no no I found this bucket. J: I wanna see this bucket!
M: That was the same bucket I was running after! W: There’s no proof it’s the same bucket. B: you guys want to fight over the kill, I have an idea. M: okay. B: Just hang on hear me out come this way. M: I don’t like this. B: I’m not gonna go anywhere this J: I really wanna see this bucket. I’ve heard so much about it. B: so I’m up here now right. No. Don’t follow me to follow me I’m gonna hop over here. W: okay. B: and then you guys go out there And it’s a gallery M: Okay a shotgun. W: Hey, I picked the best luck- Who got the kill? WHO GOT THE KILL??? M: That’s- you didn’t even believe in the bucket, okay? W: Who’s the one with the shotgun? Who’s laughing now? Gun enthusiast. J: What the f*ck? M: I guess you’re not wrong. B: Well, that didn’t last long. J: I feel like I was playing a different game for all of those this way. M: What’s up? Someone taunt I hear some? B: no, no that’s nothing that’s nothing that you need to be concerned about W:One stray bullet hit that cabinet B: Don’t don’t don’t worry about that picture wedge. J: Don’t you worry about that cabinet. Let me worry about blank W: Wait yes picture. B: No no won’t clearly not that one yeah No, I wait. Where are you? I’m just not gonna help I’m just gonna let Jack continue to exist all right. Okay, all right, then look at you Just scratched your *ss when you were two really It’s your gun full of poop Who buddy the shit blaster? Yes, it’s the prophesize sh*t blaster ate a lot of beans yesterday Yes Yuck Suspiciously blaze stuff, but I don’t remember being Haha! I’m using your own stupidity against you! No, my one weakness! How’d you know? Not my weakness! Bobbo: Oh, I don’t have that problem. Really Are-Are they even close to you man? I don’t know Bobby:What the f*ck? Jack: I keep hearing shots in the distance, but I don’t –I haven’t seen anybody [Sure, man] I don’t understand how you did this and also understand. Why it works. I’m doing like this I told you, Bob- my own stupidity against them! D*mn wizard, that’s what you are- Mark: stupidness isn’t weakness. me stupidness is strength! me brain are big strong! I’m less optimistic that this is gonna work, but if it does I mean there’s 20 seconds left, so I’m kind of your go-to genius Wade, combine our brainpower Wade: I’m crying so hard right now Wade: I’m stuck in a window [Everyone laughing at Wade] I- That’s not a spot where things go! Mark: What- I- wha- I jus- nsjhwkjsgfj Jack: [laughing] I mean- it worked didn’t it? DAMMIIIT Jack: I was literally right here! Mark: Ah well that bull- Jack:I don’t feel like I deserved it Mark: I don’t feel like you deserved it either! [Bob throwing shade] ” ….. Wade” Jack: Me brain larger than though Mark: That’s not right thing I feel like I have a funny idea you guys ruined it. Yes other time what you ruin is good. Oh, yeah Yeah, you could have come and I was this whoa It’s moving wait come with me That’s a bad fit. I’m not gonna do that bit I was enjoying it You don’t know how much people at home were laughing at that, and then you were just like I’m not into that everyone subscribe disliked Taking down those comments. I know this isn’t gonna land with Jack, but I think we all know whose loins are the furrow theists here Know my loins are frothing with comedic genius as has been established by the resources wheel and Everybody everybody knows okay this point goes in a good direction so we can find some Some bad people off and no no the frothing doesn’t help with this. I’m still We’re also on fire and his shoes were long gone God, I hope somebody sees that clip it’s good. It’s gonna see the light of day someday But I basically went insane for about a minute and a half, yeah well He went insane because you had to listen to our insanity and stupidity for a good 30 minutes. Not letting you talk at all Over everything you had Where are they I’m still bad at prop wait a minute Wow I’m so bad at prop hunt I’ll give you a hint. I haven’t moved since the start of the man. I know something’s missing Raisin tation going Fine our stocks are up 2.6 percent ah Well I can’t confirm or deny if those are accurate facts, haha There’s a bit missing. I know that for factoids. You don’t know that for a fact it was Before I’m pretty sure if you do a count of all the bins in the office You’ll find that there are exactly the number of bins that there should be which is how man? I Don’t know why don’t you answer? 7 Mm. That sounds correct ok Bob. I am no closer to finding these news banks me and neither Hey douchebags. Where are you you know around next to you in front of you around you insights. Are you? Inside ok sorry very inside your mom or my mom Oh yours off ooh shooting mm-hmm Shooting mukbang that you’re shooting either Okay, Oh Ivan moved I still haven’t moved. I’ve been a good boy. I haven’t moved shooty boom bang boy mm-hmm Hello, yes, hello there. Oh, my god. Thank at that file changes when I tilt my camera. That’s freaking me out Uh-huh-huh in here our house. No Can you know You weren’t one of those bins they were in each other What the f*ck stocks are a little dirty green warmer yeah Warmer I Can’t see you for a second there you boy. You’re so I don’t know what you are in here I light up Your room. No. That’s not me. No. It’s not me. No. You are my sunshine my only Solace by the door You guys get to deserve to know what I was Very in the opener were you a book it No, I wasn’t I tried a lot of things and I was like I’ll do this thing – no no no I was a plant in the room. Where you shot every plant except for me Incredibly well for me way to say wait. Did you die killing me? Yeah? Yeah you did Let’s be very focused about this and yes Yeah, detective skills are unmatched Yeah, yeah with CMI Lanyon spiel and smoky delicious Permanently, that’s just like smoked smoked Czech almonds Molech right now. Yeah Yeah, now my eyes heard from all the particulates from the smoke Should be aware. It’s a non-smoking office You are *ssholes some breathing Room just for smoking urine *sshole yeah, doesn’t it seem an appropriate punishment I Mean I feel bad Flipped over chair oh They’re on the train As my favorite it’s my first somebody did an improv show recently that we were watching and it was like Right now it’s the night of the seventh Shoots you like I knew you’d be here on the day of my murder Wait wait did you break down this back window? Yes? Oh? Surprise them, but they were caught very off guard You guys you guys want to find us you better handle with care’ wait and their milk I Mean I guess TV or something Like that I’ll give you as many clues He told you we’re smoke, Oh gotcha I gotcha okay, alright wait wait well okay, okay in fairness in fairness We are smoke, and or a smoke like object your old people no wait no You didn’t say cigarettes or anything no old cigarette no a pipe no beep there vapes a traditional Native American headdress wait coffee coffee there hookah pipes Salmon chimney in the ocean they’re jamming in the ocean smoked bacon Xanterra There wait, I don’t think you get the game Weed ha ha Ok we are No, no we got this it’s way away Jack I’ve got one that will not help them at all ok ok What we are we’re kind of the same thing and I trip us My ship was there together Yeah, just be fragile with our relationship, though. Yeah Chip and you eat it, and you get smarter ship now ship us chip, what get ship? One of you is very close Box smoke I get it fragile honey with care. Oh God. We’re stuck in each other Lets you know you hotbox your significant other with your part slow too soon. Yeah, yeah I’m mixing what next building I Had an issue I’m continuing to have Was the connection problem in your brain biology I can’t I can either confirm nor deny that is true Thank you Let me just spot when I was your car in a car. You are stuck. You are cone stupid cone I Feel like I just have a better chance if I just stay out in the open so that’s what I’ll do just 90s disco in here so it really could not be more wrong so no Music Negative yeah see negative mmm how do you do the toss x3? Maybe this next one will be the gingerbread man in here Are you in here you don’t know where I am, oh here’s negative Place your milk on top of the washing machine wanna milk. It’s bleach. Dude. It’s a terrorist Milk shucks looked like where you’re from what kind of back. Yeah world Is it’s not a wheelie bin and the milk jugs don’t look like my truck so well I’m I’m still inside I I decided to hide in the open because I didn’t think that my skill set was adequate enough to actually hide you’re in these rooms, but I don’t know what the f*ck was that I Keep hearing this right behind me that washing machine was definitely me you got me. Yeah, don’t worry. We got him next time Don’t leave welcome to my office Because I wasn’t like this waited because I wasn’t From you to see you Actually no mark if you aim the right way. I think you could line up your stripes. Yeah, I’m trying to it’s very finicky That’s just how that couch is it’s one of those couches where you can also have sex with it wait wait wait Turn around face away me the other direction wait I don’t know man. You shouldn’t have mercy on me that second time Unnecessary at best Hilarious at most those I’m sticking with that cat oh F*ck me yes. Yes, oh I’m hearing shots yet No, just regular shots. Wait a minute. How did you talk? ff3 Alta for What I I heard that it’s weird because you hear them, but you actually don’t know where they’re coming from you the horse’s penis No, we’re we’ve matured beyond those two stop Laurel, so versus penis yeah, that’s what I meant Tom blew out all of wade who I got a magic ball Tom what’d you get frag grenade? Wait why didn’t you get a frag grenade because I shot a chair and a ball fell out of it And I touched the ball and it disappeared and I got a frag grenade, duh Why would you do that to me does the other chair looked wonky? And then I was like maybe I’ll get a ball if I shoot this chair But you didn’t get the ball for sh*t Yeah, you don’t even drop a ball sh*tty chair. I’ve got a h*ll of a spot here definitely gonna win okay I can’t do anything right Wait no wait yes are things finally going your way things coming up mark now. It’s real good guys. Oh He’s the wheel, I figured out the clue Everyone laughs Good that would be good, I will slice you in half That didn’t sound good Your health was reduced by twenty HP F*ck! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA I hate this game this game hates me I’ll cut you in half I’m not even anywhere near you guys yeah, what the f*ck where were you I don’t know I was underneath the trolley That’s where I was wait a minute Woah hey what’s up room I didn’t know existed oh hey hey what’s up spacial area wha- is this always like this? is that normal wade what the f*ck? I thought I was having a connection there so look yeah I can see it through the wall I think he’s a limp. I think he’s a guys find me. Can you okay? Never mind? I’ve got extra health and I can’t move so I’m just gonna start student things Okay, well, I’m stuck like this now I think Is there anything I can do to help you Bobby’s probably not unless you can bring me something that was very close with My lag, maybe they won’t be able to hit me before I bring you something I oddly remember there being two bikes when I was the third bike and got shot at Like this third bikes Listen apostate do you want laughs? Thank you wait? Can you can you push me a little bit? Can you help me search up on you help me Sega Hey? Oh god? I’m sorry Right employee write him away get out of here. Let’s go. Yeah giddyup ouch All right, you’re free. I’m free free look look. I’ll be on your team. I swear Doesn’t sound fair at all. That’s not a cone there we go All right, I fit through they need us to the land the estuary Kuehnemund if I know mark which I do He’s gonna be right Here I can’t go with it. That’s an Amazon that that’s an empty room. No. No look look look listen Doesn’t this baby on this extra sink look suspicious to you keep them in there This right here in clear ways That this is margin clear marks in here Bob No Bob. How could you betray me with identifying exactly what I am they switched bodies? I’m sorry Bob. I was told to breach it clear. That’s Not what breaching and clearing it. Yeah, I sided cleared by breaching with my escalier You’re an idiot That does check out that story. Yeah, that’s pretty accurate mark we need a hint All right, I’m a sinner I’m sorry I bet you one cinderblock can’t find mark We’re next week I’ve got the Ball looks really enticing you see that ball know Walking around existing I’m fine Oh Wait we got to be down here into real basketball never mind we can’t make Oh clothes I can do this you sprint sprint and jump, Oh close almost For you I’m gonna free you from your prison of sadness can I be free? Mark are we taking a bath together right now. I am not in the bath, but I’ll say yes You’re kind of in the bath very much in the bath Jack that M: Okay, alright. Well the whole concept of suicide bomb and piece of you on the ceiling. I don’t know I can’t see you guys

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  1. Bob: Are they even near you
    someone walks past
    Jack: I don’t know I keep hearing shots in the distance but I HAvEn’T SeEN ANybOdy

  2. Jack: WERE a smoke like object

    Me: Are you dead because you've been smoking??!! DON'T SMOKE KIDS YOU WILL ALL DIE IF YOU DO ??????

  3. If anyone wants to find out about the bucket, Mark's POV for this episode is called "Act natural…"

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  5. Anyone else realize he attempted to open the female restroom door first, and not the males. Jack i thought you were better than this. UNLESS you are a female.

  6. I know that song it's from the movie Blade it's the blood rave theme, I know it by heart because I listen to it a lot.

  7. Who thought this was an annoying orange video?

    My first language is not english so don't complain saying I speled something wrong.

  8. Man, I miss these videos, I know these guys still play games together, like PUBG, but maybe they can do like a Throw Back Thursday thing. Where once a month they go back to some old games like Prop Hunt and play them.

  9. If any of my wonderful fellow viewer friends could tell me what video Bob is talking about when he says that he went crazy, I will be forever in your debt with the understanding that I won't eat chocolate

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