The Biggest FIFA SCANDAL – 2002 FIFA World Cup – SUB ENG  (Italy – South Korea)
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The Biggest FIFA SCANDAL – 2002 FIFA World Cup – SUB ENG (Italy – South Korea)

October 14, 2019

In the field, we have the Italian and the South Korean teams, in Daejong in order to dispute the round of 16 These are the very important matches in which we have to prove who we are And the match is started, with Maldini controlling the ball as expected the South Korean’s team started the match a milion miles per hour And the referee, Byron Moreno, set the record straight in front of the italians Ball in the box, kicked out ATTENTION! There is a Penalty for Korea, decreed by the referee!!! Oh, this is really a good start, ahah Ok, we have understood how they are going to play tonight This is one of that situations we always see in the penalty area! So We have a penalty kick for Korea immediately at the beginning And is saved! BUFFON HAS SAVED THE PENALTY KICKED BY AHN!! Miracle by Buffon!!!! But be warned, because the match is going to be extremely hard for us! Next to the narrow escape, the Italian team started getting the hang Tommasi, passes the ball to Vieri, in the penalty area… THE SHOT!! But ends out of the target, not really far. Great move for the italian team! Shot from the corner flag, AND GOAL BY VIERI!! AGAIN, ALWAYS HIM, VIERI!! And is started the second time… Seoul, controlling the ball. And We have another free kick for Korea Touch, attention! Ball goes out, out of the target, fortunately! And so, after the entrance of their third forward-striker, we were a little tired and we suffered We also have change by Korea: Lee Chung So for Kim Na “Change!” says Trapattoni, Carlo… Yes is the moment for Gattuso… The attitude of the referee is perplexing many times Goes Zambrotta, and is fouled Zambrotta seems to not be able to continue the match. He get a rough stroke The injury of Zambrotta forced the “Trap” for a non expected change Zambrotta pulled his groin muscle So the alternative in order to keep the equilibrium of our 4-4-2 was Di Livio on the right side, because we had no players for that role. Ok, Zanetti, great ball for Vieri, Vieri, VIERI, VIERI!! VIERIIIII!! Ball out of the target… It was not his feet Totti, controlling… on the other side, ball for Vieri Vieri keeps the ball… Goes 1 vs 1… On the lefty… The lob Corner for Italy! Totti, again… moving… Over an opponent, Totti… Acceleration…. Totti, converges… Totti, TOTTI, TOTTI! AGAIN!! And he is… He could shoot, BUT THE REFEREE!! UNBELIEVABLE We can see Mr. Trapattoni completely furious!! Ball on the righty, 1-2… Attention!! Goal by Korea… Seoul scored… Incredibely scored at the 87′ The whistle… We are going to the extra time… Extra time, in force the rule of the Golden Goal, who scores win At those moment, words are not very important… “We have to believe, we are stronger” Honestly I think we were able to get through on the next round Montella… ball for Vieri…. Attention, Totti, TOTTI, TOTTI! In the penalty area, this is penalty shot Goes down, let’s see the referee Now he cautions him, pay attention (ironically) Oh come on! Really?? ARE YOU SERIOUS? – Screw You! No way, this is unbelievable, it’s a comedy! What are We doing still here?! This is absurd… The match runs on the hedge of madness… It’s hard to find a logical link between the events… We asked for a penalty shot… The referee gave us a yellow card for play-acting… I mean, don’t give penalty shot, but neither the yellow card… but… ok… we discussed a lot… pointless coming back on that arguments… Vieri, ok… Attention… Tommasi, ATTENTION, TOMMASI! Offside, even here (ahahah) So it’s ok, it’s ok (unbelievable)… All right then, (ahahah) Really? come on, what are we doing here? How you can give a foul like this? Here He was in perfect offside line, unbelievable… Lee chung, out for Lee Young Goal… Goal for Korea… Italy is eliminated Ahn scored… Match that coudn’t be weirder… Goal by Ahn… Next to 3 World Cup lost at the penalty shots, now is the extra time sentencing the italians…. Bitternes is very high, same as the sense of injustice… For a One-Way-Refereeing The disappointment was strong, because we thought we would be able to go ahead We were not able to achieve the next round… Both for bad luck and for mistakes… But I think We would have deserved to win the match anyway…

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  1. Esto demuestra como un árbitro te puede arruinar de golpe todo un proyecto como si nada. Y aun hay gente que no cree en el VAR? jaja

  2. Korea giocato bene vince chi mete la pala dentro… Totti giusto secondo giallo simulazione…. Gol annullato fuori gioco…..

  3. Krama caught up with the head referee of the Italy game, because he got caught smuggling in 6 keys of heroin at the JFK airport

  4. seoul cities in korea full of filth

    Republic of Korea From a stratum in the Korean age, parasitea worm

    Ancient china was calling the race which was in Korean Peninsula the ”hui group”. by history book of china hui=night soil lol.
    Hui tribe lived surrounding a container holding urine placed in the center of the room and said that he wash his hands and face with his urine.
    About this "Records of the Three Kingdoms" and "Book of later The Han"

    One of the medicine of folk customs by which shoufun (shouldered muck 상분) Is Korea ancient times. When its taste tastes person's feces, and is bitter, physical condition상분

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    Canned food manufacturing process is heat-treated to remove the risk of norovirus, but the can of molluscan shellfish shellfish from Korea is harvested from contaminated sea covered with man's excreta, so that human beings Not suitable as food '' FDA 's notice' '
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    How do we know how the processed products of marine products are "contaminated by human feces, etc." by human sense? But the cause is clear. Korea is throwing manure, sludge, livestock excrement, garbage etc into the sea on the grounds that there is not enough sewage treatment facilities. Ocean dumping has been done "officially" since 1993, among which the hazardous metals such as arsenic, mercury and cadmium are also contained abundantly

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  5. The Italians are so cute. If you love reality, please take a look at this:

  6. 2002: South Korea beat Italy
    2006: World cup’s winner – Italy

    2002: South Korea beat Spain
    2010: World cup’s winner – Spain

    I thought Portugal was the winner of wc 2018

  7. That Italy was even better than 2006's Italy!
    We could have won that world cup,if that referee wasn't a son of bitch!
    Maldini,Nesta,Gattuso,Vieri,Del Piero,Baggio,De Rossi,Iaquinta,

  8. Italy deserved to win this game against South Korea, however the biggest price for the Italian Football was by winning the World Cup 2006 in Germany.

  9. Dovevamo arrivare ai rigori perché dopo tutti sti gol annullati alla fine non
    gliela fai li dovevamo giocare difensivi

  10. Juventus fought Korea in the Asian expedition this summer. So Ronaldo did not compete. Also, many Koreans who are angry are going to sue the organizers. Koreans are crazy.

  11. Fucking italy 🇮🇹🖕
    your country did cheating against final opponent Czechoslovakia and Hungary in 1934 and 1938 WC 😡
    those 2 world title must stripped

    You can't see the whole thing by looking at the parts.
    Vieri broke korean players nose but was not warned
    Then who can say this game was viased on korea
    Learning is not old enough, i recommend reading some fairytales for some
    You dont have to be ashamed of your ignorance


  14. I would never forget about this game, I was a teenager and how dissapointing I'm seeing italy lost this way. I really hate the ref at the time, his face alone is disgusting and don't start with me with the way he was showing the yellow card

  15. 5:18 they show the action in a way to consider that it's a penlaty. But no. you have to be american, or italian to think it's a penalty, seriously.

  16. Donde ese partido fuera contra colombia con ese arbitro y ese equipo koreano y pablo escobar estuviera vivo ese men ya estaria mas que muerto EL ROBO DE LA VIDA

  17. first, they stole the half of the competition from Japan.
    and then, they stole victory from Italy and Spain.
    and still saying they did good job in 2002.

    should be banned from international sports

  18. Anche c'e un video che mostra a quell schifo di persona di Moreno viaggiando a la Corea prima dall mondiale, non c'e niente piu a dire. Questo mondiale era gia comprato per quelli stronzi dai Coreani. Un po di giustizia sportiva, perche i tedeschi gli hanno eliminati e dopo l'Italia e diventata campeona nell 2006 in Germania, la Spagna nell 2010 a Sudafrica (anche la partita contro la Spagna fu una schifezza) e la Germania nell 2014 al Brasile. Forza Azurra, che i prossimi mondiali siano buoni per voi.

  19. E i giocatori della Corea e i tifosi che impazzivano sui gol,ma scoppiate di una morte atroce che se vedo un coreano per strada che era da quella parte gli stacco la testa e me la appendo in casa

  20. I just wait to live to see some FIFA officials like Sepp Blatter coming on stage during press conference and admitting before thousands of cameras "Yes, we sold World Cup in Korea. Koreans did came to us and gave us money and we took it. But we just wanted to promote football in Asia…so we had more broadcast licences and thus have more money. And more sponsors…so we could have even more money. So…this just adds up to money. Long story short: we sold WC 2002 in Korea. We did it for money. We are incredibly greedy"

  21. If Korean apologize to others ppl , we will forgive you. and u guy just keep talking shit to other to show u r right…
    shame on you , as a Asian

  22. why there are no foul of italy lol they broke korean soccer player kim tea yung’s nose on purpose but vieri didn’t get any red,yellow card after he hitting zin chear’s head but no yellow again…🤔🤔

  23. South Korea beat Italy with fair and square. Italy must stop make excuses about their lost to Korea Republic in WC2002 🇰🇷2:1🇮🇹

  24. Este partido estábamos en clases en un colegio Jesúita d la donna mama dolorosa algo raro nos llevaron los curas a ver el partido
    Intérprete q No NO non sempre la Religióne ha la razonne… non lo so como explicarte era un show todos los compañeros nos cagamos d risa… porca miseria d un compatriota mismo … iba entendiendo q el peor enemigo d uno mismo es uno mismo con su misma gente…. bien hecho los italoromanos q se creen tan sangrientos en su propia porcamiseria les deu .. bafanculo caprione….

  25. Comunque con il var di oggigiorno, il gol a Tommasi forse l avrebbero annullato lo stesso potrebbe essere in fuorigioco millimetrico secondo me. Fatto sta che ci furono troppi errori contro l Italia, ma non credo che Moreno se la fosse venduta, ha semplicemente sbagliato in più di un occasione purtroppo per noi. E cmq scarsi anche noi a non chiudere con tante occasioni,e soprattutto prendendo il pareggio quasi allo scadere in quel modo poi. Peccato rivedere queste immagini nel 2019 fa ancora male.

  26. One of the best Italian Teams ever assembled, better than the 2006 team, who won the World Cup. South Korea did what in 2006? They didn’t have home advantage to pay off the referees and the proper people involved. It still makes my blood boil. 🤬

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