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August 20, 2019

previously spaced week Oh oh yeah Logan’s your pawn open yeah my paolo
just opened are we there yet yeah cries over it must have been 30
years cheek are you okay muscles are just weak we got to get to the control
panel the cryo rejuvenation kit all right looks like the system’s in a repo
mode checking over all the history locks for the past 30 years looks like there
was no huge anomalies about 15 years ago we had one of the power cycles shut off
but that was rebooted fairly quickly other than that life-support systems
have been fine hello Jake hope you slept well
all systems are reporting 100% ah this is commander Papa Jake we were unaware
that there was an AI onboard my name is 727 spark and I am your onboard AI Oh
okay 7:00 to 7:00 sparks you have any information on contacting Houston I mean
I need to send on the message ASAP estimated travel time is a hundred and
fifty years to receive a signal 150 years to get to them
how far out have we drifted Jake what do you mean we’ve drifted it looks like
we’ve drifted off course a little bit we’re still on target in fact we’re
right above it we’re in orbit with the planet itself
but were over four times farther away than we initially thought whatever this
thing is it’s moving through space I don’t know this might not be good
Oh Jake Jake you need to take your cryo meds you’re right you need to take yours
as well nutrient infusers first what exactly is this stuff this is a nutrient
infuser stir pledge all the nutrients that our body’s lost over there
years of being in cryo we’re gonna share this our bodies can’t exactly take fresh
a cup of water right now introducing liquids that bosphorus system could be
catastrophic this is a slow process but I’ll slowly get the fluids back into us
don’t drink it too fast you’ll throw up here take one of these some sort of
vitamin substance no it’s just gum crown makes your breath smell all right let’s
see if I can get a location Airy rough ideas to the training down below when it
starts scanning spark can you do a scan of the planet’s surface I want to get an
IDs what we’re dealing with here is it water is it gas looking at unfortunately
Jake I’m unable to pierce the surface of the planet
there was a strong magnetic field stopping all my readings the magnetic
field that’s that’s what messed up with our electronics before we found it looks
like the only way we’re really gonna be able to get any information is if we get
down there on ground level so we have no idea what we’re walking into spark can
you cycle the motors for the landing pod and see if I can get that back on line I
needed to get down to the planet’s surface it’s likely motives Jake are you
sure it’s a good idea we go down there we don’t know anything about this planet
that’s a risk we’re gonna have to take Logan it’s part of our mission our
mission is to get down there collect any samples we can we’re talking about the
future of the human race here all right we’re gonna go down there though and
collect samples we’re gonna need to make sure the labs up and running spark do
you have any ideas to the stats of the laboratory the laboratory is currently
only 10 percent operational the lab itself was never officially built what
do you mean it wasn’t built alright look do we have enough supplies on the ship
itself to build um some form of a laboratory at least something that we
can hold our specimens in quarantine we don’t know what’s down there and
exposing ourselves to it could be deadly my records indicate that there should be
enough supplies to get the laboratory up and uh perfect Pacha lists through now
if we have enough resources okay Logan we recycle power to the lab we’ve gotta
get this thing built and operational in the next two hours we look one shot at
this once we come around the orbit we don’t land on this planet all right I’ll
start prepping the lab well it doesn’t look like much right now but this is so
far what we have for the laboratory there’s
really not a lot of supplies in here and if we’re gonna go down to this planet
and actually extract some items from it whether it be aliens or even just plants
we need to make sure that we can put these into quarantine so we can properly
examine them this is so far what we have but luckily we have enough supplies on
the spaceship itself that we should be able to turn this into a lab in no time
I think right now we gotta start building some of the supplies we had we were able
to go ahead and make ourselves our very own laboratory as you guys can see we
have everything that we need in this lab to actually go ahead and collect soil
samples other samples like form samples maybe even alien samples from the planet
surface itself once we have those samples that we needed a place to
quarantine them so that we could run tests on them that’s where this comes in
handy check this out so we have a quarantine chamber here which allows us
to actually put our hands through here and using these gloves we can actually
interact with the samples themselves all while making sure that we don’t come in
contact with it we also have this option here so we can pump air in and out we
don’t know what kind of atmosphere that these samples are gonna be in so if
they’re in an oxygen less atmosphere we’ll need to pump out all the oxygen
itself over here we have our lab equipment which we are able to use if we
need to run tests over here we have different solutions as well as different
instruments and the cool thing about this room here is once we close it it is
completely quarantined off and then we can actually go in and put the specimens
inside the quarantine zone itself all while making sure we never come in
contact with these alien specimens because guys we don’t know if they could
Harbor some sort of crazy sickness that we’ve never had before or it could
infect us and turn us into aliens we got to be super careful when going down to
this planet which means space suits on at all times all right another the
laboratory setup it’s time to suit up and get into the landing pod remember
keep your helmet on at all times we don’t know what’s down there scans the
planet itself reveals no information to us I’m guessing that there’s not gonna
be regular oxygen but we might run into some life-forms we’re gonna use an
extractor tool just collect samples once we’re down there we’ll be able to use
this thing to collect anything that looks like it’s alive
plants material maybe even insects we don’t know what kind of forms we’re
looking at this should be able to make sure that anything we do collect stays
out of contact with us remember contamination is our number-one priority
there’s one other thing we need to bring we don’t know what’s down there so we’re
gonna need something to defend ourselves if by chance we do encounter some
of advanced civilization we do get attacked this should be enough to defend
ourselves but the spaceship only came with one we weren’t exactly prepared for
an all-out alien war so let’s hope there’s nothing bad down there all right
we’re gonna make our way to the pod depressurizing now again make sure your
helm is down at all times check your life-support systems and make
sure you have enough oxygen depressurizing now let’s get in let’s
complete this mission all right we are good to descend down onto the planet’s
surface checking life support systems life support systems are good emergency
systems are good we are clear to descend Logan how do we look for our descent
onto the surface itself topography looks good but I still don’t have any
information what’s down there go we are good to detach detaching in
three two one all right you have detached from the
space station a short cruise down into the atmosphere
already got a little bit puffier here all right g-forces picking up
looks like parachute system is still good entering second level of the
atmosphere almost there well most say a parachute acting in
three two one we are cruising all systems hard go oxygen scared
life-support is good it’s definitely not oxygen we’re looking at down here I’m
seeing leaves looks like trees of some sort and it doesn’t look like it’s water
although it’s off the charts in terms of poisonous we’re not gonna be able to
breathe down there anything does live down here it’s like something we never
seen before parachutes touching down okay well we’ve
landed no signs of advanced civilizations as far as I can tell but
we’ll definitely want to bring out the self defense blaster place looks somewhat true structures are
the same but there’s no way we can breathe this the oxygen is made up of
something you’ve never seen before you put on your suit there’s also a lot of
pressure here the atmosphere is literally crushing my body looks like
some form of life we take don’t touch it don’t touch it
you need that head just take it center guard I’ve got whatever we found on the ground
nothing looks to be alive all my scans are showing any intelligent life or any
other life at all let’s get out of here oh it’s good to breathe fresh air again
I was down to my last bit of oxygen in the suit what we don’t have enough
oxygen on this landing pod for another expedition we might be able to come back
to the surface but we were able to click this sample luckily for us it’s in here
so there’s no chance of contamination let’s get ready to depart
and rendezvous back with the space station how are we looking on the
outside there everything is looking clear to take off we should be hitting
the International Space Station in roughly five minutes all right Roger
that all right priming booster engines for our launch
thank you launch in t-minus 5 4 3 one all right launching successful
holding up well we get back to the station how’d you say hey do we have
enough power to cycle the gravity cycling gravity now alright
we are good gravity’s on rendezvous should be in 30 seconds I got a visual
of the space station here you know I felt really cooped up on the space
station but there’s something about this planet just give me the creeps all right
I’ve got her in my sights talking in three two one all right doc
successful depressurize let’s head over okay I’ve got the sample here now
remember we cannot come in contact with this need to go straight into the
quarantine box I’ve got some different serums we’re coming to it but to try and
figure out what this is but as far as I can tell this is something we’ve never
seen before okay what’s the specimens inside we need
to quickly close the quarantine door all right door sealed what does it look like
it’s changing form hold on I’m gonna turn it adjust the air levels in here if
you make so much what it’s used to ruin its atmosphere okay I’m going seems like
its form is changing in shape reacts lightly to touch scans are showing it’s
both alive and not at the same time I don’t quite understand it looks somewhat
transparent I don’t see any cell structures inside of it as far as I can
tell though there’s no sign of it necessarily being toxic the atmosphere
on the planet itself is toxic for us but coming in contact with this doesn’t look
like there’s any issues here do you think it’s an alien I don’t exactly know
it seems like it’s alive but I I can’t tell whatever you are I want to
find out what secrets do you hold you

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  2. Please please please please please please please please make a cardboard laboratory. The problem is that you might have the equipment for the job, there is some kind of element on the periodic table that's the rarest, the most nuclear, flammable, reactive, explosive, metallic, glowing orange element I call "Periodicium" (pear ee o dic ee um). I found some of the uses , but I think with this laboratory I'm giving to you, it can help you find more uses. B.T.W. my name is actually Thomas Jerome McGee.

  3. P.S. I love the laboratory in this video, but I think you can make it bigger. And with my brain and your paper, you should get more subscribes, comments and likes.;-) please please please please please please please make my cardboard ideas.

  4. Second ever space week vid
    Hardly harmed in 100 year cryo sleep
    30 years
    Aching pains and meds required

  5. Papa Jake: "the oxygen is nothing like we've seen before"
    Me: facepalm "oxygen is oxygen you can't change oxygen"

  6. A sickness can’t make u an alien. Plus an alien is just a species that formed on a different solar mass, so you can’t become an alien for a sickness because if u could, the human race would have had to originate on a different planet

  7. Then why are you not wearing gloves on the poisonous planet where you’re not supposed to get it in your suit.

  8. Mistake 1 cryosleep
    Mistake 2: suddenly fine
    Mistake 3: AI
    Mistake 4: and now he’s weak
    Mistake 5: Spark can do anything
    Mistake 6: cycle motors?
    Mistake 7: somehow enough supplies

  9. Mistake 1 cryosleep
    Mistake 2: suddenly fine
    Mistake 3: AI
    Mistake 4: and now he’s weak
    Mistake 5: Spark can do anything
    Mistake 6: cycle motors?
    Mistake 7: somehow enough supplies
    Mistake 8: somehow building a lab in 2 hours
    Mistake 9: alien and animal samples would be the same
    Mistake 10: zombie specimens? Infecting?
    Mistake 11: contamination is number 1 priority? So you want to be contaminated
    Mistake 12: decompressing?
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    Mistake 31: copying the movie life

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