The Best Prebuilt Gaming PC?

September 23, 2019

– Hey guys, this is Austin. This is the Corsair One Pro. A $3,000 gaming PC but is it worth it? Big shout out to Corsair
for sending this out a little bit early. So the Corsair One
launched a few months ago, however, this is the new Pro
model with the GTX 1080 Ti. So, while it’s not a huge
box, what we’re getting here is a very powerful gaming pc. And, that is actually really small. Okay. So, one of the things
you should know about the Corsair One is that it is water cooled. Which is part of the reason
why they were able to get so much hardware in such
a uniquely shaped chassis. The footprint of the
One is actually smaller than a lot of gaming consoles. What you’re trading off here is that it’s just a very tall system but I think for a lot of PCs that’s really not gonna be an issue. It also is pretty much
entirely made of metal. (laughs) It’s so heavy. Before we get too far into it, let’s see what else we have in the box. Which doesn’t seem like anything at all. Yep. A power cable. (laughs) They sure give you a
lot of great accessories with your brand new $3000 gaming PC. Oh wait, hang on, hang on. I’m sorry, I was wrong. There is a dual band WiFi antenna. So, you know, solid accessory pack. So, I am really curious
to see what’s inside the Corsair One. From the front you don’t have a whole lot. There’s basically just a power button, as well as a USB port, an HDMI, presumably to make VR setups easier. What’s interesting is, both
on the left and right side, you can see that this thing
has massive radiators. I’ve gotta say I actually
like the look of this a lot. Of course, Corsair’s made
more than their share of RGB stuff, but with this, we’re getting something that’s a little
bit more understated. On top you have a fairly
large metal grate with what I assume is a 200 millimeter fan, there’s also this button,
which when I press it, (laughs) the whole top panel actually comes off. So it’s still cabled in, here. Of course I get a new PC and I’m literally taking it apart immediately. Inside you’ll find the 500 watt small form factor power supply, as well as the rear of the graphics card. So what’s interesting is, it actually has all the HDMI and display
ports cables coming out of it, because obviously no one’s plugging stuff into the top of the system. Move around back, and not only
do you have the power lead but also all the video outputs that are being routed
from the top of the case and also looks like it has a fairly standard looking
motherboard, here, which is also where you
plug in the WiFi antenna. As a $3000 gaming PC, you would hope that it has pretty solid specs and it most certainly does not disappoint. Now one of the nice
things about the One Pro is that it’s actually
really easy to work on. So, press one button to pull off the fan as well as the shroud, take out two screws and you have access to the full system. Inside it has an Intel Core i7-7700K and what’s nice about this thing is that it’s going to be fully water cooled with it’s own dedicated radiator. You can also get a look
at the mITX motherboard, as well as the 32 Gigabytes
of memory that’s installed. Now, I really do appreciate
just how easy it is to actually work on this. It’s also rocking a 480 gigabyte NVMe SSD, as well as a two terabyte hard drive. Take two more screws off the top and we get access to the graphics card. So, Corsair’s going all out here. This is the GTX 1080 Ti and again is also going to have a
custom water cooler on it. Now what’s interesting
about the design here is that there is gonna be a
thin 240 millimeter radiator on either side of the system. So what it’s essentially
doing is it’s using this 200 millimeter fan on the top to pull air up and in through the system and exhaust it out the top. Kind of like the Mac Pro. I’ve got to give Corsair big props. This is a very thoughtfully
designed system. But of course the big question is can it actually game? Spoiler alert. With a GTX 1080 Ti and a Core i7. To start with gaming we have GTA V. Now here running on LG
UltraWide monitor at 3840 x 1600 with basically all of
the setting cranked up, the 1080 Ti has no problem running this at anywhere between 80 to
100 frames per second. Which of course should be no surprise considering that this is
like a $750 graphics card. Now the Corsair One is
generally pretty quiet. You can hear that it’s spinning up a little bit right now under full load but considering that this
is a very small form factor, water cooled PC, it’s not bad. Moving on we have DiRT 4. So Codemasters always does a
good job with their pc games and this is no exception. Here running at full resolution and pretty much all the
things totally cranked up, we’re anywhere between 50
to 60 frames per second. I’ve gotta say, with that 1080 Ti and this huge nice display, this is a really cool experience. So, Ashes of the Singularity might not be the most popular game in the world but it’s one of my favorite games to benchmark new systems. So not only does it take
advantage of DirectX 12 but it looks really nice and here with basically everything cranked to highest settings, the full resolution, we’re getting anywhere between
50 to 60 frames per second. A newer game that can
definitely take advantage of the Corsair One Pro is
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Now running on the UltraWide, we’re getting anywhere between
60 to 70 frames per second on high settings. Not only does this game
look great on the display but almost more importantly
it really does go to show just how nice a game can look once you have some serious 1080 Ti power. So, is it worth it? At $3000 this definitely
not a cheap system and if you wanted to build
a similar spec yourself, you’d be able to save about $600. However what you’re giving up here is not only the small form factor case but almost more importantly
all the water cooling that makes it all work. It’s going to be difficult to build a small form factor system
with this level of power, almost regardless of price and you also do get a two year warranty as well as the simplicity of being able to pull it out of the
box and be good to go. There are also models of the Corsair One that are a bit cheaper and
nowhere near as overkill. So if you are looking for
a small form factor system like this, I’ve gotta say it’s
a lot better than I expected. So, what do you guys think
about the Corsair One Pro? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll catch you in the next one.

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