The Best Place to Hunt in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online (RDR2 Online)
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The Best Place to Hunt in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online (RDR2 Online)

January 17, 2020

what is up guys and welcome to another
video today I’ll be showing you the place where I’ve been hunting for the
last couple of days and it has been making me a ton of money before we get
into the video make sure you leave a like and subscribe and also turn on
notifications so you get notified when my next upload is live it has been a
while since I’ve done a video showing you how to get money I think for the
whole week this week I’ve showed you how to rank up if you want to see any of
those videos I have put a playlist together showing you all the methods
that I’ve been using to rank up quickly on Red Dead Redemption online but today
I have got a money making method and it’s something that is not the best way
to make money but because of the other methods to make money they’re just
swarmed by people every online session you go into there are just people there
doing all different glitches doing all the different really effective methods
to make money it is just chaos once you go to these locations so what you want
to do is head over to the manzanita post that is located in tall trees and
round there is a perfect place to just hunt around this location you are able
to hunt bears Cougars and elks as well as all the other stuff that you can
normally get once you go to manzanita a post what you want to do is come down to this
location here there are four different buildings and what normally happens is
two of the big main animals will spawn it you will either get two Grizzlies a
grizzly and a cougar or occasionally and it is very rare you will get two Cougars
if you come to this place what you’re gonna want to do is actually bring
another horse to do this you can just take another person horse ride to this
location on their horse and your horse will follow closely behind with that you
can put a cougar carcass on one horse and then all the bear hide as well as
it’s me on another horse and then take that into black water to sell if you get a
perfect cougar what you can do is sell that for twenty-two dollars as well as
if you go and get a bear or an elk you’re selling that between ten and
fifteen dollars which is very good money the journey from here all the way to
blackboard is kind of irritating but it is worth it
you are not challenged once you get to the tall trees the only problem is you
will be challenged once you go to black water if you have a bunch of people there
and some of them happen just to be griefers that is very annoying a good
way to avoid this is when you first go into an online session spawn all the way
over in Lemoyne and then go and use a fast travel to
come to black water or the manzanita post and then start grinding out this method
another good thing about this location is that occasionally you will get a gang
hideout here right on these four buildings as well so there’s a chance of
cougar spawning a chance of bears spawning they’ve got elks coming round it
and also you have a gang hideout which is very profitable if you can get all of
them it’s rare that you get all of them put together but well you’ll most likely
have once you go here you will get either a gang hideout or you’ll get the animal
spawns most of the time it will be the animal spawns if you are extremely
unlucky and when you go there nothing is in that area a good thing to do and it’s
something that I’ve always done is go and collect all the herbs in the local
area as well as look into the trees because you’ll find a bunch of different
owls which can shoot down put those on your horse and then take those into the
black water to sell other butchers instead unfortunately in black water
there are no doctors so you won’t be able to sell the herbs but you can
definitely use those for crafting and then once that’s all done head back into
this location hopefully at that point what you’ll get is either a cougar a
bear or an elk spawn in it and then just kill that and go back to blackwater
again the last thing to talk about with this location is that you have the lower
Montana River and if you haven’t seen my videos this week I did show you that you
can take a deer to the upper Montana River go and place a deer there and fish
will spawn in there are a bunch of different locations to do that on this
river as well here so what you can do is bring a deer here instead where it’s not
contested by other players and you can just carry on doing whatever it is you
want to do in this area without anyone just griefing you trying to get all your
money all of your animals and take those back to black water at the moment when I
go there most of the time there is no one in this location so hopefully when
you watch this video and then you go to this location you can do the exact same
thing as me but anyway guys thats the end of this video is a quick one just to show
you where I’ve been hunting and why it’s so good to hunt there I hope you guys
did enjoy you did enjoy don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe but for now
I’m going so see ya

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  1. This is a good way for sure I also while doing this or looking for bigger game you can use the varmit rifle and kill a bunch of squirrels rabbits and other small animals it will give you perfect pelts and with 4 of each and the cougar pelt itll be like 60 dollars or more a run

  2. You wasting perfect pelts tho, money is only useful if you unlock all the items TO BUY. Personally I don’t use the Springfield I have gotten perfect pelts with it, but the improved arrow is like butter, and you don’t need improved arrows for cougars. Just ran out mid attack and used regular arrows luckily didn’t ruin the white cougar pelt.

  3. Best place to hunt is emerald ranch always spawns two or three star animals use lasso to kill them

  4. There are a multitude of better locations to hunt than Tall Trees. Advanced players use Bayou NWA, Roanoke Ridge, or Emerald Ranch for a reason.

  5. Jesus christ some videos are ruined with just being a youtuber. DONT FORGET TO BLA BLA BLA the video is 4 minutes and you point to a fucking place on the map stop begging for likes

  6. Okay, but, what are the best weapons for hunting? Because it seems you are using a rifle for the big game, and that's all in the video, a varmint rifle for rodents such as rabbits and armadillos, but what about medium?

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