The Best of Gabriel Batistuta – EXCLUSIVE
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The Best of Gabriel Batistuta – EXCLUSIVE

October 10, 2019

THE BEST GOAL OF YOUR CAREER Do I have to choose only one? I don’t know! I don’t know! THE BEST GOALKEEPER YOU HAVE FACED Oh God. Let’s say Toldo THE BEST DECISION OF YOUR CAREER Staying at Fiorentina for 10 years THE BEST STRIKER EVER I had the chance to see Ronaldo. The previous one.

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  1. He face Toldo only in training match for years, only after Toldo left for Inter and he himself left for Roma in 2001 and Buffon already a superstar at that time. Choosing Toldo seems involved some personal factor.

  2. Batigol, injustiça não ter sido convocado mais vezes na Argentina. Mesmo brasileiro tenho admiração por esse centroavante extraordinário. Acho que se tivesse mais chances na seleção, seria campeão mundial.

  3. Grande Bati, me lo cruce en la calle hace poco, casi me pisa con la camioneta jajaja. Uno de los mejores goles el que le hizo a Mexico en la final de la Copa America 93

  4. I remember this years in Fiorentina he was my favorite player..
    As my father buyed to me Batistuta Trickot Shirt i was happy like crazy..
    I love you my Gabriel take care

  5. He was great but injuries plague his career and we were kind of robbed from seeing him perform more on the world stage 🙁

  6. Ronaldo? Excellent, Cristiano Ronaldo… Excellent… Batistuta? There's no words to qualify this man… is better than excellent and better than perfect. Gabriel Omar Batistuta, we will never forget you, Fiorentina fans shall never forget you!

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