The Best Mountain Bikes Of 2018? | GMBN Tech Show Ep. 50
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The Best Mountain Bikes Of 2018? | GMBN Tech Show Ep. 50

November 5, 2019

– [Doddy] Welcome back to
another weekly GMBN tech show. Now, this weeks show is a
little bit different to usual, we’re coming towards the end of 2018 now and we’ve all been chatting
about all the cool bikes we’ve seen over the year. So, I’ve been dragging
through all the archives and its just made me realize
this year has been insane for the amount of cool bike tech. So, what I’ve done is
I’ve picked out all of the coolest tech that we have
seen bike-wise from 2018, and we’re gonna start going through them. So, we’re talking about the
bikes that get us all like hot and bothered, a bit clammy handed, the ones that we really
wanna get to grips with and ride out on the trails. So this is in no particular order because we wanna ride all of these bikes. So, from the top, check this lot out. (tranquil pop music) The Yeti SB150, now I love Yeti’s, Yeti’s always get me a
bit hot and bothered. Now, in my eyes you have to
have a Yeti in Yeti blue, and this is the first
time that I’d seen a Yeti in another color that I’d thought oh my god I need that bike in my life. So, we have one in the office here and we’re checking out the orange model which I just think looks
absolutely amazing. So, of course it’s a 150 mm
travel 29 inch wheel bike, it’s quite a lot more
extreme than anything that Yeti have done in the past. It’s not just a 29 inch wheel trail bike, this thing is like an Enduro race bike. Now, I quote Yeti on this –
built Richie F-ing Rude tough, this frame meets Yeti’s
down hill testing standards. So you know that this
thing is gonna be strong. Have you seen this guy ride
a bike? It’s ridiculous. So if they can build a
bike that’s that light and that strong, man, way to go. So size-wise there’s four
of ’em, 430 to 505 mm reach so again, like the XL’s creeping
over the 500 mark there. So that means it’s a really
really up to date bike. It’s designed to go fast. It might feel a bit
radical for some people that are not quite comfortable
in this sort of thing but I promise you if
you actually try to ride a bike like this, you will be shocked at how well they handle off road. And the length of a bike
like this is the same with the Specialized and
the same with the Mondraker, it improves things uphill as
well it’s not just downhill. Some people will tell you you
need a long bike for downhill but it’s uphill as well because it puts the weight further forwards puts your weight further
in between those wheels you get more traction at the rear end you get more weight on the front end, win win all round I think. And I’ve gotta say the
Yeti, just look at some of the details on it, beautiful. Now, I’m gonna have to
put Santa Cruz in here what they’ve been doing with
pushing the 29 inch wheel bikes on their World Cup race
team is clearly amazing and is clearly working very well for them because they’ve now
finally released that bike. You can buy in 27 and a half, but meh, you’ve got the 29 inch wheel
version here, so look at this, look how refined it looks now considering what the early ones were like. I think the early ones had 27
and a half inch front triangle and they had like a butchered back end and they’re kind of a
bit sort of mocked up the ones I mean I was
riding in the early days. But now, look how good it looks. I looks absolutely incredible doesn’t it. What a nice looking bike. So, 215 millimeter rear wheel travel adjustable chainstays on there, of course adjustable head angle, all the other stuff that
you need on a downhill bike. It’s made from full carbon
and it’s got a lower leverage shock ratio on there, so that
thing is just gonna stick to the ground. I’m just, you know, blown
away brands like Santa Cruz keep churning out amazing looking bikes. Now I think the last one in
the 29 inch wheel category that I really wanna add in is
the brand new Pole Stamina. Now we’ve seen the Pole Machine before which was their CNC machined 180 mm bike. This is a 160 180 mm bike, 29 inch wheels and it’s about as slack,
long and low and aggressive as you could possibly get. Look at the seat angle on this thing it almost looks like the
bike is broken, it’s insane. But I guarantee it without even riding one this thing will be
incredible going uphill. The steeper the seat angle you can get the better it’s gonna be at climbing. We’re not talking about
an XC bike climbing we’re talking about climbing like seriously technical terrain. I think this would give even
e-bikes a run for their money on climbs and I would absolutely
love to try out a Pole at some point soon. Tried out some of the earlier models but this really does represent where this long, low and slack thing is going. What a work of art. I think it’s absolutely
incredible looking. So yes, 180 160 mm, ultra-long
wheel base in geometry super steep seat angle on there an integrated bash guard ’cause it’s got a nice low bottom bracket you
are gonna be grounding out deal with it, it’s gonna
feel amazing, so who cares? And yeah, it’s so forward
thinking it almost looks like a broken bike to the untrained eye. Amazing, great work guys. (tranquil pop music) Now the next category I’m gonna throw how the high pivot category. The idler wheel fashion that’s
been quite big this year. There’s been a lot of
different bikes out there. Top of the category clearly
has to be the Commencal. Now look at this onscreen. What a beautiful bike. So the Commencal Supreme 29 Downhill, now this is definitely
my favorite of the lot. I think this is a beautiful looking bike, and of course it’s the one that cleaned up at all the World Cups this year, being piloted by Amaury Pierron, so we know this thing is fast. Just look at it, it looks
right, it doesn’t look like a bike with big wheels
on it, it just looks like the way it should be. It clearly tracks the
ground very very well and deals with race
situations which is of course what you want out of a downhill bike. It’s got those big wheels,
it’s got the high pivot so the back wheel can move out the way of those squarish hits that
really try and storm, choke and slow down a downhill bike and of course it’s got the idler wheel so you’re running the
chain over the top at pivot so it does pedal much more
like a low pivot bike. So, win win all round and
it clearly did win win. Next up in that category
is of course the GT Fury. Now we had one here earlier
in the year on the show and I’ve gotta say that
is the best looking GT that I’ve seen in years. Now GT bikes are quite classic, they’ve always had a good look, this returns that formula
of the blue and the yellow. Again it’s got a high pivot out back there the idler wheel system over the top, and this thing really did
the business this year. I’ve gotta say I’m really
pleased that GT are like back on top again because bikes like that are what made them so great and of course they’ve been
up and down over the years like a lot of brands
have but this puts them up the top again and I think well, way to go GT this thing looks awesome. Next up has to be the Norco Aurum HSP. Wow, what a bike. This
just looks incredible. Now, it’s just- I think it’s
very similar looking actually to the Commencal, I mean
in my eyes the Commencal is just that little bit nicer but the one that Sam
Blenkinsop’s running in Gamble the all black one, whoa
that is a rude looking bike. And it’s clearly got the
performance that goes with it. Okay, yet another high pivot
bike, this one’s from Deviate so this is a UK born bike. And this was born out of necessity we were fed up with all
the sort of down size of derailleurs and
everything else going on. So not only did they
build a high pivot bike they’ve got a gear box
on this thing as well. So it’s got a Pinion gear box
on there, but just look at it. So you’ve got that nice high pivot, you idler system running over the top, Pinion gear box on there,
everything is sealed away and UK proof buy. Way to go guys I think that
is really really nice looking. Similarly, there’s also the Forbidden. Now this yet again
another high pivot bike, this time it’s a 29 inch wheel bike and it’s hailing from Canada but it was actually designed
in part by Owen Pemberton who is a British rider and bike designer who actually moved down there
to design bikes for Norco and pretty sure he was working
on that Norco downhill bike that I just mentioned
that Blenky was riding before he started the
Forbidden Bike project. Now it’s a 130 mm travel bike and I’ve gotta say it
looks really really good. Love the simplicity of this and Blake said it look incredible in the flesh. So I think that’s amazing
what you’ve been doing Owen, and all of you guys out
there so, really cool. Our last one in this category is the Sick by Sleipnir prototype. Now been in touch with Jordan and the Sick Bicycles guys about this they’ve been tipping us off
about what’s going on with it it’s got a high pivot, it’s gonna have the Pinion gear box system on there but it’s also future proof
so it will be able to accept other gear boxes so you
buy a bike like this you’re not necessarily gonna be stuck with the Pinion gear box. Not that there’s anything wrong with that it’s currently the best thing out there but there might be other
developments coming and it’s nice to have that option. I think what they’re doing it really cool and this thing does look
like a whole bunch of fun so well there you go that’s
a whole bunch of really cool idler wheel themed high pivot bikes. And they all look like
they’re gonna go like stink. (slow calm music) Now there’s definitely
been another craze in 2018 it’s seem to be a rise
of the capable XC bikes. Now we’re talking about
the 100 mm travel bikes classically they’ve been really skinny a bit weedy looking, very lightweight, designed to just be
efficient at covering ground. But now, we’ve got 29 inch wheels so you don’t necessarily
need as much travel to have more fun. So what we’re starting to see is bikes that are aimed at XC
riders but are tough enough that the riders that
wanna have a bit more fun are also wanting to ride these bikes. Sometimes with a 110 or a
120 mm fork on the front just to jack them up that bit but the point is the 100 mm
travel cross country bike now is no longer just
a cross country bike. This things have dropper posts on then they’re stiff, they’re low
slung, they’re starting to get longer and slacker. And the first one out there
is the Santa Cruz Blur. 100 mm travel, VPP system,
man just look at this thing. I mean, Santa Cruz hats
off to them those guys know how to make a really
really good looking bike. They just can’t stop doing it. There is something in
particular I really like that Santa Cruz seem to do and I don’t know if you
guys have noticed this but a lot of bike brands
every year they just chuck a few new colors on and
a few new bits and pieces stuff like that and get them out there. A Santa Cruz bike, when you
buy one it doesn’t really date, that is a great way of doing it. They just- every time they
have a new model of bike they bring out a new model. Doesn’t matter if it’s
every year or every 3 years, every 4 years, they update it
when it’s ready to be updated. They don’t just do the every
year thing that everyone else is kind of guilty of doing. I really like Santa Cruz
it’s definitely a brand that you sort of buy in to
and it’s really cool to see that they’re still
pushing the 100 mm bike. So the Blur was one of
their original VPP bikes, and this one is by far the
best looking one they’ve done. So I think this looks like
a really really good bike. Next up, I’m gonna cool it
over to the BMC FourStroke. Now Neil has ridden this bike and says this thing
feels like a 4 cross bike but sized for cross country and weight of a cross country bike. It’s got an integrated dropper
post, it’s got 100 mm travel, it’s long, it’s slack. They’re aiming it around a 50 mm stem which might not sound that
wild to anyone else out there but for a cross country bike
that riders used to 100mm stems that is wild, this bike looks like a riot. I have to say if I could
buy any cross country bike right now with my money,
that’s what I would have. Now I was bound to
mention Yeti at some point the SB100 of course and the Beti version which is the women’s version and I have to say, the Beti
one, I think it looks nicer. I checked them both out at Sea Otter, they’re both stunning looking bikes super stout sort of
tough little 100 mm bikes not really aimed at
the cross country rider they’re just 100 mm travel
trail bikes essentially. I think they were 110
mm travel forks on them again I’d probably bump it
up for a 120 maybe even a 130 and I reckon it’d be a
super fast little bike. Uses that Switch Infinity system, if you look in these
details here you can see they’re sort of rotating around
to sort of fit it all in. And it’s got its own little
mud flap design on there so it’s really really cool,
it’s just- just look at it, it’s a Yeti, they’re amazing. Last one I think in the XC
bikes class has gotta be the Intense Sniper. So again the theme is
going for a short stem they’re focusing this around a 50 mm stem, longer front center, longer
geometry on there in general, aggressive, stout, stiff,
all the rest of it. At the end of the day it’s an Intense. So I really like Santa Cruz
bikes and I love Intense- well in fact I like most bikes
you can probably tell that but those two brands
used to be quite aligned but very different. The thing I really like about
Intense is the brand image and they’ve still retained
it after all these years. Now Santa Cruz is very
similar as a brand really, I mean forgetting how
many units they’re selling they both started off
doing their own thing, they were small brands to
start with, the both developed the VPP system side by side,
so they were quite comparable but Santa Cruz definitely
had a smoother, calmer, more refined approach. If you were talking
about that in super cars you would say perhaps
that they were a Ferrari in which case, I would say
that Intense are definitely the Lamborghini. The bad boy, slightly edgier,
that don’t give a (bleep) sort of attitude and I
think they’re amazing. So have to have an Intense
up there in my list of stuff. I think they still look amazing. I’ve just remembered, there’s
another cross country bike I’ve gotta put on here, it’s
not necessarily the same as the 100 mm thing
I’ve really been pushing but I’ve got to one of
Nino Schurter’s bikes in we’re gonna have to put his World Champs winning bike in aren’t we? Nino Schurter, what can I say? This year you’ve just been unbelievable and your bikes have always
been amazing looking. I’m lucky enough to have
checked out quite a few of his bikes over the years and of course got to see sort
of SRAM BlackBox prototype stuff that’s on there. Still not been allowed
to play with that stuff and still not been much the
wiser on how it works and stuff but I have been hands on with
it without the battery in so I couldn’t tell how it operated but very very cool looking, that cool paddle shifter on there and of course all of his bikes
just look flipping amazing. The one we checked out at Nove
Mesto in the Czech Republic was- with all the new Hixon
bar installed on there and that looked phenomenal, I didn’t think it could
get that much better and then there’s this World Champ special for his home country. Just look at this, wow, what
a paint job, what a bike and one hell of a rider. Amazing to watch. (slow calm music) Alright I know we’re not EMBN
but e-bikes have just got cool alright, I’m just saying that. That Specialized Turbo Levo,
the one that barely even looks like an e-bike,
that is a cool e-bike. It’s just a cool mountain bike. So not only have they made
an e-bike look really cool and that’s quite hard if you’ve got a massive old down tube
and a battery and a motor and all the other stuff going on. So they’ve slimmed it right
down, the entire length of the down tube is
effectively a battery now and it’s a 700 watt hour battery,
normally the biggest ones tend to be 504 watt hour so there’s a lot more
battery power going on there. But just look at this thing. So Jonesy did a really
good video over of EMBN went to the launch of that bike and I have got one of those bikes coming because I intend on doing some
stuff over on EMBN next year and really, there can
only be 1 choice for me and it’ll have to be that bike. So it’s got a belt
driven Brose motor in it and it offers 410% assistance
with up to 560 watts of power and check this out ’cause
I thought I was impressive when all the others had like
70, 72 newton meters of torque it’s got 90 newton meters of torque. You could winch your way up
anything on this I’m sure of it. I don’t know that much
about the e-bikes thing I’ve kind of tried to
keep myself away from it but I’m getting drawn
closer and closer to it ’cause there’s a lot
of cool tech on e-bikes and I do think there’s
a lot of similarities between EMBN and GMBN tech so I think we should start
doing some stuff over next year but don’t worry, I won’t go
polluting the channel too much just here and there and correct me if I’m wrong but
that’s a pretty good looking bike regardless of it being an e-bike. I’m right, ey? Am I? Let us know, I wanna know what you think. I think it’s absolutely amazing looking. Next up on the list has
gotta be Danny Macaskill’s bespoke, carbon fiber
Santa Cruz trials bike. Yeah, Santa Cruz made him a trials bike. So, no one rides trials do they? But you’ve got Danny
Macaskill riding for you, so you gotta make him a trials
bike, so what do you do? You make the best trails bike ever made. 24 inch wheel carbon fiber
made of braided carbon fiber so it’s extremely impact resistant and it’s actually about 4
pounds lighter, the whole bike, than his previous trials bike. So this was based geometry-wise
and layout on the Inspired bikes that he’s famously
ridden in the past and of course even though
he rides for Santa Cruz they didn’t have a trials bike
so he was continuing to ride his Inspired. Now I’m sure that most of
you have heard of Danny and you’ve seen his riding videos, so imagine trying to do what he does and then you get onto another
bike but it’s 4 pounds lighter he had to totally change the way he rides and had to relearn a
whole bunch of his tricks and hops and stuff like that
because it was so much lighter that was gonna- you know he
was freaking out on this thing. I think it’s amazing and
Neil checked the bike out at Sea Otter so you can
see some of these shots of the bike onscreen at the moment. And look at the side hop
he does, look how easy he makes it look. He just lands straight to
back wheel like it’s nothing, pauses, and just pedals off out of shot. Man, what a cool bike. Absolutely amazing, and you can’t buy ’em. They’re not available so I
think it just makes them cooler. So definitely one of the
cooler bikes out there for 2018 I reckon. And finally, I’m gonna
put UNNO bikes in there, which one? It’s gonna have to be all of them I think. What a range. Developed and manufactured
in Barcelona by Cesar Rojo and his team at UNNO bikes. Absolutely stunning. I think these are works of art. So have a look onscreen
at some of these now. So you’ve got the Ever
which is a downhill bike, there’s the Burn the Enduro bike, the Dash which is a travel bike, the Horn which is an XC full suspension and the Aora which is the XC hardtail and every single one of them I think is the best looking bike in each of its respective categories. Now at the moment they’re
extremely limited, they’re extremely expensive
so they’re totally unrealistic for most people out there but I just think that what they’re doing
is just absolutely amazing if I could have any
bike, any bike right now I would have the Dash. 130 mm travel, 29 inch wheel,
they only make it in one size they don’t make it in my size. Gutted. (pretends to cry) So there we go, that’s quite
a bit of a selection there some insanely amazing priced
bikes, some better value stuff, we’ve a bit of a wacky collection really but definitely some of the
ones that really really sort of tickled our
fancy here at GMBN tech. I’d love to know which
you really really loved, which ones you disagreed
with, any of that stuff. Maybe there’s stuff that we
didn’t include whatsoever that you thought was like the
coolest thing that you saw. Let us know in those
comments we really wanna know so we can have a bit of a
banter with you on the comments and of course if you want to
see a couple more great videos click down here if you
wanna see all the cool stuff from Sea Otter and in fact
that’ll link you through to our other Sea Otter videos,
loads of cool tech there and click up here for
our car boot kit video. So bit of a cool helpful
video on the sort of stuff that you might wanna
pack or keep in your car so you’re bike is always in tip top shape whenever you go riding. Of course don’t forget
to subscribe to GMBN tech if you haven’t already done so and give us a massive
thumbs up if you love tech and you love GMBN tech.

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  5. I’m with you with the UNNO bikes, works of art. What I couldn’t really stop thinking is that a few years ago the only size they do, size M would have been called a size L…

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