The BEST 4k Gaming Monitors for Consoles, Xbox One X and PC

February 14, 2020

A while ago, you guys let me know that you were
interested in seeing a video about the best gaming monitors. Our buddies at BenQ immediately answered the
call but, we didn’t want this video to be too one sided. So Dell and Acer also decided to throw their
hats in the ring. Let’s see which one of these 4k gaming monitors
is best to hooking up all of your game consoles to and, yeah, you know what sure your computer
too why not. [Intro] A lot of people have their consoles plugged
into their TVs. I like to have mine plugged into one of my
computer monitors. I spend most of my time on the computer, I
don’t watch TV, and I stream. So I need my consoles to be with the rest
of my junk. Maybe YOU play games on your PC but ALSO have
some consoles? You can use these monitors for both! All of these monitors have at least 1 Display
Port for your PC and at least 1 HDMI port for your consoles. If you got more than one you might need an
HDMI splitter but that’s nothing new for TVs either. In my opinion, games on a good gaming monitor
look even better than games on a high end TV. And if you’re going to be doing any sort of
competitive gaming, then having that low response time of a computer monitor is gonna be a very
valuable asset. Plus you’re a lot closer, to the screen, you’re
in a chair so you’re upright more attentive, you’re not slouching around on a couch about
to fall asleep. The whole things better The whole things a
lot better. If you’re looking for a gaming monitor that
fits all of this criteria, you’re going to want a response time of idk less than 5ms. You’re going to want something that’s 4k because
4k monitors are relatively inexpensive now and even if you don’t have any 4k devices
you could future proof your setup. We should be testing these monitors with the
best hardware possible, so I bought myself an Xbox One X NOT BECAUSE I NEEDED ONE OR
WANTED ONE AT ALL, but JUST because this video called for. You’re also going to want to keep an eye out
for HDR, or “High Dynamic Range” when you’re looking for a monitor. This is a mode that’s supported by both the
Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro that just increases the ranges of colors and shades in an image. Where a normal monitor might crush the black
levels together, an HDR monitor will show you the full range of detail in those blacks. All of these companies wanted to send me Ultrawide,
curved monitors at first. It seems to be the new schtick, the new gimmick
that they’re trying to push. Like 3D TVs. remember those? I told them that most of you people watching
are console gamers. So ultra-wide wouldn’t really work if you
plug a console into them you get these big black bars on the sides. It wouldn’t fill the whole screen. Plus most ultra-wide monitors aren’t even
4k. They’re half of 4k. They’re 1440p this way and 4k this way. So picture a normal 4k screen, but cut in
half. That’s why it’s ultra wide. Like, why even? But BenQ sent me an Ultrawide anyway. How very nice of them. I’ll get to that. But they also sent me the EL2870U 28″ 4k gaming
monitor with HDR. For transparencies sake it’s important to
note that this video is NOT sponsored, but BenQ did send me two of their monitors to
keep, and Dell and Acer only loaned me their monitors (sad face). The BenQ comes with a high speed HDMI cable. 2 HDMI inputs for 2 game consoles, 1 Display
Port for your computer, and a headphone jack which is important if you wanna mix game audio
and computer audio into the same speaker system. And when you got your discord chat going,
and your proximity chat and pubg. It also has speakers. They’re not great, they never are when they’re
built in, but I appreciate that they’re there. Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of external
speakers and SH*** speakers are much better than NO speakers at all. This monitor is great for what it is. A budget 4k gaming monitor with HDR. It is very fast. BUT, right out of the box the picture looks
very washed out compared to the other ones. Luckily, it supports 10-bit color mode, so
if you’re going to be playing your Xbox One X switch that color mode to 10-bit and the
picture quality improves DRASTICALLY. Not every game on the Xbox One X supports
HDR. Forza does, and it looks good, but the difference
is incredibly subtle. HDR adds a TON of value to a TV or a monitor,
but I personally don’t think it’s something that is very important. I don’t think it should make or break your
purchase. This BenQ monitor also doesn’t have any vertical
adjustment. It just tilts up and down. The best thing about this gaming monitor is
that it is under $500. BenQ is known for being a budget monitor company. This isn’t to say that they make low quality
stuff, because they typically don’t. But it’s hard to find other monitors at this
price point with the same technology packed into it. Or, at least it WAS. Dell now owns Alienware and they have a bunch
of great gaming monitors including one that has a 1ms response time and a 240hz refresh
rate BUT that monitor was only 1080p so we had to throw that right out of this round. For this video, they sent me the UltraSharp
27 4K Monitor U2718Q. WOOO. It has 1 HDMI port, 1 Display Port, 1 MINI
Display port, a headphone jack for your HDMI audio output, and 4 USB ports. There are no speakers. It comes with a Displayport to Mini Display
Port cable for some reason, and a USB 3.0 cable. NO HDMI cable. Unless mine was missing something. Right out of the box, the picture is gorgeous. Not much changes when you switch to enabling
10 bit color. Maybe some deeper blacks but that’s about
it. Nowhere on the spec sheet for this monitor
does it say that it has HDR. In fact Dell sells a monitor that’s $1000
more than this one that looks to like the same exact monitor, just with HDR included. However, the Dell U2718Q, the one that I’m
testing, has what they call Smart HDR. Enabling this makes PUBG look a little better,
but otherwise the changes are very subtle. I reached out to Dell to clarify what exactly
is going on here. Their response was very complicated, but essentially
the super expensive HDR monitor is HDR10 Certified. It is the “truest” HDR you can get. This monitor that we have in our hands only
supports Dell HDR, which uses a hardware engine in the monitor to process HDR metadata and
deliver “true-to-life color, contrast and detail.” From Dell’s website “For professionals who
need HDR10 certified monitors for color critical design work, the Dell UltraSharp 27 4K HDR
monitor is a one-stop solution that offers Dell PremierColor features with wide color
coverage, color accuracy and user calibration. For users looking for a monitor with HDR10
viewing capability and perfect for everyday tasks with a desktop monitor, we recommend
our Dell HDR monitors.” So… this monitor is “kinda” HDR. But so is the BenQ. All BenQ says is that it “supports HDR content.” NONE OF THIS MATTERS! It doesn’t matter. HDR barely makes a difference. You’re already seeing your game in crystal
clear 4k with a beautiful color range. Relax yourself. Plus when you flip on that 10bit, don’t even
worry about it. This Dell monitor has fantastic color range,
but i did notice a very warm tint whenever there were warm things on screen, almost like
it was affecting the white balance of the entire image. This was a minor issue. This monitor LISTED at $740, which is way
more than the BenQ, but now you can find them for under $500, which is the same price as
the BenQ. (Grits teeth) Not lookin’ that good for BenQ. Finally we have my favorite, my love. My guy, the Acer Predator XB1 27″ or XB271HK. I actually bought this monitor myself on January
1st of last year because I was looking for a good IPS monitor for the truest colors possible
when doing design work, and I also needed a really fast monitor for gaming. IPS monitors typically have a really SLOW
response time in order to process all of those colors. At the time, the Acer Predator was the only
monitor to have an IPS panel and be able to play games that quickly. Because of this, it was expensive as all hell. The price has since gone down but when I asked
what Acer had for me that was a good 4k gaming monitor that was 16:9 they sent me this. thanks? But I have one already Every game I play on here is IMMACULATE. I’ve been playing my Nintendo Switch on here
for a year. People complain about the RGB range being
limited on their docked Switches. But not ME! It ALWAYS looks stunning. And of course, editing on this thing is always
great. I can see all of the fine details in the
darker colors. I often have to move my project over to a
crappier screen just to make sure normal people can see the same level of detail that I can. AND, this monitor isn’t even HDR. It just has THAT GOOD of a Dynamic Range just
by the nature of being an IPS panel. BUT… this monitor does have one liiiiiittle
tiiiiiny flaw… that ended up being a biiiiig huge flaw. It has 1 HDMI port, 1 Display port, 4 USB
ports, speakers, a headphone jack and it comes with an HDMI cable, a Display Port cable and
a USB 3.0 cable. BUT, the HDMI port, is an HDMI 1.4 port. That means, it does NOT support 4k above 60hz. Meaning the Xbox One X refuses to even appease
the Acer with a resolution over 1080p. This is ABYSMAL. It’s not like the monitor isn’t capable of
4k 60. I can run that stuff all of the time out of
my PC, even out of my Mac partition, and into the Display Port on the monitor. It’s a BEAUTIFUL MONITOR. But for some ungodly reason, the HDMI port
on the back does not support high data speeds. So the Xbox One X is not utilized to it’s
full potential. It’s an absolute shame, because when running
games like Fortnite on all of these monitors at once at 1080p 60, the Acer Predator was
the clear winner. Even without HDR you can see so many more
colors. But without the ability to display 4k out
of my Xbox One X, this monitor gets thrown right back to the bottom of the pile. It makes me REALLY, really sad. And at the price of around $700 now, don’t
get this monitor unless you’re only gonna play PC games on it, and maybe a Nintendo
Switch out of the HDMI port. Acer recently announced the ACER Predator
X27. Which looks like the same exact monitor just
with HDR, A refresh rate of 144hrtz, AND most importantly, an HDMI port that supports HDMI
2.0, so, it would work with an Xbox One X. But it isn’t out yet, and when it does come
out, it’s estimated to cost $1000 to $2000 dollars… (chokes on words) So the clear winner here is the Dell. The BenQ is a VERY nice, but if you can get
the Dell for the same price and the picture quality is THAT MUCH BETTER, why WOULDN’T
you just get the dell? BenQ WAS nice enough to offer us a promo code
for 15% off of their monitor… *but that’s still not much cheaper than the Dell monitor. For now, I’m gonna stick with my Acer as my
main monitor, but I’ll be using the BenQ as my 2nd monitor just so I can use my brand
new Xbox One X to it’s full potential. This whole situation is a god damn shame. As for ultra-wides, I haven’t forgotten about
you. The EX3501R, they really need to do something
about these, is a really cool monitor. If I had room, it’d be great to just plug
my laptop into when I’m at home. It has a USB type C input so it works great
with my Macbook. Not only does that one cable handle the display,
it also CHARGES my Macbook. But, it’s not 4k, it’s HALF of a 4k screen. My laptop is only 1440p so this isn’t a deal
breaker. But I NEED 2 screens when I game. 1 screen dedicated to gameplay, and one full
screen for OBS and the chat and whatever other crap. I actually just ended up using this monitor
to edit my video tonight and it was, it works really well. As you could see I have a big massive timeline
and still have room for other stuff. Having one USB type C cable plugged in is
great because I can use the monitor as a USB hub and I can use the monitor to charge this
thing but, Adobe premiere is so power hungry that this laptop couldn’t charge fast enough. So it was actually killing the battery while
plugged in. So I had to have the Apple charger plugged
in while I was using the monitor to charge, it was, it was a mess. So this is a cool concept, and I totally get
why people might want this if hey’rer a 1 monitor workstation kinda guy like my brother. And I would totally pass this monitor off
to him too if he willing to give me the $800 for it- WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK about all of these
different gaming monitors? What are YOU looking for in a gaming monitor? Do you mostly play on a TV? Is this video totally misguided? Leave it in the comments below, @ me on Twitter,
all of this other social media garbage. Also tell me why.. TODAY, today this video is released, we will
be streaming Sea of Thieves over on on my brand new Xbox One X. But not in 4k thought because MMM Wooo! We’ve got new videos and live streams all
of the time, this is our schedule over here. And of course the most important things that
you can do is subscribe and share this video with a friend. A friend who maybe plays games at his computer
desk, or maybe he just sits on his couch and you need to get him off his couch. Thank you guys very much, you have yourself
a very good week. I love you. Muwah

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