The Best 3D Archery Targets For The Money
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The Best 3D Archery Targets For The Money

August 15, 2019

If there�s one thing that clearly makes
3D archery different from other types of archery, it�s the targets! Rules and target types may vary from target
archery to field archery and so on, but only in 3D archery do you have life sized 3D replicas
of any animal you can think of. Shooting at a full, life sized bear target
from yards away just adds to the realism of practicing for the hunt. With so many 3d targets available on the market
today, many archers wonder which are the best, highest quality targets for the money. It�s no secret that 3D archery targets go
from a bit pricey to downright expensive, so if you�re going to spend your hard earned
money on one � it better be a quality target. The quality of 3D targets is determined by
several factors. Durability, sturdy construction and how well
they hold up to the elements are just a few of them. We�ll rate lots of different 3D targets
for these factors as well as others and give you the list of the best 3D targets available
today. Stick with Name Brands One way to help insure that you only ever
buy a high quality 3D target is to only buy the name brand targets. I�m not against smaller companies or anything
� far from it! If there were a small company to come out
and offer high quality 3D targets at reasonable and affordable prices I�d be the first to
recommend them. The reason I advise you to stay away from
anything but the few main companies producing 3D targets is because right now the only other
3D targets on the market tend to be cheaply made knock offs. Yes, as I said above, 3D targets go from pricey
to expensive. But at least you�re more likely to be getting
a quality target. Many of the cheap knock offs will fall apart,
are made from cheaper materials and won�t stand up to many shots from your bow. I�d much rather pay more for quality once,
instead of buying something that either I can�t stand using or something that is completely
useless in a month. I�ve heard quite a few stories about even
well cared for targets that fell apart after a few weeks of use or a few hundred arrows
shot at them. So it�s important to stick with the companies
that have proven themselves by having manufactured tons of quality targets over the years. The main producers of quality 3D targets today
are Delta McKenzie, Rinehart and Field Logic. Most targets from any of those three manufacturers
should be made from heavy duty materials and feature quality construction. You probably want to avoid any brands or companies
that you�ve never heard of, as they�re most likely cheap foreign knock offs. Here’s what to look for when you’re shopping
for 3D targets: You need to only use the right targets that
are built for shooting with your type of bow. There are targets that can take shots from
a recurve bow, but a crossbow would ruin them. Some targets are fine to shoot with low draw
weight bows, but heavier compound bows could shoot straight through them. The bottom line is to check what types of
bows the target�s meant to be shot with before you buy. One of the most important factors in choosing
a quality 3D target is it�s level of durability. Most 3D targets aren�t cheap, and that�s
all the more reason that they should be built to last a long time. They need to not only hold up well to the
weather, but to hundreds or thousands of shots from arrows. When buying any of the larger, more expensive
3D targets � only by those that come with replaceable vital areas. Those are the areas that you�ll be hitting
the most, it�s important you can replace them when needed, so you don�t have to buy
a whole new target instead. Targets that are made with self healing foam
are great for taking lots of hits from arrows for several years. Also look for targets that are stable and
weigh enough on the bottom that they�ll stay put once you�ve set them up where you
want them. A common gripe of many 3D archers is arrow
hold. Some 3D targets tend to make it difficult
to retrieve your arrow, as they get stuck in the target. You never want to fight with the target to
get your arrow back, as this could bend or damage your arrows. Look for targets that will release your arrows
gently and easily. While we�re at it, some arrow lube and a
cheap arrow puller can make it much easier to retrieve your arrows, even from some of
the more �grippy� targets. Both of these are very inexpensive and are
definitely worth having in your archery bag when you�re shooting 3D archery. If you don�t want to buy arrow lube, you
could even use bar soap instead, many archers do just this. Try both of them out and see which one seems
to work best for you. Now on to our picks for the best 3D Targets: Our top pick for the best 3D deer target is
the Delta McKenzie Lethal Impact 3D Target This target�s pretty cool, The manufacturer
says that it can take any type of arrow � even broadheads. It has self healing foam for durability and
boasts easy arrow removal as well. They also say that it�s built for use with
any type of bow, being able to take more powerful shots from higher draw weights. Made by Delta McKenzie, a company known for
producing high quality 3D targets, it even comes with a one year manufacturer warranty. A great choice for any archer. Our top pick for beast 3D bear target is the
Delta McKenzie Elite Walking Bear Another really cool target, the Delta-McKenzie
Elite Walking Bear is made from self healing foam for years of durability. This target�s hand painted so there�s
no glare on it, unlike the glare on many cheaper targets. This target uses a twist lock assembly to
hold itself together, which makes this a solid and sturdy 3D target. Delta McKenzie�s U.V. Protective paint will help it hold up to the
sun for far longer than other targets. It’s our first choice for a 3D bear target. I’ve put up the full list of all of our top
picks for the best 3D archery targets, listed by each individual animal. It’s got our top picks for not only deer and
bear targets, but also boar targets, coyote targets, turkey targets and many more. Plus there are tips and tricks for target
maintenance, setting up your targets, weatherizing 3D targets and how to keep your targets in
the best condition for years to come. Check it out now at

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