The Archery Tag & SAFE Archery Story
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The Archery Tag & SAFE Archery Story

August 12, 2019

Hi, I’m Jimmy Sites and one my goals as an
outdoorsman and a television producer is to get kids back outside again. I believe that children today in our
culture spend way too much time indoors playing electronic equipment. That’s why I’m
thankful that I met John Jackson, who shares the same goal. John is the creator of Hunter Ed
Adventures. In 2012 I joined his team
as a live and animated character. Identify first, shoot second. We produced thirteen cartoons that were
broadcast on my national television show. John and his team also created an
interactive website called and a 72-page activity and coloring
book that teaches outdoor safety and ethics. We gave thousands of these away to
children that were watching our tv show or attending my speaking engagements. As
the children are becoming interested in getting outdoors, they need something to
do that is not electronic. John Jackson and his team came through
with something very unique for all age groups. I saw it for the first time at
my elk camp in Colorado. One day we were looking out for some form to use in an application… and my engineer looks at this piece of
foam… said, “Man, that’d be fun to put that on the end of an arrow
and whack people with it. So we did! You know, kind of a long story short, we went
back to the office and started drawing up designs for a uh… a blunt. And uh… it looked like a big Hershey’s Kiss
and we glued a piece of foam on it and the next thing you know, we’re shootin’ each other with
it. We played our first game, posted a
video to YouTube, and the next thing you know, we’re getting e-mails from around the globe, people wanting to know how can I get my
hands on this, where can I play this? It’s a heck of a lot of fun. It’s safe. You know, the foam doesn’t hurt. It’s not
painful like paintball. It was so much fun! Here’s all these guys who’ve spent a lot of
money to come to elk camp to try to kill an elk, and we’re playing Archery Tag way past the time that you go back out
after elk! We’re soaked in sweat; even the outfitter, Pat Grieve, is so caught up in it — he knows we ought to be going out to hunt — and he’s like: “Let’s play one more game!” Hahaha! It was awesome! We provide everybody with a recurve bow. It’s a 28-pound draw. It’s got dual shelves, so it’s easy for people that’re
the right-handed or left-handed to shoot it. These foam pieces, they lock on
here. And as you can see, they’re really hard to
come off. The object of the game is to knock
out your opponents — tag your opponents, if you will — or to knock those spots out of the
target. First team to do that wins. If you’re tagged, you gotta leave the field until
one of your teammates knocks out one of the targets — one of the spots — or
they catch an arrow. A lot different than paintball; you can’t catch a paintball but… with Archery Tag, yes, you can certainly
catch the arrow ’cause you can see it coming. Safety! Safety! Pat Grieve is the most competitive person I’ve ever met in my life; I
thought I was competitive! Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Oh yeah! Oh what a shot! What a shot, but how could you miss? That head
was shinning in the sun! Hey Pat, next time just paint an orange target
right on top for me. Archery Tag is quickly becoming a
phenomenon and it’s even becoming popular internationally. My name is Joshua Lloyd and I run Discover Archery, Ltd., which is based near London in the UK. Archery Tag is a great way to introduce people of all ages, both male and female, to archery. Or even just to reignite the excitement of trying archery from when they were young. It is also a fantastic way to get people outside, to exercise, and have fun. I have provided several Archery Tag sessions for people since becoming an affiliate and the feedback is always positive and the players are really eager to have another go. I’ve also been getting lots of interest afterwords with people asking about courses where they can try traditional archery. Archery Tag can be played virtually
anywhere and by anyone who can pull a bow. It’s a great way to introduce people to
the sport of archery. I’m not surprised at all when I hear
people say, “I never had an interest in archery until now!”
John: Mom says there’s pizza waiting, but they’re not even running for pizza right now!
Mom: They’re not wanting to stop! I like the fact that they’re safe, they’re out here
where I can watch them, I know what’s going on… My
son’s a gamer; he love games. I’d rather him be out here… doing this, where his brain has to completely…engage in what he’s doing. He’s not just staring at a screen, he is aware of his surroundings, he’s listening… This will allow them to be physically tired and be satisfied when they’re done! They’re just, they’re havin’ fun. I’m glad he’s doing this. There’s several reasons why people are
magnetically attracted to Archery Tag. First: most people like team sports. They’ll join their friends in a game. Second, the marshmallow foam tips are less
intimidating than the field points or broadheads from traditional archery. Third, target archery can be intimidating to
new archers. And fourth, many people associate archery with bowhunting.
Archery Tag puts a different and refreshing spin on archery, especially
for the non-hunter. John and his team have recently expanded
their platform to include SAFE Archery, an acronym for Students And Families
Experiencing Archery. A young lady in my community wanted to get into archery
and so I ordered a SAFE Archery kit from John. Hannah was so excited when it came in
the mail. And within five minutes, she was shooting with
me in my front yard. She spent another hour shooting until it
got dark. SAFE Archery incorporates various target
systems with a patented, nonlethal, foam- tipped arrow that can be used in
multiple environments. SAFE Archery has already received rave reviews from professional
ball teams, Hollywood movie premieres, theme parks,
colleges, public and private schools, churches, and the list continues to grow. Hunter education archery instructors will
now have the ability to do their field shooting right in the classroom inside
without breaking any range protocol. As I said earlier, I’m thankful I met
John Jackson. He and his team are helping me not only fulfill my first goal of getting
kids back outside again, but also my second goal and that is to
introduce people of all ages, gender, and background to the great sport of archery. Thank you, John and Team.

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  1. SAFE Archery arrows are available by calling 1-855-MY INSTINCT or by visiting 3riversarchery . com. However, Archery Tag arrows are not currently available for retail purchase. We provide equipment to our licensed affiliates who host their own Archery Tag games in their local area. If you'd like find a game near you, visit archerytag . com/locations and check out our new interactive map! Thanks for your question!

  2. We were shooting foam arrows 20 years before they made archery tag. They did not invent this. They got it from larp

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