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The Adventure Race

November 30, 2019

who came up with this sick and twisted race the adventure race is composed of different types of special event challenges
the first event today is something we call moving grandma’s meatball, they have
to move the tennis ball, flip this cup over place the ball in the cup, transfer the cup
and the ball into the larger bucket and then take the entire bucket outside the box
the second challenge that we have today is knot a swing. that has two handles on it and
one of their teammates need to get carried about a quarter mile around the race course
in total participants today will run about five miles – on running loop one we have our branded challenge and it has logos
from different businesses and companies along the way they need to remember what they saw
and solve that problem they’re gonna go out on their running loop
two they’re are going to be tethered together they do four laps around this pond with their
paddles they’ll come off they have to carry their canoes again around
another loop about a half a mile then they come back to the water re-enter we take their
paddles away and then they have to do two loops with just their hands – “you just have to
get it in your head and tell yourself you can keep
going” participants are going enjoy three trips through this
as they go through the race today hip to be square it’s a tangram puzzle that
has to be put together by the team the final components will make a square that takes them to the base of party hat pour
challenge each team member has a cup on their head and they have to transfer water from teammate to
teammate it takes a little while to fill their bucket. final event of the day is the sloppy
slope that we cover with vegetable oil, water, and it is really slick. You just don’t
know what it’s like to just be there and your
legs are moving but you’re not going forward teams will work together with each other
and it’s a really nice thing to see a great way to end the day. everything I’ve done here
finishing this race is the best feeling

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