The 10 Greatest Rocket League Games Of All Time
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The 10 Greatest Rocket League Games Of All Time

August 25, 2019

in the past two years of competitive
rocket League there have been some incredible matches from last-second
goals and true underdog stories to old and new rivalries rocket League has
solidified itself as one of the best new eSports in this video I’m giving you my
picks for the greatest rocket League games of all time I’ve narrowed this
list down to games not entire matches and I’m looking only at games from major
tournaments before we get into the video I want to give a special thanks to lief
X for giving me some great suggestions he really helped me round the list out
as there were some games I just completely missed all right on to the
video two teams dominated the early
competitive scene for rocket League cosmic aftershock led by chrono a and
flip side tactics led by Mark E Duda both teams were playing on a different
level and the rocket League community wanted to see them play each other
it looked like flipside would take the series in game six when they went up two
goals in the first minute until chrono V just started scoring the game ended with
this goal from sad jr. in Overton cosmic would go on to beat flipside in game 7
solidifying them as the best team in the world both maka and flipside had their
share of difficulties as they climb their way to the finals of the season 2r
LCS championship flipside appeared to have the edge over market as they went
into the second best-of-seven after completely dominating the first series
but it appeared as though they had a long road ahead of them as game 1 ended
in a 7 minute overtime the longest in our LCS history after four minutes the
crowd actually started counting each minute down what’s that down TiVo it was a picture of true teamwork as
both teams executed flawless defensive rotations a team literally made up of
the leftover players after the EU shuffle from season two the leftovers
had their work cut out for them the first week of league play having to take
on both northern gaming and flipside after an incredible reverse sweep
against northern gaming nobody really knew what to think of his team flipside
took the first two games but it was Farah who took over and led the
leftovers to win games three and four game five really showed how amazing this
team was when they had the momentum on their side as they completely rolled
over flip side to three oh the final goal was one of the best moments in our
LCS history especially when you hear from the perspective of the Spanish
casters though still the favorite going up against selfless flipside didn’t
appear to be their dominant self as the series went all the way to Game five the
game appeared to be over when this happened the teams were deadlocked in overtime
until cooks er went up for this shot there was one spot left in the season
three land and it all came down to this one series between flipside tactics and
resonant esports and the series was tied going into Game seven it looked as a
flipside wouldn’t make it to the land as they were down the entire game with a
minute left they started getting their passes going after two and a half
minutes of overtime the game finally came to an end with this shot season one
of our LCS in Europe was all about two powerhouse teams flipside tactics and we
dem girlz all season they appeared to be on another level going into the online
finals Super Sonic Avengers had one road to make it to land win the regional
championship by beating flipside tactics and then we dem girlz flipside took the
first round match to Game seven after an eight-oh win in Game six they also
scored two goals in the first minute of Game seven doomsy was able to tie the
game up with two clutch goals the teams then went on to exchange goals for the
rest of the game even with the momentum of beating flipside supersonic Avengers
would go on to lose against Sweden girls in the championship at the season one
land patchi’s team had the worst showing of
any european team despite being one of the European favorites market lost 3:02
Exodus in the first round and then immediately lost to Genesis in the
loser’s bracket market now had to face the same Exodus team now orbit in the
first round of the season two LAN it looked as if patchi’s team was cursed as
maka went down with only 14 seconds left giving them the lead a bit of a sigh of
relief but they definitely are not out of the woods yet 14 seconds left is
plenty of time for any of these teams to work with it how aggressive they’re
playing and you know Mike it’s got nothing to lose right now just go for it
they can put this one all the way out get the full court carry set us to
overtime diva in the air plays it past turtle the jitters coming through
finally paid the past Sunday lens Moses the touch from Moses sends it away from
the goal can they get it all the way the site going and rotated the defensive
plays from Devo very important right now first minute gone can pileup an
efficient rockets team went on to dominate the entire winner’s bracket
only to lose in the finals against flipside tactics in the first few months
after rocket League came out cosmic aftershock was already dominating every
North American tournament with a record of 49 and know going into this series
but there hope for 50 no seemed to die when kings of urban scored three early
goals halfway through the game chrono V took over scoring three goals
in two minutes and tying up the game with 28 seconds left
giving cosmic all of the momentum it looked as if overtime was inevitable but
with four seconds left on the clock Kyle mask went for a pinch shot and the ball
flew all the way into cosmics corner 3/5 gonna try like a plank or nope you just
need to let it touch the ball but Gavin’s gonna be there as well trying to
keep it in play Wow we thought they should play for
overtime they played for the win Kyle masks Firebird this underdog moment
was so important for Rocky League is an eSport after being released only a month
beforehand the game proved that it could be just as
exciting as any other eSport this was before our LCS and before people
realized how bad of an idea was to do a best of 9 but of course this series went
all the way to game 9 flipside was up a goal with the ball and crowning jewels
half it didn’t look like patchi’s team had a chance but they were able to get
the ball out of their half and start a pass play the series then ended with
this outlandish goal in overtime IBP had everything going against them
going into the season 1 land not only were they the North American 4 seed
which meant they had to face flipside in the first round they had lost one of
their best players and were having to use their sub over 0 a player who really
hadn’t proven himself yet the entire series was incredible but game 4 stands
out as the best game of the entire tournament the game came to a
spectacular ending when IB P sub over 0 went up for an air dribble in overtime plus we got to see this awkward
interaction that momentum would carry IBP to win the series and go all the way
through the winner’s bracket to the championship where they beat flipside
and took the first our LCS world title alright guys there you have it my picks
for the 10 best rocket League games of all time let me know down below if you
think there are any games I missed also be sure to subscribe if you like these
kinds of videos and follow me on Twitter if you’re into that kind of thing
peace out

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  1. When I was a complete noob in Rocket League, with less than 10 hours of gameplay, I decided to watch some RLCS. Unfortunately, I joined the stream only a few seconds before this play (7:49) and got so amazed, since I had never seen anyone fly the car or pass the ball before, that I literally quit the game for at least 5 months…

  2. Game list:
    0:37 Cosmic Aftershock vs Flipside Tactics, MLG World Championship
    1:19 MockIt Aces vs Flipside Tactics, RLCS Season 2 Grand Finals
    1:55 The Leftovers vs Flipside Tactics, RLCS Season 3 League Play
    2:41 Flipside Tacticsvs Selfless Gaming, RLCS Season 3 LAN
    3:19 Flipside Tactics vs Resonant Esports, RLCS Season 3 LAN
    4:13 Supersonic Avengers vs Flipside Tactics, RLCS Season 2 Regionals
    4:56 MockIt Aces vs Orbit, Season 2 Lan
    6:19 Cosmic Aftershock vs Kings of Urban, MLG Grand Finals
    7:23 Flipside Tactics vs Crown and Jewels, RLCS Pro League Finals
    8:09 IBuyPoweCosmic vs Flipside Tactics, RLCS Season 1 LAN

  3. Yep, you forgot about the RLC Pro League Grand Final game 9 between Crown & Jewels and Flipside. It's on YouTube, look it up.

  4. haha that last one he was just left hanging there then nearly slapped a fistbump
    edit: rip just seen u picked up on that haha

  5. Ferra is an asshole. I was a top 100 player back then in Season 3 and played many times with and against him, he was always crying and blaming.
    Happens quiete a lot in the top ranks, but he also did it when we were winning or if it was just a good match and the other team just played better. Same with Karottenp0wer. One time we lost against Marky + Kuxir , then he flamed me for like nothing and Marky changed his name to Karottenl0ser after the game. Was funny as hell 😀

  6. What the heck I just found and ad that was really inspirational, then at the end it said it was for a men’s grooming company. -_-

  7. I'm so glad you remembered the Crown&Jewels vs Flipsid3 game. It was so long ago bu it is still, to me, the greatest series of all time.

  8. Its pathetic how the cometaters and fluump speak as though the game is so important. Its just a game. Priorities ate screwed

  9. 3/4's of rocket league goals are total fluke as were alot of the goals highlighted in this. I play the game as well and will straight up admit it doesn't matter if you have mad skill or are a total noob. Ive seen and played and shit happens and balls bounce at random not to mention the dicks that think their boss at the game when they get the odd bounce or their opponent gets a lag spike lol fun game but people blow it out of proportion alot

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