THANK YOU & What this Channel Means to Me
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THANK YOU & What this Channel Means to Me

August 14, 2019

I’m here today just to say a very big
thank you to all of you who responded to my video asking for suggestions for
future YouTube videos within 24 hours I received well over 200 responses that’s
a whole lot of videos to make and there are some great suggestions and I’ll do
my very best to make as many of them as practical but if there is a theme
running through many of the responses it’s this: that I should keep doing what
I’m doing in the way but I’m doing it it’s from feedback such as this and the
many comments I received throughout the year that helped me learn. And I
learned that I don’t always get it right I’m learning to see what I do through the
thoughts and words of others you see this job is not about per fection it’s not
really about bows and arrows it’s about having a go it’s about keeping on trying (MUSIC)
it’s about self learning it’s about rising above failure and it’s a journey
in video of ups and downs I’ve been uplifted to learn that my
videos have helped a person struggling with reduced mobility to rekindle their
love of archery and on the other hand I’ve been humbled to learn that a great
online friend of me and this channel has reduced vision and can only see what I
put on the screen when I narrate and describe what I’m doing and to my great
shame I don’t always do that so I’ve learned something new And so what began
as a creative outlet for me has become something much much bigger and now that
many of you have told me how much my channel means to you I think he’s only fair
that I tell you what my channel means to me you see in my 40 plus years of working in
electronics manufacturing and running my own business I felt continually
frustrated that I had no creative outlet it was time for a change time while
there still was time to change course (Montage of clips from my past and my bow making journey) and for all the faults and problems created
by social media I found myself in a digital age
enabling ordinary people like me to create and distribute straight to the
public learning to craft longbows using
materials and tools of which I had no prior knowledge is simply an expansion
of just one of my interests but in trying to make bows I began on a path
that has taught me much brought me new skills new friends new insights the
simple act of taking a bruit piece of wood and making it end of bringing that
piece of stick to life in the hand is remarkably rewarding and it’s a craft
that to my great surprise is something that many others aspire to without
realizing it I found myself helping others and that means a lot to me but in all this time making bows I’ve
been doing something else and that is learning how to make film how to work
complex video cameras how to use professional video editing software how
to bring my stories to the screen something unimagined when I was
growing up and I owe much to those who have allowed me into their world to
learn this craft of filmmaking (UPLIFTING MUSIC AND VIDEO CLIPS OF ME FILMING) and storytelling in film now enables
me to make sense of beloved places and experiences of the wider world and that
too means a lot to me (TRAVEL VIDEO CLIPS FILMED IN AFRICA) (TRAVEL CLIPS FILMED IN INDIA) so thank you very much thank you for
being there and thank you for watching that in essence is what this channel
means to me

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  1. Thank you Mick for sharing. I want to see behind the making of the videos, how you edit videos? What software you use? Guys who help you in achieving you're goals etc.

  2. Thoroughly enjoy your channel Mick, building mistakes and all. The narration, great video work, the craftsmanship, it's all there. Don't change a thing!

  3. Mick – you are one of three bowyers I have been following. All three of you have inspired me to try making my own bows. You have a wonderfully artistic bent in your videos and I enjoy the slow motion shots of the country side and of arrows being loosed. I live in Missouri in the U.S. and I have access to many bow woods and I will start with hickory and osage. I retired just last week after spending 36.5 years "being" a supervisor and manager. I now want to "do" rather than "be". Like you, I am wanting to unlock my creative side.

  4. Beautifully said Mic! I may not comment on every video but I’ve watched them all and have learned right along with you. I would love to see a build along on something that might be alittle outside your wheelhouse. Specifically a bamboo backed ipe tri lam recurve d-curve type design. I’d send you the stave myself if I wasn’t half way around the world. It’s an interesting and challenging build. I still haven’t really been able to make a decent elb design, at least not anything over 30lbs. I’m working on one now but I think I’ve overbuild it.

  5. Last night I used your how to center serve a bowstring for my first successful longbow I made from a maple board. Thanks for making great videos, also can you please recommend video editing software?

  6. Love it man! Thank you and keep up the great videos. Have you ever tried making recurve bows? I'm thinking of trying that next, but pretty nervous to mess up my stave 🙂

  7. You have one of the best video editing skills I have ever seen (you could make tutorials on how to use the camera for starters)!! I look forward to your next endeavours!! 😀 😀

  8. Aye, get on with what you're on about….and though it seems a contradiction, giving back by paying it forward IS what we all should be on about.
    i most appreciated your submerging the camera to capture the quenching of red hot metal. Phenomenal shot, that…
    Cheers !

  9. No, my friend, thank you for producing these vids, they are gems. 🙂
    A bit late, but I'd like a video or two on American longbow/flatbow making. Thanks!

  10. Cheers for all the hard work and videos Mick, iv enjoyed watching them over the last couple of years, ( even got to be apart of 2 of them ? )

  11. Great stuff Mick……Many Youtube content providers have a very odd outlook with many being at the best arrogant and the worst narcissistic….they have the view of "it's my way or the highway", they have the view that "only my view is the only point of view". They pump out content and the only important thing to them is the viewer statistics. You Mr Mick are different, I truly believe that you genuinely gain great pleasure from your viewers even though they don't always agree with you. You Sir, appreciate and revel in the fact that a Youtube channel is a two way street and not just a marketing/stat growing platform to indulge yourself in. Here is hopping that you long continue to get the buzz and enjoyment from the viewers as we receive the same from your quality channel. Thanks fella.

  12. Thanks that's we may see tour clips. IT is always fun to see. And i am always waiting for that next clip. So keep giong and thanks doe giving is this.

  13. Thanks that's we may see tour clips. IT is always fun to see. And i am always waiting for that next clip. So keep giong and thanks doe giving is this.

  14. I'd be happy watching anything you put up, I'm sure you'd end up a household name if the tv people find you, fingers crossed

  15. Thank YOU for givings us such enjoyable video content. They sure are very professional looking videos and i very much enjoy watching them. Please keep doing what you do and inspire us to do something that WE love in the same feeling and passion.

  16. Keep up the great work, Mick. I love watching your videos, I really enjoyed the hedgerow series. I also live in the beautiful english countryside but I'm so busy in my own little world to truly appreciate the changes happening around me. Your wonderful video series really makes me stop, think and opens my eyes! Thank you…

  17. I have one question about ash sapling long bows is it okay that the back and the belly of the bow are flat or does it matter if its rounded

  18. If I am ever able to cross the pond once again ,I'd be honored to meet with you in person if possible. I've only recently found your channel but have enjoyed it greatly. It's become one of my favorite if not my favorite Youtube channel. You doing what makes you happy has a very positive impact on many of your viewers….myself included. I'm always looking forward to the next video !

  19. I feel I really need to say this. Without hyperbole, you are one of the best film makers on YouTube currently. Truly. With each new video I'm amazed at your editing, sound design and cinematography. You put a lot of the "professionals" to shame and you're a one man production to boot! I always look forward to your videos. Keep up the fantastic work 😀

  20. Thank you Mick! Your videos really are something else, love your passion, determination and humility. Having forged some knives I've always wanted to try the art of bowmaking, I've learned a lot thanks to you and your videos. You are a true inspiration for me! Keep on rockin'! Greetings from Barcelona!

  21. Great job, Mick. Lovely to see you so happy doing a new(ish) hobby that you love so much. Also amazing to see how far this channel has come in the past couple of years. Keep on doing what you love. Issey x

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