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  1. Subbed at Instagram and also on Patreon! Can only use these two as my Twitter is currently suspended.

  2. Youtube's problems are intentional. It is their corporate method of stealing your money without liability.

  3. Never saw the winners announced either. But…. youtube is getting harder to use… its inconsistent.

  4. Allways I love your videos Elric!! Thanks for the entertaining that you give us be strong, happy and keep going strong!!!

  5. I'm not sure where you announced the winners, you're not referring to the Twitter announcement are you? I mean, you linked the winner's profiles in the tweets instead of mentioning them, no wonder some of them missed it, people don't monitor your tweets 24/7. Hope it was just a mistake from your part and not an intentional "well it's not my problem they didn't contact me". However I lose a bit of hope thanks to the fact that you say you have no way of contacting the winners, which is false of course because you linked their profiles. You could've mentioned them or DM'd them.

  6. Thank you for all your work Elric, you deserve all the best. Hopefully everything will get better for you when it comes to YouTube.

  7. Amen dude, got a steam game prize from you way back before you were focusing on your health. Thanks for the giveaways.

  8. Very cool, man! ? Already following on insta, i don't really use twitter but I'll get on there too ?

  9. what the fuck is going on youtube…another channel that i watch was just demonized and the poor guy is tripping out since his lively hood was just stripped away over night…..shit is not right

  10. The winners of the last giveaway are here just hit newest first and scroll down its easy….

  11. It's petty how Youtube has been at last year. It's always fun to watch your videos. I would love to see videos explain stuff, how it works, how it function, You have the experience since the Tech along the times. Great Hug my Friend and hope they fix this crap of Youtube.

  12. Yeah just checked the winners and that seems like a real pain to get notified. I don't use twitter or instagram so if i win any of these games i still wouldn't know lol.

  13. you're probobly the fairest man I've seen on youtube, I just graduated college, so I haven't watched you much, and trying to find a job in video editing (not begging for a job), and i agree with going though out different platforms and doing giveaways, bc if someone hates twitter but likes instagram, they'll have a chance to win still, and a person who uses both has more chances to win. It's just fair plain and EZ (sorry for any grammar errors I was in a rush when typing this)

  14. Elric, try organizing giveaways using It allows you to easily draw and contact winners via e-mail after the contest ends.

  15. Hey Ehlric, just signed up for your patreon. I am a supporter. Wish you all the best and would love to meet you in person some time. I live in Colorado so it may not happen, but the thought of it is there. Not a fan of Instagram or Twitter. But I like you and your content. I would also love to show you my build if that is possible or just tell you specs and you use your imagination.

  16. That's really to bad how things are deteriorated over time… If I was rich I wouldn't mind supporting through patreon, but I'm happy some people can, so I can keep watching.

  17. Are you sure the reason that your losing subs instead of gaining is because people are unsubbing? I’ll sub to you

  18. The sub count did not change when I unsubbed. Then I resubbed and still no change. Very finicky stuff.

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