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Texas Hog Hunting with Suppressed Rifle | Horsepower

November 18, 2019

The High Road is dedicated to the men and
women of the United States Armed Forces. Past, Present and Future. Meet Keith Warren. As a thirty year veteran
of the outdoor industry, and devoted conservationist, the Original Texas Angler and outdoor television
icon has hunted across America and around the world, showing you big game, educating
outdoorsmen, and uniting all hunters. That’s Keith Warren, and this is The High Road My name is Billy Reeves, I run a hog hunting
operation out here north of Houston. It is a working cattle ranch, and we do have a lot
of hogs. We do any type of hog hunting that you would like. Keith’s down at the rifle
range sighting in his rifle, getting ready for an evening hog hunt. This is the business end of the internally
suppressed barrel. And on the end of it, this end cap comes off, if you ever need to know,
a suppressed rifle’s going to need to be cleaned just like any other rifle. You need to clean
it. And, what happens is that the barrel that this Savage Model 10 rifle came with is basically
inside this sleeve. And you think, well look at it, look how pretty it is going up here.
Well, they milled the fore-end. They milled it to where this suppressed barrel sits right
inside the fore end, and looking at it, it kind of looks like it’s just a varmint rifle,
like it’s just a heavy barreled varmint rifle. Fully suppressed .308 Model 10, and I like
it. Keith Warren’s been out here quite a few times
to do a little hunting. This time he come out, he’s going to do a rifle hunt, and it’s
got a suppressor on it. So, I’m interested to see how that works. Okay, as far as optics go, this is a BSA Majestic
DX Scope, it’s a 3.5-10x Variable power scope. I know that looking at it, you would think,
and almost everybody that picks one up, wind up going to shows, consumer shows, where sometimes
people come by the booth and they’re picking them up. They can’t believe that they’re not
heavy. I mean, it looks heavy, but it’s not heavy. So, what we’re going to show you, we’re
going to show you how this shoots. I bet I know where this one’s going to hit. Absolutely amazing. Alright, what we’re going
to do, this is the very first time I’m planning on going to the field using a suppressed firearm
and I’m really looking forward to it. I know that the gun is on big time. But I also know
that it is not going to shoot like a supersonic rifle. My ranges are going to be short, but
that’s OK. We’re in the East Texas Piney Woods, the place is loaded with Feral Hogs and we’re
going to see if we can show you what this will do to these Texas Feral Hogs. The High Road with Keith Warren is brought
to you in part by: GAMO, precision air rifles. GLOCK. Oilfield Camo. Supercharged Scent Killer
by Wildlife Research Center, beyond 99 percent. And Hartcraft hunting products. Watch The
High Road in HD at KeithWarren.net. Alright, the wind is really swirling like
crazy. I mean, I don’t know if you’ve ever hunted in wind or not in timber, but it really
gives you a lot of fits. So, we’re going to try and stay in some open country, and eliminate
our scent as best as possible. Stay in some open country. We’ve got about an hour and
a half before dark. And, although I know that this Savage Rifle shoots like a Savage Rifle,
that doesn’t surprise me, but what surprises me is the fact that they have put the suppressor
inside this sleeve right here, have not affected the accuracy at all, and now, I’m just hopeful
that we can get close enough to a pig, but we’re going to have to take some chances and
stay in some open spots because of the wind. Here at the ranch, we hunt all different ways.
You can hide in a pop up blind, you can stand, you can, you know, stalk, we have ladder stands,
just pretty much however you would like to do it. Today, the wind’s blowing a little bit, and
you know, the hog’s sense is, they’re pretty sharp. They smell good, they hear real good.
Today, Keith’s going to try and do a spot and stalk hunt, and with the wind blowing,
he’s got his work cut out for him. When you’re on the stalk hunt, you really need to pay
attention to your scent control. You have to have the wind right, the wind has to be
blowing in your face and you have to be extremely quiet. Here it goes. Look at this. Look at this. This is unbelievable.
How is that. A Model 10 Savage in .308 caliber, and I tell you what, the pigs, I’m here, they
had no idea. I mean, I’m sitting here, I sprayed down, the wind is going everywhere. Now, Billy
has got more pigs out here than you can shake a stick at. He’s the guy who runs this place
out here. This is a half hour from the Houston Intercontinental Air Port. I don’t know if
you can here that, but there’s pigs over here squealing. Anyway, half hour from the Houston
Intercontinental Air Port, he has the most smoking deal on pig hunts you can ever imagine.
So anyway, we’ve got an hour before dark and I think the pigs are in bad trouble. Now, Okay. I’m all about shot placement. And,
any ethical hunter is about shot placement. When you’re shooting a suppressed rifle, it’s
especially important for proper shot placement. And, if you take a look right here, that right
behind the ear, that is a perfect shot. This guy right here, take a look at the shot placement
on him. Absolutely the same thing, right in the brain. And, so, what happens is it kills
them quickly, and ethically. OK, this is a Savage Model 10, .308. It’s been customized
by my friends over at Dark Horse Arms. And, those guys wound up and put a suppressed barrel
on here, and actually there’s a sleeve on top of the barrel that came with the Savage
rifle. But anyway, it’s an absolutely incredible piece of equipment. But the deal is, when
you’re shooting something like this, you’re shooting subsonic loads. You need to keep
that in mind. Your velocities are going to be slower, so your distance that you’re going
to shoot is going to be a lot closer. Therefore, making sure that you have proper shot placement
is absolutely paramount. But, these right here, these are two awesome pigs, two boar
pigs, really good. And look at the cutters on this one. I mean, this guy right here.
Look at the cutters on that dude! That’s good. When you come out here, to Billy’s place,
he offers packages that are two days long. And, you get to kill two pigs. So, we’ll have
his telephone number coming up here in a little bit. You can get a hold of him, he’s a good
guy. Billy’s a good man. We’re going to get these guys taken care of and eat some real
good barbecue tonight. And then tomorrow, I’m going to see if I can get the third little
piggy. The High Road with Keith Warren is brought
to you in part by: Reconyx Game Cameras. Savage Arms. Keith Warren’s Texas Hidden Springs
Ranch, the best value in Texas trophy deer hunting. Grizzly Cartridge Company. and Jarden
Consumer Solutions, makers of the GameSaver. Well, here at the ranch, you know, it’s the
Piney Woods and the woods are real thick. The hogs, you know, they can lay up and you
can walk right up on them before you ever see them. It’s a challenging hunt. This place is big. I mean, it’s nearly a thousand
acres in size. It’s typical East Texas Piney Woods Country. There’s a lot of pine trees,
a lot of briars and undergrowth. It’s really the perfect habitat for hogs. And once you
come out here, you’ll see what I’m talking about. Conditions this morning, woooo, you
talk about different. I mean, it’s cool this morning, and it’s breezy. I mean, it’s really
breezy. And so, I think that the hogs are in trouble. I mean it’s going to be tough
getting into the woods, because the wind is going to shift and swirl and everything, just
like wind always does. But it’s cool. And I have confidence in my rifle and if I get
near one now. He’s toast. I guess that spot and stalk is my favorite
way to hunt because you take the game to the animal. I mean, you don’t just sit there and
ambush, like a lot of whitetail hunting. And there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just,
for me, I like getting up and moving. I like, uh, it’s a little bit more of a challenge
too. You’re not going to be successful all the time, nope. But when you are successful,
it sure makes it feel good. But, we gotta walk slow. Whenever you’re spotting and stalking,
when you think you’re going slow, go slower. What I’ll wind up doing is I’ll try to go
as far in as I can on the downwind side and start working my way into the wind. But, when
all of a sudden I feel the wind shift a little bit, I stop, wait and see if it’s changing
for a pretty good length of time. If it does, I change so I continue walking into the wind.
That doesn’t mean walking the same direction the whole time. A hog has got a nose that’s
second to none. I’ll put him right up there with an Elk. He’s got a better nose than a
whitetail, I’ll put it that way. So, if you’re not using a scent killer, scent elimination,
if you’re not hunting into the wind, more than likely, you’re not going to be lucky
killing a hog. No, no no. Look at that big one. Look at that
big one. You there? Got him! Got him! Look at that! That is a
gigantic feral hog. That’s a big one. There’s more of them standing right there. They didn’t
even hear the shot. There’s more of them standing right there. That is a freaking beast of a
pig right there, my friends. This is the most cool thing to get out here and be able to
do this without making hardly any noise whatsoever. You talk about ultimate. And, now in Texas,
thank God hunting with suppressed equipment is legal for all game. Not just exotics and
wild hogs, but big game. This right here is something my friends that I have been looking
to in a long time. Not only getting my hands on my own suppressed rifle, but to be able
to say, this one’s mine. Well, when Keith come out with this suppressed
rifle that he’s tried out, I was real surprised at how accurate this rifle really is. I think
that it’s as accurate or maybe more accurate than just a regular rifle out of the box. This is absolutely incredible. You know, you
always hear about ground shrinkage, especially among deer hunters. They shoot a deer and
they walk up there and it shrinks. There’s no ground shrinkage on these hogs. Look at
this. Look how long this hog is. This is a standard length rifle. Now, yes it does have
a special barrel on it, but it is a standard length rifle. This pig has got to be five
foot long. Anyway, this is a great big pig. And, it fell like a sack of corn, I mean it
died instantly because of proper shot placement. The cool thing is about pig hunting that I
like about it is that you can do it year round. And Billy’s got a really nice place. And I
knew that when the folks with Dark Horse Arms asked me, they said, would you like to try
one of our rifles out, could we maybe customize one of your rifles for you, so you can try
it out on a hunt. I was thinking, well I’m going to come here, because I know that here
they’ve got a ton of hogs, he doesn’t mind them being shot. I want to thank you all for
watching. I want to encourage you to join the NRA. The NRA is the only organization
of its kind that is out there for every gun owner. It’s working hard to give you the right
to fight for your right that is God given, and is stated in our constitution, but fight
for your right to keep and bear arms. So, please join the NRA. The High Road with Keith Warren is brought
to you in part by: Stryker Crossbows. Hoffpauir Polaris. Burt Coyote’s Lumenok and Lumenarrows. Shadow Hunter, your total comfort hunting
blind. Elevators, your easy way up. Supercharged Scent Killer by Wildlife Research
Center, beyond 99 percent. and BSA Optics. Hoffpauir Polaris presents Viewer Feedback. You’re going to like this one. “I just saw
your show and was shocked where you were using a Glock handgun. I bet you had a high-capacity
magazine too. Shame on you Keith. I think handguns should be illegal as well as those
assault rifles. There’s no reason anyone should own one. Call the police if you need help.
The second is about hunting anyway. Please stop using your TV show to promote your crazy
gun culture. Sincerely, Lisa from Maryland.” Lisa, the second amendment is the single amendment
that keeps all the other amendments in check. The second amendment is not about hunting.
It’s about our freedom to be able to protect ourselves from bad people. It’s not a crazy
gun culture, it’s a sane patriotic culture. Where the patriots in the country stand up
to exercise our second amendment rights to protect our country. If you have any questions or comments about
the program, you can shoot me an email right off of my website at KEITHWARREN.NET. And,
I’d also like to ask you to become a fan on Facebook. And if you’ve ever thought about
purchasing a Polaris, give my friends over at Hoffpauir Polaris a call, and you’ll find
out how come Hoffpauir Polaris is one of the top Polaris dealers in the country. What do you think of that, baby? Oh, oh, that’s so sweet. I told you that you’d
like that gun. Mmm-hmmm. I love it. That was so incredibly ethical. Look at that.
The shot placement is absolutely perfect. Couldn’t have been better than that. What do you think? I am impressed. With this rifle, mainly. Yeah, that rifle’s pretty cool. I’ll tell
you what, it doesn’t make any noise, does it? And it’s great for kids. My best friend Megan’s
never been hunting, she’s never shot a gun, and she wants to, she’s just scared. And now,
because we’re allowed to have suppressed rifles, she can just use this and we can start her
out with that. And, it’s great for other kids, it’s great for anyone. And, we need to thank
the NRA because without their help, we couldn’t do this. I couldn’t have done this, and it’s
even more ethical than shooting a rifle, a normal rifle. Well, the thing about it is it requires more
concentration and more focus. With a big gun, you don’t have to be that focused, you’ve
got a big target. But with a suppressed gun you need to be extremely focused and that
was a perfect shot, but it was also a perfect point that you brought up in that, the suppressed
rifles, they’re legal here in Texas to hunt big game. And, life is good. I love you, baby. Love you too.

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