Texas Archery in Schools Program- Texas Parks and Wildlife- [Official]
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Texas Archery in Schools Program- Texas Parks and Wildlife- [Official]

August 21, 2019

One of the best ways to introduce young people to archery is through the Texas Archery in
Schools Program. [Coordinator]
Green, green, green. (whistle) [Narrator]
Students learn to compete in International Style target shooting, culminating in a statewide
tournament that gets bigger every year. [Norman McMinn]
Since 2005 we’ve grown by about 20 percent a year. This last year we’ve grown by about
40 percent. It was kind of overwhelming. We’ve got 1400 kids here 7 years later. [Bernie Kessner]
I think it’s growing because it’s such a fun activity. You know, it’s different and kids
want to do it, everybody loves it and they think about doing archery in their school
they just get excited and then they like to compete, some of them like to compete. So
60 schools came to the tournament, that’s 10 percent of the ones doing the program,
we have about 600 in the program. Some of them are small schools and they can’t do football.
They don’t have enough kids or whatever so this sport they can do with one child. [Norman McMinn]
We’ve got males and females competing here today. We’ve got kids with special needs.
Archery’s one sport that nobody can be left out of. Everybody gets to participate. We
can make it a level playing field for everyone involved. [Dominique Griffin]
It just seemed like a fun activity to do and a couple of my friends did it an d I loved
the competition of it. I’m a senior, this is my fifth year. [Narrator]
Parents like archery because it teaches skills that transcend the shooting range. [Julie Lenamon]
All three of my children are now involved. All three of them have gotten the ability
to focus, the ability to concentrate, the ability to see a goal and achieve the goal
through practicing, and how to not allow outside distractions to interfere with them for any
opportunity that they’re looking towards. [Julie Ledesma]
My son goes to Elgin High School. As soon as he gets home from school he’s dedicated,
practicing and so he’s working hard to do that. [Ricardo Cruz]
Every single student, they come from different backgrounds so they all have to work together. [Narrator]
Each year at the state tournament, individual and team trophies are awarded along with scholarships. [Bernie Kessner]
This team trophy is for the high school division second place team. So congratulations and
this is for your whole team. Hang onto this for a second. Yeah, we forgot something really
important. Rhiannon, so you had a really good day didn’t you. [Rhiannon Kosla]
I guess. [Bernie Kessner]
Yeah, you shot the highest score of any female in the entire tournament, all the high schools
and everything. So you get a limited edition Genesis bow and there’s only two of these
given in every state. [Rhiannon Kosla]
I placed first for all the girls in the state and my score was 283 out of 300. I just think
it’s a really fun activity to do on my free time and it helps me focus. Try it it’s fun.
I’ve made a lot of friends. [Bernie Kessner]
If someone wants to start this program in their school they contact me and we get them
trained, that’s the first step. They need to be certified NASP instructors, national
Archery in Schools Program Certified instructors and so any staff that’s going to teach archery
in their school would attend that 8 hour certification. And then we show them, everything in the training,
how to get the gear, you know how much it costs and then how to safely teach archery
to their beginning students. [Narrator]
For more information about Texas – National Archery in the Schools Program, visit our
webpage. [Bernie Kessner]
And that’s pretty much it they get trained and we get geared up and get going!

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