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Tehnik String Walking

August 15, 2019

Asalammualaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, Hai Archers … This time I will share with all new friends learning barebow. I will share string walking techniques in barebow Okay, first of all automatically we have to have a bow, also arrows and fingertab barebow can see the types in our other videos, what good Fingertab. fingertab barebow has several points or lines for a string walking sign well, for the beginning pay attention to friends We mount arrows as usual After installing, then try the fingertab size that we stuck right to the upper limit When it’s stuck like this, then there is a clay line, usually for a distance of 5-10m More or less parallel to the second finger, then we just use the estimate right … there is a point 3,4,5,6 We try at point 6. We put Fingertab at the top, marked using nails, don’t move like this 3,4,5,6 we go down slowly … okay, meaning the start here with three fingers like this Then like what later our index finger is trying to stop at the tip of the elbow lip Our thumbs like this go down later will hook here, neatly then stop at the tip of the lips later releases can be like this, dead release or follow through okay we try yes We try point 6, 3,4,5,6 … go down slowly Lift the bow pull then the tip of the index finger attached to the elbow of the target shutter and then release well we can see the results If the result … pay attention to the friends in the technique that I shot earlier, the result is he is higher than yellow. pay attention then it is needed. Earlier we used size 6 so for it to go down then we also reduced size. It was 6 then we added to 7, let’s try backwards. Later, if we put it down, it will automatically go down like a fissure, if the results are too low, then we will go up, what we have marked earlier. OK, let’s try putting the arrows in We stick our fingers over the fingertab, we count the value at number 7 yes … 3,4,5,6,7 Down slowly, thumb not to move Lift, finger pressed to the elbow of the lip, release Okay we try again, pay attention If the result remains the same means less extreme down, for example before we lowered 7 and remained unchanged then we decrease it at 8 ….. 3,4,5,6,7,8 lift … aim … full anchor index finger to the tip of the lips and then release then if you see there the result he is more down, it means true when we are too high down earlier mark 6 to 7 earlier. But if on the contrary if it’s too low then we raise for example it’s too low can change 3 or 4 or it can be 1 So for the correction, you can continue to practice more or less how to change the top down with points or lines on the fingertab Don’t forget to always stop your index finger here for our most patent benchmark so it doesn’t change Parking is our term. The anchor at the tip of the lips must not change if it changes, it is useless to indicate it here. Stay on the tip of the lip meeting the thumbs locking behind like this, all locking in, release … refine the fingertips at the tip of the loose lip. Okay, hopefully this will be useful, happy training, keep up the spirits.

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