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August 22, 2019

♪ (punk rock music) ♪ (Finebros) Today, you are
not reacting to a video. Oh, man. (Finebros) You are reacting to this. Um…excuse me? It looks like a robot arm. Is it gonna electrocute me? It looks really dope. What can I control with this? Is this old or is this new? This is either a really
new piece of technology or a really old piece of technology. Oooooh! I watch Angry Video Game Nerd and I totally saw his review and he was just like, “This sucks!” ♪ (punk rock music) ♪ (Finebros) What would be your guess
as to what this is? Like you move your hand
and it moves something… somewhere else? It’s a game control ’cause of the D Pad. I’m assuming you control
things with your hands, like in the game. It’s a video game glove.
It was like the first Wii. (Finebros) So what it is
is it’s called the Power Glove. – It was made in 1989–
– No way. I haven’t heard about this
and this has been out for so long. I’ve never even seen one of these. (Finebros) It was an accessory
to play video games on the original Nintendo. The concept was
you don’t need a controller. You can play with your hand. And we’re not using these today? Why? This would be awesome. How come I’ve never heard of this? So this is like the Wii before the Wii. If you paired this with the Oculus Rift, this is Next Gen. This is like the future right here! The past/future! (Finebros) Okay, so we’re going to
hook things up and let you – play a game using the Power Glove.
– Really? Yes! Are you guys gonna explain it to me? (Finebros) The way it worked is
you’d have to hook up sensors to your TV, which we’ve done here,
and it would use ultrasonic sound waves to connect to the Power Glove. Like a Wii sensor, but older? Wow, that’s huge! Now it’s like the Xbox Kinect
is, like, this big. (Finebros) But it had some issues,
including it being difficult to set up with what it came with,
so even we had to tape it down – to keep it in place.
– The struggle! (Finebros) Okay, so go ahead
and put on the Power Glove. Is my arm supposed to go through there? I feel like such a dork. It kinda feels tefillin. So if you had this, were you
the coolest kid in the world? I can feel the energy
flowing through my veins. I feel powerful. That’s where the name
“Power Glove” comes from. (Finebros) So you are going to play
a game made specifically for the Power Glove
called Bad Street Brawler. Then once it’s registered,
lifting your hand up jumps, lowering your hand ducks,
thumb and index finger punch. Oh, so it’s not even as cool
as I thought it would be. So all I have to do is this for fighting? So I’m gonna be pinching people, basically. Why is this punch? I wanna, like, bah! Bah! ♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ What?!
What am I doing? Whoa…this is, like, an old version
of Grand Theft Auto. Okay, jump. Duck. Wha ta! Hoo! Uh, I don’t know what I’m doing. How do I turn around? Turn around! Oh, god.
No, no, no! Okay, okay. Am I fighting dogs? Punch the dog! I’m sorry, puppy! There we go!
Get it! Get it! Get it! Yes! I’m not even moving my fingers
and it’s punching. I’m just kinda flailing my fingers around
and hoping I do something. So can I actually play this game or do I just end up
doing this for 45 minutes? My arm is getting tired. Go! Go! Go!
Punch, punch. What am I doing? Jump! Jump! No, not jumping. Duck! Duck!
It’s not ducking. Just start waving it around. (laughing) This is frustrating. Aw, this is horrendous. Jesus. I know why I’ve never heard of this–
because it’s so bad. (groaning) Why do people play this? – ♪ (game over music) ♪
– Oh. I’m dead. Turn around! Turn around! – ♪ (game over music) ♪
– (sighs) Damn. This was pretty much useless. I feel like I’m getting
an arm workout. This is tiring. It looks pretty sweet, but it
doesn’t do what you want it to do. (Finebros) Okay, so they made games for it,
but you could also play any Nintendo game with the Power Glove
by programming in the proper code. So now, with the Power Glove,
we’re gonna have you play Punch Out. Oh, yes! Okay, so do I get to actually punch? Oh, guys! Glass Joe’s gonna get up there
and I’m gonna do horribly. I feel like it’s gonna punch… but I feel like it’s not gonna work. ♪ (in game: action music) ♪ Is it working? Eh! Eh!
Wait, what? I can’t make it punch! Oh, am I doing it? Yeah! Wait, [bleep]!
This is fun. Yeah, take that. ♪ (in game: action music) ♪ Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
He’s getting wrecked! Go, Power Glove on!
Yes, Power Glove punch. I’m just, like, moving my fingers
and not even know what I’m doing. Oh my god…I’m getting tired. (huffing) I’m so tired. Ah, my arm. I have to hold it up with this arm. This is [bleep].
I can’t even use my jab. Dude, stop!
What are you doing? Oh, wait, I have to duck?
How do I duck? Come ooooooooon! Punch him! Punch him!
Punch him! Punch him! God! – (knock out sound effect)
– I won! Wait, he gets up again? Oh no… No, no, no, no! – (knock out sound effect)
– Oh. How do I get up?
Do I shake it? (rattling) Neeeh! – (bell rings)
– Oh, that is so annoying. How do I get up?
How do I get up? (in game: spectators roar) (giggling) Hey, man, that’s why they’re there. (through teeth) Like, come on! – (knock out sound effects)
– Ooooooh! Seven, eight, nine, ten! Aaaaaaaaaah!
Power Glove! Power Glove!
Power Glove. I’m kind of disappointed. It would sometimes no down punching. But half the time,
he was just standing there. I feel like this was the beginning
to something bigger and better. Which, I mean, we’ve accomplished now. (Finebros) Well, with some games,
there were very specific ways to get the controls to work,
so here we printed out how to do things for Punch Out on the Power Glove,
which you could find in the top right. Oh, goodness. You have to memorize all of this? This is so ridiculous. “Bend three last fingers…clockwise.” What?! “When you master this program,
you will be able to do things in one move that normally take two key–” I only press two buttons
instead of doing all this [bleep]? What do you mean? (Finebros) So when the Power Glove
came out, it was a very big deal. Now that you’ve used it, would you actually say
this is a good way to game? No! Absolutely not. It’s so difficult to know what to do. It hurts your arm. If it was refined, as a Next Gen thing,
I think it would work. I think it would be awesome,
but in reality it’s a disappointment. (Finebros) Well, the Power Glove
was a complete commercial failure – because it didn’t work.
– (laughs) Such a sad thing. I think it was a cool, creative attempt,
but it just didn’t work. I would get so mad. All this hype for this new thing
and it just doesn’t work. I probably would have bought it
and returned it or something. I would’ve been pissed off. I remember when the Wii came out,
and I remember everyone wanted one. I could only imagine
parents being so hesitant to buy their kids Wiis
because of this thing. (Finebros) You have
to remember that in 1989 nothing like this was ever even around
and it was a huge, cool idea. What do you think now,
seeing one of the first uses of technology like this
with how far everything has come? I think it’s really cool.
They predicted the future. The technology that they had back then wasn’t good enough to make it
that efficient like they have today. We think all these Next Gen things
are so revolutionary, but then you look back
and it’s like… we were almost there. I’m honored to be in the presence of this. This is what started
all the new technology of gaming. (Finebros) So, finally, now that
you’ve used the Power Glove first hand, we’re going to show you
a commercial of how they marketed the Power Glove
when it first came out. I bet they got everyone hyped up on it too. (boxing bell rings) (chuckling) (announcer) The Power Glove
for your Nintendo Entertainment System. Now you and the games are one. “You and the games are one.” That looks dope as hell.
I’m not gonna lie. What?! ♪ (electronica music) ♪ It’s on a big screen too–
like, no one has that at home back then. It’s not that simple. No, it doesn’t work like that. (announcer) The Power Glove.
Everything else is child’s play. Oh, man. See, that looked like a fun time. Where’s that Power Glove? If I was a kid in 1989,
I’d be like, “I need that.” If I saw that, I would be like,
“Oh my gosh, mom! We’re going right now!” This is the beauty of advertising. Now I wanna try this again. Thanks for watching Teens React. Want to see us play more games
with the Power Glove? Go subscribe to the React Channel. Let us know in the comments
what technology we should react to next. All right, guys, this is it. I’m turning 20 and this is
the last Teens React episode I’ll be in and, um… (voice breaking) I’m sorry. (Finebros) It’s okay. I just wanna say thank you so much
for all the support for the past two years. You guys are the greatest fans. Thank you so much for everything. ♪ (punk rock music) ♪

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  1. If this wow remade with today's technology, it would work so well and be incredible. I would totally buy it…if the reviews are good.

  2. Should've had 'em play the Rad Racer games or RC Pro-Am…y'know, games that actually WORKED with the thing!

  3. sadly your subtitles are somwhat obscuring the small facts you keep showing … would probably be easily solved if you moved the fact section to the top of the screen …

  4. Reminds me of the episode in regular show. When mordicai and rigby had to get a power glove.

  5. Should I consider myself an old 14 year old because I knew about all of these NES SNES Virtual Boy Power Glove ECT. ECT. before they did? Come on, I even have a SNES and NES :T

  6. I still have my Powerglove and the box, and all it's original books, games, and hardware. I have the original E.T. for the 2600 too.

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