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  1. Yes I agree with the other comments that the parents are probably losing their minds right now and my prayers go out to them no parent should have to bury their child but as a 30 year old Bachelor ( mind you I run a small business and I have enough distractions as it is) and high school only being a Daydream Away for me they probably didn't have their seatbelts on and they were playing with their phones both of them ( hey bro you're drifting into the other lane oh I'm sorry and then he drifted back to the proper lane so they were obviously both distracted) I'm not trying to be mean but I guarantee in 2 weeks or so they'll be another report saying that they were on there phones

  2. Thatโ€™s a huge bummer. I think it should be federally implemented that all cell phone manufacturers install a feature on phones that disables their use at high speeds

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