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August 10, 2019

well I want you got a tag this afternoon
and me and Jake are in the parking lot of a completely different public land
area that then where we have been hunting all this time and where Aaron
shot is buck and as you can see that terrain looks completely different than
where we have been hunting in that river bottom so we’ve been looking at the spot
on the map and it looks like it’s got a lot of the same things even though it’s
different terrain it looks like it’s got a lot of the same things as where Aaron
shot his buck it’s got water it’s got Oaks which are just starting to
drop we noticed and it’s got a bean field that’s close by and we’re not
gonna be able to see the bean field tonight but we’ll see this bottom that
has a creek running through it with water and if we don’t observe anything
tonight we’re just gonna push further back in the morning and get into the
timber a little bit but tonight it’s gonna be a little less aggressive and
we’re gonna kind of do the same thing as we did with Aaron spot and kind of start
further back and if we will just inch our way and every day we’re gonna get
going we got a good breeze so we’re gonna try to use that one on the walk in
I’m sure it’ll calm down here after a while so we’re gonna walk down this path
and see if we can find a spot to set up tonight well we just got stuff in the treestand
me and Jake and we’re coming into this new area and walking down pretty much the
main trail and probably 200-300 yards into walking in here would bump
something right off the trail that must have been bedded down and it sounded
pretty big when it was running away he was bedded right over my shoulder
here and there’s this little pond that’s in there we think he was probably bedded
down right around that pond and when we bumped him he took off he headed for
this thicker Timberline where we expect there to be bedded so we swung around
real quick and got set up in this tree we’re only about 12 foot off the ground
but we got a good good trail coming right down in front of us about 15-20
yards we’re a bunch of ridges kind of meet up and we’re hoping the deer bedded
up on this thicker hillside with the wind coming over their back and then
they’ll eventually work their way down right through this little opening and
down into this river bottom to feed later on if they do end up coming down
like we think they will they’re gonna be about eye level with us so I’m keeping
my bow in my hand my release ready so got the ghillie suit on too so taking
all the precautions tight I haven’t seen anything yet and it’s
going on about 6:40 but it’s starting to cool down the winds dying down so the
thermals should be pulling down the hill Jake’s been dropping milkweed and it’s
gone back down this hill perfect for us so we had about 45 minutes left of
daylight and if anything comes down this hill we should be good to go so see what
happens Straight by this tree probably hundred could you this three right here to the
left say moving around bright green weeds patch of weeds he’s right there I can
just see I just saw his antlers move around is he coming or what I’m feeling it might fall that other
ridge up if he’s the one that was bedded there yeah right there he’s probably 40 and he might have been going like that cuz I was trying to draw and then he was
like looking around and I was like stopped so that I had tension on the
arrow so I was like oh man I didn’t realize how big he was and it’s not like we’re after big bucks he’s hard horned and he’s pretty wide
oh yeah I think I hit him pretty good he was like right below the tree we’re like
10-12 foot off the ground buck worked his way off and took forever
and I really got my nerves going that’s for sure but he was like five
yards right below the tree I think I made a real good shot on him he
mule-kicked and barreled out of here so called
warm up and he’s at McDonald’s right now editing so we’re gonna have to run back
there probably and get him cuz we only got one vehicle down here in Kentucky
well we just climbed down from the tree now I gotta go take a look at this arrow
so hopefully have some good blood on it where was he like right here oh yeah you think maybe it went through this well we came up to the arrow and it looks
like it might be a little bit further back than what we thought
looks like guts and smells like it we’re gonna go back and look at it on the big
screen and see what we think oh man is it not what you want to see went back
grabbed Aaron and Scott looked over the footage on the big screen on the
computer and initially Ted as you could see we kind of freaked out a little bit
but that thought it made a really good shot on the buck and once we watched it
back on the viewfinder on the camera which is pretty small we thought it was
a good shot and then we got down though and the arrow doesn’t smell very good so
that got us a little concerned Ted’s got the arrow right here and it had a
purplish blood on him what we think it might be is clipped horn lung and then
it exited through the liver and unfortunately with it being this warm oh
we don’t have the luxury of leaving him for a very long time because if he is
expired right now we need to get on him fast so that meat doesn’t spoil so we’re
gonna head in there real quiet and see if we can’t find some blood a lot of people won’t realize it coming that’s a
safety factor I mean he’s got two big female copperheads within 10
yards of where you watch back on the video when the deer piled in folks
just so you know there’s a big Copperhead right there and the we see we
lay it right next to my boot I’m gonna step right there and Scott just saw
another Copperhead right over here he’s over there to the right he was
moving away from me we’re not really finding any blood and you know if it’s a
double long hit then you’re gonna be finding blood and it’s gonna be an easy
blood trail and at this point all we’re finding this big Copperhead snake so not
going too well what we have on the right well we were
just about to back out and we just walked up this little Ridge here and
take hollered blood and there’s a little bit right over here it’s real dark
doesn’t it blood this way yeah we’re going to walk slow and quiet if he’s laying in here hopefully we’ll see his eyes I hunted an hour-and-a-half Kentucky
okay an hour and a half you see how much we lost it in that tree, we wouldn’t have lost it that much if we knew what we were about to go on but keep in mind two guys
anybody that’s watching every single time that you shoot one you’ve got to
pay so much attention you know immediately after that and then once you
get out especially if you don’t if you don’t see him go down you can’t you
can’t take anything for granted at that point because the way that he was
oriented at the shot like when Scott and I were watching that footage back while
ago his hind in is slightly higher than his front end and you’re above him and
he’s real close so your angle is going down you probably hit him on the last
rib on the opposite side you know just below center center mass and his body
that came out right there on the belly line just like you said one probably one
long clip liver bottom of the stomach yeah
and you know he’s been dead for a while granted you know or yeah you could have
even potentially clipped the back of that other long but if you don’t deflate
them both and double lung them they’re gonna throw you for a loop a lot of
times like this guy did I mean we didn’t find blood help when we was up there
it’s finding all them copperheads where were 85-90 yards in before blood
picked up you know Jake is the man right now he’s you VIP buddy oh yeah I
mean it’s starting to walk out in Jake’s like oh hey there’s blood right here
and he went in the woods when you last see him on camera dives off the edge of
those those woods and what he ended up doing was was veering as soon as he did
that where obviously the camera couldn’t pick that up because he headed straight
north and then the hindsight will mean Ted absolutely did wrong was just
freak out afterwards they took us out there and listened and looking back that
is something we definitely did wrong Me and Zach that same thing you know
remember that hunt a few years ago when he got that buck and we ended up
tracking for 18 hours or something we completely lost it because we thought he
was hit well if they don’t go down within sight you better mark the last
place that they were at everything they were doing you know take a visual
picture of it and really think about it well we had the luxury of doing it
looking at footage and we can tell on those few frames before the deer runs
off that his tails tucked between his rear ends right so you immediately know
like that’s a sign that he’s mortally wounded yeah now and look at this here
so like I said when we was back there yeah I cut his walking track and that’s
really I bet you that’s when he he started bleeding see he was running so
fast down through there with it with the tiny hole exit hole coming out there
he’s probably not slinging much blood you know he’s not bleeding out his mouth
really to speak of because you didn’t deflate both lungs so you didn’t start
picking up on a bunch of blood until he started walking I guarantee and volume
we didn’t have a half a cup of blood no no we’re aware his legs are he came into
the bedding area and he laid down and died in this spot
this is his first bed and that’s why if you notice we’re going so slow in there
and you’re looking out ahead and we’re scanning for blood and that’s because if
you have a marginally hit deer of any kind
their first bed is going to be your highest odds chance of getting them
something like you’re gonna have a shot right through the liver I don’t think
you even clip this long I think you’re gonna have just a straight-up textbook
trail and job on the liver shot yeah you know that’s what that blood looks like
new didn’t she break that’s like I’m interested I’ll take this because it was
to change its where he finally started the pump just to look just enough blood
to where you realize that you know there’s a chance now you’re on the board
wind would have been going right what about the thermal yeah right that’s
another interesting thing that you all talk about that at all we talked about
the things we didn’t talking about the fact that the wind direction for the day
should have been going up that hill right yes with the southeast wind it
should have been blowing right up towards where he was headed at
but he didn’t move until those thermals start dropping so he couldn’t smell you
guys that’s pretty interesting and I bet you guys what what times you get set up
with both in fans so that’s right about that time you know five six o’clock when
the day winds is dropping off and the thermal starts going to the valley both better getting tagged up and now we
can wrangle another one back I think that somehow y’all can fight off the
copperheads on the way back because I don’t want no part of his guys got his
snake on yeah I seen the cartridges about stepped on it long ago
just slowly slithered off through that grass I mean this grass is waist high what’d
I tell you I told him that I didn’t have any snake boots he’s like that’s all
right there’s a hospital nearby and I know where that’s right I know the
shortcut oh yeah now we got our drive to the meat locker
and then a 45-minute back to the camp so just got Ted’s buck to the locker we
gives me butcher them ourselves but it’s 3,000 degrees down here ride to hell so
we got taken to these these folks to chop them up yesterday morning we were
here at 4:15 with my buck this morning we’re here or whatever that says what
was that 5:51 we got unloaded and an hour back to camp oh yeah this is the end of
the Kentucky series pretty much Zach shot one tonight Nebraska is huge that’s
daylight over there folks it’s coming in Jake you going with no shoes huh yeah these
guys are given we’re gonna keep them in business

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  20. Ted congratulations on a super nice buck, and the hard way buck, if I tried this in NC , I would have about three hundred chigger bites , and the whole lower half of my body would be one big festering puss slab, I have been there and done it , not to mention that we have plenty of copperhead and timber rattlers.

  21. The U.S government has passed an amendment to ban cockfighting in Puerto
    Rico and U.S territories without consulting the people in the island
    like some god damned tyrants. This is a VERY well regulated industry in
    the island that creates jobs for thousands. We don't use blades that
    will ruin the winner as well as the looser. We have set the standards
    and rules on how this is done for the Caribbean and central and south
    American countries. This is our culture it is in our poetry, song, and
    symbols. Imagine if they tell hunters in the U.S you can hunt no
    more……there would be a fucking revolution! I think cockfighting
    should be legal in the states as well. Helping rural areas build
    coliseums for the events bringing tourism and a shot in the arm to hard
    stricken rural areas. Hunters especially those in red states know what
    is culture, heritage and tradition while being responsible. That is why
    I'm writing here asking for hunters to call their local senators and
    representatives to help Puerto Rico and perhaps your state gain the
    right to make this legal again. The tree huggers are out to get everyone
    and you could be next. Stay woke! Thanks.

  22. If you clip the diaphragm the pressure between the chest cavity and the abdomen will have a tendency to equalize before blood starts coming out of the wounds. There can be massive internal bleeding but very little blood to follow. A grazed lung w a pierced diaphragm will be fatal they will die from suffocation. With a pierced diaphragm they lose their ability to inflate/ deflate the lungs that in combination with internal bleeding putting pressure on the lungs. Fatal shot tough recovery.

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  25. I sit quietly in the stand for at least 15 minutes before climbing down after a shot. Sometimes your adrenaline level is so high it might even be hazardous to attempt to climb down at that moment right after the shot. I savor the moment, allow myself to calm down, and make a mental note where I last see the deer disappear picking out an obvious landmark before I climb down. Also, immediately after the shot, i intently listen for a crash, breaking limbs, leaf slide, even a deer bawl and make another mental note of the direction of that sound. Congratulations on your harvest and thanks for sharing info and your hunt.

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