Team Xtra Personell – TOWARDS NEW HIGHS – Episode 1 – The Way To Ski
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Team Xtra Personell – TOWARDS NEW HIGHS – Episode 1 – The Way To Ski

November 19, 2019

For me, long distance is the way to ski We’re now getting ready for a training camp here at Norefjell We’re going to do some cross country running in the mountains Beautiful conditions to run up here We both have high mountains and some forests so we’re looking forward to it I remember I was 6 years old, I was watching Vasaloppet on television my father was doing it Since that day, it’s been… all those people on the starting line… Long distance races are special, it’s different from regular races and for me, it’s the best way of skiing It is the Ski Classics, the overall cup and the most important races for me are the Marcialonga, the Vasaloppet and the Birkebaner Those 3 are the 3 races I want to be on the podium Vasaloppet and Årefjällsloppet, they were too long for me but maybe in König Ludwig Lauf if I had been a bit more tactical there, I could have fought for a podium position I got 5th, it was pretty close, but if I had spent a little less power during the race I could have done a better sprint, but it’s too late to do something about it now My goal is to establish in the long distance races I have just skied the last 3 races of the year, the Vasaloppet, Birkebaner and Årefjällsloppet so it will be interesting to see how my results will be in the first races Yes, my goal is to establish in the long distance and Vasaloppet is of course the biggest race of the year so it’s my biggest my goal The objective? Two main races for me it’s Marcialonga and Vasaloppet Every hour I go training is with those two races in the back of my head so all other races for me is a bonus It’s hard cause you only have two days out of 365 days where you have to be at the top that’s what’s also very ephemeral you have to be ready and sharp mentally and physically Last season was my best season in the long distance skiing It was a great season but everyone wants to get better and we have already learn something new last season because double polling was taken a step further So to win races next season, I have to develop myself

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