Team of Archers vs. iPad Pro!
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Team of Archers vs. iPad Pro!

August 17, 2019

– [Narrator] Warning the
following stunt requires a great amount of professionals. If you are able to acquire as many as we did, good for you, but still, do not attempt this at home. – Okay, I feel like a fool,
but I feel really cool. Where’s your thing? – Right here, is that horse hair? – That’s pubic hair, dude. (laughing) Am I doing this right? (suspenseful pop music) – What’s up, guys? David and Jay here. Welcome back to yet
another episode of Versus, the show where we work with professionals to do extreme durability tests. We got the members of the
Long Beach State Archery Club, and along with Jay and myself, we got a few pointers, we’re not necessarily pros, but we got plenty of pros to back us up, so let’s see what happens when
we go against the iPad Pro. I’m nervous about this one. This is so far. – That plus we’re– – So many eyeballs. – We’re hanging out with
a bunch of professionals. Yeah, David’s going to give us– – I’ma say three, two, one, and when I say one, I’ma say fire, and we all shoot it, okay? – I can’t do that flicker
thing like you do. – Don’t, don’t.
– Okay. (laughing) – We go on fire, guys, alright? So three, two, one, fire. I’m nervous, man. I’m nervous. – I feel great. – So I guess everybody get ready, ready? (intense orchestral music) Alright so three, two, one, fire. (laughing) – I totally missed. – Okay, so let’s see what happened. I think my arrow fell on the floor. – I hit the target still at least. – First, let’s see if this is my arrow. Obviously, this is my arrow. Wait, is it? – [Jay] Is it? (gasping) Did you beat someone? – I beat a professional. I beat a professional. Okay, so anyway one, two,
three, four, five, six, seven, eight, eight arrows went through, four arrows missed. – One arrow hit the floor. – This is Jay’s arrow, guys, right here. So we got Jay’s arrow. Where’s my arrow? Where is my arrow, damn, damn, damn. – Whose is this one? That one went all the way in. – [David] Who? – [Male Archer] That one’s mine. – Yeah, that one’s mine too. We shot it together, we’re friends. – God damn it, this is mine. I was hoping I hit it. – Aw, okay. – Alright, so we’re here
at the slow motion booth. Let’s see what the hell happened. – I don’t think, oh there’s the first one. – [David] Somebody shot early. – [Jay] I know. – [David] I was like at three. – Yeah, who shot early? – I was like, three, and somebody shot. – [Male Archer] I feel
like that might be mine. – Did we even shoot at
the same time at all? – I don’t know, somebody shot super late. I don’t know who that was. – I know, who was that, who was it? Someone’s like, I’m just gonna
wait ’til everyone’s done. – [David] Alright, so taking
a look at the slow mo, the first arrow set the
tone for the carnage to come cracking the screen upon impact. The second arrow added insults to injury with this ripple effect
that made the iPad screen look like water as opposed to glass. Soon after that, the other arrows started to fly in, with that fifth arrow, hitting the screen, but
failing to penetrate, falling off gloriously in slow motion. You can see my arrow missed there, and while Jay’s arrow did
in fact hit the target, it was so off that it
didn’t even make the cut. Last, but not least, the final two arrows take the cake with the
second to last arrow impaling the iPad further
than everyone else’s, and then if you noticed earlier, one of the archer’s took
a bit longer to shoot, but that extra couple of seconds led to a near perfect bull’s
eye to finish off the iPad. Alright, so Jay and I have decided we’re gonna do another test, but before we do the other test, we have to see what the first test did. So we’re gonna go ahead
and pull this arrow out, so I can get in here. – Okay here let’s. – Let’s not break it in half
when we pull it off, though. Uh oh. – I don’t think it’s going to be able to. – You hear that crunching? Oh wait, slow, slow. There you go, oh wow, oh wow. (laughing) Alright, so. – Look at the Apple logo. – (gasping) The Apple logo, oh my god. – The Apple logo is actually
in pristine condition. – That is pretty freaking awesome. That looks legit, oh my god. I want to pull this
Apple logo off, if I can. – No
– No, I can’t. – [Jay] No, you can’t. – Alright, so let’s just
pull these guys out. – [Jay] Maybe not. Oh, there you go. – Arrow one, two, Oh God. Okay, well we’ll work on this. – Okay. (laughing) – We’ll work on this. – [Jay] Nope, nope, nope. – [David] Oh, it’s smoking, it’s smoking. Okay, put it out. – [Jay] Bro. – [David] Fire
extinguisher, hey (mumbles), fire extinguisher. – [Man] Get the fire extinguisher. (laughing) – [David] I should probably stop it. (hissing) – [Jay] There you go, that’s good. – I don’t even think we
can run this test again, to be honest. So, as we were trying
to pull out the arrows, the thing caught on fire. Let’s take a look at the back right here. (laughing) So, it didn’t catch fire when we shot it – [Jay] But, it caught fire when we tried to move the arrow out. – It’s almost like a bullet, you know? Like when it’s in there,
it holds the blood, and when you pull it out, all of a sudden, the blood gushes out. That is called electronic blood. The question is whose arrow was that, that caused the fire? Is there a name on this one? – No, there’s no name on this one. – [Female Archer] There’s initials. – Oh. – [David] N.K., who’s N.K.? – [Female Archer] Nicole. – [Jay] Wow, look at Nicole. – [David] Nicole. – [Jay] Aiming right
for the battery, well– – Told you, man, she unleashed the wrath. (laughing) Alright guys, well I guess
this test got run short, but that is it for us and this video. Hope you guys enjoyed the series. If you did, give this
video a big thumbs up. We have more coming up, so make sure to subscribe, but with that said, we’ll see you guys in
the very next episode. (suspenseful pop music)

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  1. Biggest mistake of my life is buying this stupid 1000 dollar machine.. Can you give away bow and arrows. I wanna test these on mine

  2. why not? i was just about to shoot 8 arrows all at once to an iPad pro with my family, guess captain obvious' birthday party was cancelled

  3. Wow those poor slaves working in the mines to get those minerals and you destroy these gadgets with such stupid shit. This got nothing to do with science.

  4. هلو &helo ilive in iraq i Muslim i arbick my Facebook (سجاد الراشد) انا ابحث عن اصدقاء اجانب

  5. I'm unsubscribing because of you're waste of time videos about destroying phones… Your channel was great at one point

  6. unsubscribed. this is the stupidest shit you ever uploaded. you pretty much killed your own channel during the last few weeks.

  7. Please upload all remaining videos of this stupid and pointless arrow shooting series so we can dislike them all at once…and move on to make better content like the speed test or app or crap or something new and useful…..Please…

  8. You must be running a massive insurance scam because there's no way you get enough money through views to cover the cost of the ipad

  9. that moment when u got your bow ready pull the string back and decide to check out youtube before u shoot…. and u come across this….

  10. Hey David, that was one of your better arrow clips. But please don't do anymore of it as it does not add any value. Can you consider doing a phonebuff style, real life usage battery test? I'm tired of seeing battery tests for a short duration or stress tests, or video tests. I want to know what the life will be like with on an off usage and screen on time, on standby, etc.

  11. This channel has turned to shit. There is absolutely nothing entertaining about constant destruction videos. Maybe the odd one or two uploads ruining a phone is fun, but its getting old fucking quick. I suppose the view count is representing that too.

  12. The channel used to have good content but this type of idiotic video led me to unsubscribe. Maybe one day you stop doing this type stupid videos, specially when one of the shot devices explodes and injury someone (lithium batteries are totally unreliable when pierced)

  13. This is obviously faked. The archers could not resist the urge to shoot at least one arrow at the camera man than at the inanimate ipod. Disliked, reported, and police called.

  14. The reason why it caught fire after is because of the lithium in the battery was not exposed to oxygen until the arrow got pulled out and when it did hit oxygen it combusted

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