Team Finland 2019 – OWWC Day 3: Preliminaries
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Team Finland 2019 – OWWC Day 3: Preliminaries

November 6, 2019

Good morning Finland and Finnish-minded people welcome again back here to our vlogs It’s day 3 and today the preliminaries begin, there are currently matches in progress And for example there is Iceland vs Ireland, Norway vs Spain… And other games are also currently ongoing We are waiting for our turn, we have the last games of the night So, we’re waiting for quite a while but depending on how the matches go and how many pauses there are we might get to play faster, should check our Twitter for match times to see when we play And well, this vlog is going to be released after we have played our preliminaries And we are then, very probably in the group stages This is probably going to age really well I hope this video will age well, but it might also age like milk, so we’ll see But today is an important day, we will play hard, play like we want to the group stage And like I have said many times, I have faith in the guys And today we will show what we are made of Oh this just happened, our Irish friends fall from the tournament in their first game This Overwatch World Cup the strongest go through and sometimes it just be like this. Iceland vs UK on going, looking like some strong gameplay from the brits But no worries, we are not in the same bracket We will have strong opponents today But thankfully we have a warmup already going Here we have masaa_ow There’s HOMM IV, heroes of might and magic four being played Yes, pro warm up Yeah, this his the thing that takes us to victory, I believe Strategic mastermind, Masaa is the guy doing our ult track Is there anything that helps you ult track, what needs tracking? Where the enemies are going, hoping you are there too [laughing] People going to get their passes, today BlizzCon is not open for public, but there’s still a lot of people There’s the place for retrieving passes and for queuing There’s like a jungle of fence there that you have to trek through so you can get your pass I got my media pass earlier, didn’t have to go through there, just had to meet our team manager So with the media pass I get to film at BlizzCon tomorrow and the day after tomorrow Weather is good, it’s not windy anymore so if we film outside there may not be any more annoying gust Looking like a very promising day for Finland I’d say Alright now we are going to get our equipment and in a short while the time is coming for us to play, we are meeting up in the lobby soon I have to get my laptop so I can upload content from there Our players getting ready to play so, soon we are moving there and soon more material from there, see you! Did they just yell “Rush B”? That “aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi” is really getting on my nerves, because it’s what the Mikkeli Jukuris shout Oh they’re doing the same? Yeah Or they yell the sikin sakin There’s a guy from Mikkeli in this table so you better choose your words VERY carefully Aren’t you from Pieksämäki I identify as both Did you just go study in Mikkeli? Mikkeli is my second home Nobody wants to be from Pieksämäki Isn’t Pieksämäki somewhere at the very end, do you know what’s the last stop for trains? They call it the Rome of Finland, all trains take you there Always when I take a train it goes to Pieksämäki You drive there and all the colors start fading away Starts raining slush the only color is the color of water Here we have fragi concentrating intensely, we’ve been told it’s time to go into the booth We have booth 8 over there And the boys have just been in a tactic session, they just went to the bathroom for one last time before the games Probably start showing up soon and here they come, how you feeling? Alright so now we have gone through the plan, everyone is pumped up, they are ready to “öyn” as they say Now we wish luck for the Finnish boys I THANK Alright Kuhnu, how are you feeling after they have gone through the tactics A bit tense but I have faith in the boys and we will see how it goes There’s some tenseness in the air, but of course we are ready here, we came here to win Here we have our probable coming adversary, Singapore went in to their own booth There’s the Netherlands just standing around, which very likely is our final boss for this bracket who we need to beat before we can go advance forwards Let’s show some footage from the player booth Here the guys are ready to play Shaz how are you feeling after that game? Feeling good? Man of a few words, no need to say anything else. Lijiang was a bit warmup but then it started rolling Reminded me of a saying where you have a a “siima” and a “matto” Exactly! Thanks, Shaz. We will be waiting for the winner of this match. What if it’s a fitted carpet Here we are, last game, the very last game preliminary game starting soon. The boys are ready to own and we are also going there to check out, they’re doing some sort of a huddle TORILLE As you can hear Now we are ready With that attitude, we can’t lose Ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball! Ball doesn’t die Reinhardt! Reinhardt on the field! Sounds good Yeah it’s sounding good now Oh damn, Ricky is owning Hopefully, it at least sounded like it Damn they’re calling loud Bitter disappointment in the end but we did fight until the very end and it means we gave our all We didn’t give up easy, every map was extremely close up to the very last fight and The Dutch were stronger this time and they deserve the group stage, ggs to them and good luck to them for the groups. Long day behind us, ended in a disappointment We tried hard, like, we didn’t give a single map up for free There was some good work being done in every map Nepal was 99-99 in every map, ended up in a 2-1 Then we had King’s Row where we held them on the 2nd point, but we didn’t manage to push it even if it was very close, just meters away And finally in Dorado , the Dutch finished the map and we ended up just a few meters away from finishing. Probably every one of us is feeling down now and thinks they could’ve done things better but This is what competition is, the Dutch were better this time, they go to the group stages so once more, congratulations to them Hopefully they will own there so we at least know we didn’t lose to noobs But, this time it goes like this, thanks for being with us I still have my media pass, I will be going to BlizzCon, will be going around and trying to meet OW people And trying to bring the Finnish spirit to all other countries Rockett signing off, see you soon

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