Team Envy Reborn from Envision, South Korea Overwatch World Cup 2018 Roster Reveal | Akshon Recap
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Team Envy Reborn from Envision, South Korea Overwatch World Cup 2018 Roster Reveal | Akshon Recap

October 21, 2019

I’m Darren with Akshon Esports and this is Akshon Recap. The show we cover all things Overwatch esports.
On Monday it was announced that from the remains of Envision who parted ways with
their Overwatch roster last week NV has been reborn in the form of a new
contenders team one of the biggest names to hit headlines was Tailspin who finds
himself back playing under the NV brand once again two years later after his
unexpected departure mid tournament in 2016 while the team was competing in the
first season of OGN’s Overwatch APEX. Tailspin joins the Dallas Fuel’s
Contenders team alongside five former Envision esports members Casey budz Mcills Wayne William Crimzo Hernandez Anthony Fire King Brian ishiny McCarthy and
Caleb McGravy McGarvey. Envision has been competing in overwatch since 2017 most
recently with the top four placement the Overwatch contenders 2018 at North
America thinks their high placement in that tournament the team qualified for
overwatch contenders season 2 when the roster was dropped due to frustrations
with the lack of support for the tier 2 scene the envisioned players move
forward with the spot which was picked up by NV along with the team moving
forward into season two of the overwatch League it is important to remember that
there are plenty of new rules that have been put in place governing how and when
Contenders players can be approached with offers and more importantly the
two-way player system as a refresher two-way players will count towards an
overwatch league’s 12th person roster and cannot compete in more than two
overwatch League matches per stage or face losing their contenders eligibility
with how early it is in the summer is still uncertain how or if Dallas Fuel
will have to make use of this system for season two overwatch contenders in North
America kicks off on July 3rd and team Envy’s first match will be scheduled for
July 5th for our last bit of contenders talk of the day the xl2 Academy DPS
starflower has changed his name back to nano HANA so if you happen to hear or
see this name next round two contenders you’ll know who the casters are talking
about in other news South Korea’s overwatch World Cup team
has been selected and it’s packed with superstars who look to continue their
country’s dominance at this tournament with a third championship title at odhh
of 12 players were selected as the national representatives but as with all
World Cup countries teams will have to make another cut as they select the
seven players who will be travelling to the group stage events from New York
Excelsior we have players saebyeolbe libro meko jjonak ark and anamo the
remainder of the team consists of a mix of players from other overwatch league
teams. Seoul Dynasty will be represented through their DPS player Fleta. From
the Philadelphia fusion that’ll be their DPS player Carpe. The Los Angeles
Valiant are it’s dependable tank support duo of fate and kariv. London Spitfire’s
Fury and lastly from the LA gladiators the self-proclaimed most handsome player
in the league Fissure. I’m sure both he and Jjonak will have a lot to talk
about on this topic. The team will be competing in the overwatch World Cup
group stage held in Inchun, South Korea scheduled for August 17th to 19th
at Studio Paradise South Korea will take on Russia Japan Finland Taiwan and Hong
Kong. Only two teams can move out of groups but this shouldn’t be a problem
for this all-star team of veterans out of all the teams that have been
announced thus far many fans are already looking at this South Korean powerhouse
roster for a Grand Finals appearance at BlizzCon later this November. While South
Korea may have an imposing roster there are many hopefuls that be yet to be
announced Team USA will be comprised of a set of players will be capable
contesting the overwatch World Cup trophy it’s pretty clear that the South
Korean team is going to be a dominant force but which players could Team USA
bring on to have a comparable roster as always let us know your thoughts in the
comments section below well I hope you had a good dream NA
fans because playoffs are here and NYXL are done sandbagging. Wanna prove
me wrong? Go to and play the Akshon Esports Bracket
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next one. Thanks for watching

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  1. Fissure vs Fate on who takes the main tank role? This is going to be ez clap for Fissure. Dont get me wrong, Fate is an amazing main tank but fissure is just on another level

  2. Canada is gonna be stacked, USA gonna be stacked, Finland gonna be stacked, South Korea is already stacked. Gonna be a good year

  3. I think The starting 7 are probably going to be sbb,libero,carpe,fissure,mek0,jjonak,ark and the rest are reserves they are so stacked

  4. Oh shit, South Korea has half of Nyxl, with fissure (now that’s a challenge) fleta (I would’ve chose someone else), Kariv, fate, fury, and carpe, I don’t know, this is already scary, I hope USA or Canada can be beat them

  5. I actually don't know if Jjonak will get to play tbh. His style (having the entire team pocket him as an attack-Zen) is effective when NYXL does it, but who's to say if some of the other players like Fissure, Carpe, and Fleta won't get picked over their contemporaries. I could definitely see them opting for Kariv for a more well-rounded team, though I guess it depends on what strategies they wanna run.

  6. I wonder who can play widow for team USA, can't really think of anyone that's not a genji/tracer player

  7. I get that Fury is good and Meko is very good but Zumba is just next level. Bit of confusion from me as to why Zunba isn't playing.
    Also, even as a long-time Ryujehong fan, jjonak is an actual god

  8. Team USA OWWC 2018:

    Tank: Muma, Super, Space, McGravy

    DPS: Danteh, ZachaReee, Hydration, Sinatraa

    Support: Elk, Moth, Rawkus, Sleepy

  9. Team Finland going to be pretty good too. Linkzr carry of Houston Outlaws, Taimou "main" widow for Dallas (got to stage 4 playoffs), Davin really good DPS for Team Gigantti, Fragi good tank for Philly, Zappis/rCk meh (dunno about rCk that much), BigGoose & Shaz support duo for LA Gladiators. I don't know that much of these contenders players, but Team Gigantti is really good and succesfull team on Contenders EU. Linkzr, Davin, Fragi, Zappis, BigGoose & Shaz played in Team Gigantti and won. Other half of team (OWL players) have played together not Taimou , and other half (Contenders) play in same team atm. Seita have coached them all (not Taimou).

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