Tarot Readings Premium 100% Trophy Guide & Walkthrough – 15 Minute Completion – PS4
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Tarot Readings Premium 100% Trophy Guide & Walkthrough – 15 Minute Completion – PS4

August 27, 2019

Hey, what’s up guys? Blakk Vulture here and welcome to my trophy guide for tarot readings premium This is a very quick and very easy at 100% which you gain around about 10 to 15 minutes So obviously this is very similar to all the crazy soft titles But so first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna change the card deck Now you can change it to any of the historical based ones Because we have a trophy for that as well so we’re going to go into the first game mode, which Which is Celtic Cross So when it types in the question, you could just pretty much just type in anything you like It can be a single letter or whatever like that So so I just put single letters in these In these boxes for now just to you know save time with this also in the bottom left corner is a Box a detailed or simple just to save bear time. I’d recommend changing it to simple So we’re just looking at all the cards here so you could pretty much just go through all of them fairly quickly Celtic Cross, of course has the most cards out of all of the game modes in this so So we’re pretty much just focusing on getting the trophies in a timely fashion so Yeah, I mean, of course. You’re welcome to play the game like normal if if you wish to do so Then you want to press save and exit In this case you will get The Celtic Cross reading Trophy. So next we’re on to free cards this of course is a lot shorter and you Know much aughter gamemode we’re gonna be revisiting this game mode later on so So it all helps well With with the five different readings on different dates, which of course we’re going to use a exploit for later on in the guide So, so again, we’re just gonna save an exit for for this one that’s gonna get you the free card reading Trophy Cape so now we’re onto the romance one Again, we could just use any question that we like and just pick a bunch of bunch of random cards basically Okay, so um, so next we’re gonna be actually doing a Zoom function in this so in the right hand side of the screen next to the right hand arrow There’s going to be a magnifying glass option. So it’s gonna give you the zoom card and then In that zoom card menu is in the top right corner enough a magnifying glass So you’ll want to use that as well and now we can use zoom and compare So you’ll get two trophies in In that short space of time for that one and then we could just continue on we’ve the romance reading You could do the zoom and compare trophies in any game mode that you like But I decided to just do it in the romance one, I think just because I remembered to actually do so So once you finish that you’ll get the romance reading trophy as well So experiments who the career Okay, so again, we’re just gonna pick seven cards any random card will do and then They were gonna go ahead and complete this one as well Now the reasons why I haven’t done the exploit yet is because of Because of the fact that there’s actually a Trophy for doing all of the game modes all in one go Like back-to-back, so so I don’t know if doing the exploitable You know void the progress on that particular trophy so So we’re gonna be finishing off the career one. That’s gonna get you the career reading achievement Sorry trophy even and for spreads Trophy as well. So Yeah, if we look at sir the trophies that we have already you should have 8 out of 11 so We’re gonna do Next is we’re gonna concentrate on the multiplayer one So so you want to go to the top where it says player and then choose two? this will make it a little bit easier and faster to To complete this trophy as well. So So we’re going to go ahead and do the first player first So pick free cards in that one. I will recommend doing Any game mode you like but I think the multiplayer mode Automatically chooses the free card one anyway so so it shouldn’t be much of an issue as the free card one takes very little time to to complete Okay, so um, so basically once we have once we’re doing the second player we can go ahead and do that and then eventually We will be finishing off this one and gaining another trophy for doing so Okay Okay, so uh, so we’re just gonna exit that that would get you the multiplayer trophy and then next we could go to save readings and Just press the right-hand arrow on one of the savings that we already have If you click on the arrow to Interrupt the first card then the trophy will pop after that So next we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna do the final trophy which is save different readings So for this we’re gonna use a time exploit, which is very common these days So we’re gonna close the game and then we’re going to go to our settings And then date and time Date and time settings are then set manually fast-forward one day and then Then we’re gonna open the game up again so so for the purpose of this guide I have decided to Basically skip out all of the other days. So I’m just gonna say just go into the free cards and We’re gonna go ahead and complete that one. And then what you want to do is you want to kind of just Just keep repeating This this particular process as we go along so the exploit would be to to basically just go ahead and Do the exploit? Fast-forward the time and everything and then choose the free cards Game mode and Basically, just just repeats You know that process like until until the trophy unlocks So so once you go ahead and save and exit each day Then I’m just going to fast forward to the the fifth Day which which we’re going to be using here So so basically this was the the last free cards game that I actually completed so So basically after that you often actually interacted with idiot the cards The trophy will then pop after that There we go, so you get the save different readings trophy after interacting with the first card and then and then after that you should have a 100% or fair eleven trophies So there we have a guy who’s another quick and easy 100 percent. Thanks checking out my guide and until next time I’ll see you all very soon

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