Target Panic, the Orange Cone, and the Stop Shot Training Process | Traditional Archery
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Target Panic, the Orange Cone, and the Stop Shot Training Process | Traditional Archery

August 18, 2019

hi everyone this is jim walker with jim
walker archery and a beautiful day here on the range in san diego
i’ma talk about target panic in the orange cone you know I think a lot of us
get into archery after watching videos or movies and we think that you know
once you get good at archery always hit the center especially with us longbow
and recurve people you know then that arrows going to jump off the shelf and
sometimes it’s just going to miss no matter what we try to do to improve our
shot now one thing I can talk about is target panic in the orange cone so
here’s an orange cone and out here in San Diego we have local shoots and a lot
of times the instinctive the traditional shooters you know we’re given an orange
cone. and that orange cone designates ranges between three yards out to 40 yards. and if
you’ve ever watched any of my running or moving videos you’ll see that most of the time I hit dead center of the target. well in tournaments it’s a little different. well in a tournament it’s a little
different I know some of this is just anxiety you know sort of like fear of
speaking in large groups or stage right you just have to just do it just go to
your tournaments get used to the tournament process and you’ll get more
comfortable with it but we’re all speak about specifically is the is a target
inner cross so basically what happened is that your eye is being hardwired to
your release and it creates sometimes will create sort of a turkey respond
like bringing my arrow up bringing my arrow there’s a Turk release and this
sort of snap judy doesn’t really help with accuracy and then also others will
actually be aiming at the target and then all of a sudden unexpectedly your
hand will essentially release the arrow and if long hit exactly directly in the
center this sort of target panic problem to be fixed and we can do that by simply
breaking the shot process into two parts because she’s one the one problem we
have is a lot of time twelve being aiming at the target and then we’ll
release and it’s all like one thing happen at the same time so we need to
break that apart I’m going to break that into two parts we’re going to break that
into just a stop shot training exercise that I use so here in a moment I’m going
to demonstrate the stock shot training process and it’ll give you an idea or a
methodology that you can use to help break the target panic problem okay so
our goal here is to bring an arm up aim at the target and then hold it for a
couple seconds until you shot breaks down now be sure that you get a nice steady
posture this is very important all should be relaxed and center elbow back now hold hold that in place operates and stop
so that’s all there is to it so this sort of stop shot process or technique
is a great way to just to kind of get used to not shooting so that’s the
biggest problems with targeted mannequins actual shooting parts so
we’re gonna break that apart by simply bringing our arm up
get the best possible for we possibly can and then aim visual I hit shooting
your target and hitting dead center and if you guys have any more questions
you know give me a yell back I’d love to follow up with you once again Thank You
sandy you

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