Tank biathlon 2016: DPR vs LPR [VPE Special]
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Tank biathlon 2016: DPR vs LPR [VPE Special]

November 17, 2019

– Сегодня 15 сентября, день танковых соревнований. Мы находимся недалеко
от Саур-Могилы, где проходит соревнование между
танковыми экипажами ДНР и ЛНР. Мы увидим боевую
технику и много стрельбы! – Guys, are you from DPR or LPR team? – LPR. – I see. You got different flags, right?
Red and blue. – Yes. – What city are you from?
– Lugansk. – We are now at the tank biathlon,
” the comb” position. Tanks are passing this obstacle and our task is to observe
that they would do it neatly. Well, how shall I put this, to make sure there are no accidents. Tanks of Lugansk People’s
Republic are with the blue flags and Donetsk Republic
tanks got red flags. Each republic presents 4 tanks and each tank will be making 3 rounds. It gonna be great! – What type of tanks will take part? – T 72! This is the final obstacle
of the tank biathlon, on the training range of Torez. This obstacle No 10
is called “a comb”. What is the goal of this obstacle? Tank should pass it without violations, meaning, without
hitting the obstacle. Its engine shouldn’t die
on the obstacle, it shouldn’t hit the markings and it shouldn’t miss the obstacle. Those would be the minus points. We are the controllers,
we are checking all that and give an appraisal:
positive or negative. – The last two tanks,
how did they make it? Well, the first one of these two lost control while passing
the obstacle, started wiggling. I guess that mechanic pulled the clutch. Tank started to fuss around the comb. Well, it did pass it, but… – They did pass it, but not really great… not really great result. The driver-mechanic
went too much up. Tank went up into the sky and
the driver couldn’t see anything. He probably thought there is a turn or something else happened. And because of that tank
didn’t pass this obstacle correctly. – Were those DPR or LPR tanks?
– Both. – Score is 0:0 then!
– Right. – We’ll see.

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