Talon Preseason Spotlight | Gameplay – League of Legends
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Talon Preseason Spotlight | Gameplay – League of Legends

August 27, 2019

Talon’s always been a sneaky dude with an irresponsibly large blade collection. He’s still got the blades, but now he’s added parkour to his list of obsessions. The Blade’s Shadow has to plan his movements carefully, but when he sets his eyes on a target, ain’t no terrain high enough to keep him from getting to you. Let’s start with Talon’s biggest change – his new E, Assassin’s Path. Talon can now click on ANY terrain, natural or player-made, to parkour right over it. While the ability itself can be used frequently, Assassin’s Path puts the terrain you’ve targeted on a significantly long cooldown, meaning that many of Talon’s trips into the fog of war will be one-way. Rather than a basic attack reset, Noxian Diplomacy is now split into two different abilities depending on the situation. If cast within a short distance, Noxian Diplomacy deals heavy damage – similar to the one you’re used to. If used at long range, however, Talon dashes to his target to give them a good stabbing, but gives up a large portion of Q’s damage to do so. Lastly, let’s look at his new passive, Blade’s End. Damaging abilities wound your enemies, stacking up to 3 times. Once fully stacked, basic attacking causes your target to bleed for heavy damage over the next few seconds. As the name suggests, Blade’s End is your best tool for finishing off targets and escaping while they bleed out. Thanks to Assassin’s Path, much of Talon’s threat isn’t just about how quickly he can roam, but how truly unpredictable he can be with his approach. Get creative with your pathing, avoiding known pockets of vision to ambush unsuspecting prey. While it’s fun to parkour around the Rift, remember that Assassin’s Path doesn’t let you go out the way you came in. While aggressively roaming can work out, leaping around without proper vision can put you into some very awkward situations. Bard mains have been there. To learn more about the preseason assassin update, check out the full list of changes. We’ll be back tomorrow for a look at the Leblanc Update.

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  1. pretty shitty in lane, against a caster who will harass coz you cant close the gap til 6, only time e works is in the jungle pretty useless in my opinion.

  2. Question, suppose you jump over anivias wall and goes away then when its back up after her cooldown can you still jump over it again.

  3. Passive apply stack of bla bla after x amount of stack it bla blas, wow real creative riot, haven't seen that one before.
    How do they come up with these innovative and fresh ideas?

  4. Without a long range gap close Talon is such a useless Assassin. Literally every other Assassin has some form of engage, and Talon has nothing apart from flanking potential, which is completely shut down by 75 gold.

  5. i heard one of riots member got arrested because they stole one of the idea of assassin cread hmmmmmm why police

  6. The most worthless reworked champion. Riot change his best skill "E", for stupid parkour. Now his gapcloser, its just a bait, to death. Lost all his burst, just to win a unreal scape. Riot, if you wanna a healty assasin rework, change his E, or check the scale of his Skills. Because if you wanna make a burst Assasin, has no sense this changes of his pasive, ad scale skills and skill utility …
    And please check the winrates of Talon … If you wanna do a game with only 10 or 15 champs usables for the LCS, its ok. But dont limit, our decisions and pick on normal leagues, we are the 99.99%.

  7. The champion got nerfed early game, runes of lethality and AD scales totaly fucked in late game, cant burst a carry going totaly feed … When Talon should shine? cant shine in early, cos of his rol (assasin). Cant cant shine in Mid cos of nerf of lethality to get snowball ealry, but if you snowball its ok, till late game. When the mets of tanks start, and his feed and snowball its totaly useless, old talon can be countered too, but the reworked, can be countered just with an Heal on carry, cos have no burst to instakill a carry goong totaly feed, dont need to talk if someone CC Talon, or if the team its totaly tanky, then better go afk… RIOT bring us back our older Talon, or focus on this rework and check if community its wrong about that. Thx

  8. Talon.. a rare glimpse of when the game was good. when someone with 400 armor and 3000 hp could not oneshot you.
    might be hard for some of you to imagine. but once upon a time, the word "tank" and "marksman" and "assassin" actually meant something. you had different champions, they where good at something and bad at something. not like today. when you play any champion, build 6 tank items and do a 4K burst with one combo. what an amazing time I got to experience.

  9. why even rework this champ? he is not a bruiser, he is not a tank, so he is useless in every single game you play

  10. Talon is easily the most powerful burst damage champ early game especially with his ultimate and q working together but he is very difficult to play late game especially with 5v5s as it's not easy to know when to engage

  11. OMG cant believe that im actually back at this video, looking at the new talon, although he got tons of mobility, he lack of damage, his early game is strong but fading slowly as the game progress further, his gap close which is now Q is nothing alike The E, back then the old talon can use his E to dodge most of the skill shot and blink behind his target. Now the Q which can be use as a gap close but it still fell a little off. Similar to his W and R the only difference is that old talon, his W R blade reattach instantly plus slow on his W while new talon has to wait for his W to return in order to apply a slow, similar to R, u can not use the E R W combo anymore. the passive is pretty good just like a bleed from old Q. But here's the thing. With old talon, when u use R and the invisible time runs out, u can still E behind ur target and the damage from ur ult will still apply, but as for the rework, if u use R then use an AA or Q, the blade will attach to ur opponet, but if u use R and the invisible time runs out, u basically deal nothing. Overall, if it was about the mobility, the new talon won. but if we talk about what it meant to be an assassin, then no doubt the old one.

  12. they shit on talon, shits so fucking awful now. WHy would u play talon instead of zed now at all. Talon cant even 1 shot late game lmao.

  13. And you tought a one way flash with no cd and no mana cost is balanced , nice one riot , you dipshits

  14. after 2 weeks of play

    i bought cosmic yi now i pick the wrong one i almost won at talon 90% though

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