Talking Tom and Friends – Jetpack Ninja (Season 1 Episode 33)
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Talking Tom and Friends – Jetpack Ninja (Season 1 Episode 33)

January 14, 2020

Screwdriver! Hey Ben, when will
the jet pack be done? Hey Tom, when will
the jet pack be done? Eh, bup, bup,.. Hand slap. Ow! It’ll be done when it’s done!
And bothering us isn’t gonna make it go any faster. Ben, Tom won’t give me
a straight answer on this. Is the jet pack done? It looks
done. Are you sure it’s not done? No, I mean yes. It’s not done. Okay, but since I’m helping,
I get to be the first to fly it. Uh. No you don’t! But you promised! No I didn’t! Give me that! Alright, let’s go. Hey! Hey! Put me down! This is no way to
treat your test pilot. Hey, look at that, now you’re helping. Huh? Ginger, Ginger, no! Uhmm. I don’t think the
jet pack is ready you guys. This is ridiculous!
I demand to be freed! Hey you guys, is the jet pack ready? If it was ready, we wouldn’t still
be working on it! Would we? What? Oh, no, I wasn’t
asking if the jet pack is ready. I was singing the first
line of my new song – “I’m Gonna Jet Pack To Love.” You guys are working on a jet pack, too? That’s a funny coincidence. Wow. What happened? He happened! I was just trying to help… We haven’t finished the jet
pack because Ginger keeps getting into everything. Oh, come on, you can’t expect
Ginger to not get distracted by something as fun as
a jet pack. He’s just a kid. Yeah. I’m just a kid. Look, Tom and Ben need to work
without any more distractions. But do you want to help me
write my new jet pack song? Oh, is it about me riding a jet pack? No, it’s a metaphor! For love. Love! Blech! Pass. Hank, what are you doing?
Please tell me it’s something fun. Ginger, I’m watching my new
favorite show, “Kid Ninja”. What’s it about? Ninjas! I’m listening. Huh-huh! I’ve robbed the candy
store and a fireworks stand. Now, I’ll hop on this stolen
motorcycle and drive away… Not so fast, Sergio Baddington! No! It’s Kid Ninja! The main character is Kid Ninja. He’s kind of like, I guess
you could say, a kid ninja. My ninja skills have defeated you! How do you do it, Kid Ninja? Hank, this is the greatest
thing I’ve ever seen. I want to be a ninja and get whatever I want! Actually, Ginger, there’s much
more to being a ninja than getting whatever you want. Trust me. Why did you just wink and smile? Huh, I don’t know what
you’re talking about… It’s like you’re trying to say
something, without really saying it… Hank, are you a ninja? Maybe this will answer your question! Oh! Becoming a ninja wasn’t easy.
I had to join the Kid Ninja Fan Club, download the Kid Ninja training book,
and buy this: The official headband. Teach me to be a ninja! Come on!
Please! Please, please, please! I’ll do whatever it takes. Mmm. Very well. I will show
you the way of the ninja if you abide by three rules. One:
You must do everything I say. Two: You must only use your
ninja powers for good. Now go. Okay, but that was only two rules. And that… is your first lesson. I don’t get it. I thought being
a ninja was all about jumping and doing a cool ninja yell. Don’t worry, we’ll get there. But
first, you must learn to clear your mind, so that the ninja stuff can
flow in. While this, flows out. Ow! Hey! What’s the big idea? I told you, fire ant. To learn the
awesome back flips of the ninja, you must have a mind that is clear. So you did that on purpose…
Because you want me to not laugh. Ah. You are beginning to understand. The ninja must be able to do
impossible things with his eyes covered… The ninja must be an expert
in all manner of sneakiness… The ninja must have a mind
that is free of all distractions… A bad thing, my butt did. Angela, are you sure
you want to do this? Tom, I’m writing a song about
a jet pack. If I don’thave actual jet pack experience, how will I know
if my song makes any sense at all? Now let’s do this. Counting down, in three,
two, okay, she’s just going. Jet pack! Your love makes
me fly like a jet pack, baby – Oh, boy. That looks painful. Ahh! Someone get me down! Whoa. Ginger, you saved me! But the jet pack is still up there! Excellent work, my nimble cricket. Arigato, Sensei. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What is going on? Why isn’t Ginger trying to
steal the jet pack and ride it? Because Hank has taught
me the way of the Ninja. Sure. Om… Uh… wow. Okay, then. Okay, everybody, it’s time
to finally fly this thing! If this works, we’ll be one step
closer to putting a jet pack in every home! Think about it –
no more traffic jams! Or elevators! Or elevator jams. Hey, everybody! It’s me,
your boy, Talking Tom. Welcoming you to the live broadcast
of our very first jet pack test flight! Look at you. Before your training,
you’d be trying to steal that thing. Now you possess true ninja cool. Yes, teacher. My ninja is strong. Hey Ben, why don’t you tell
our viewers at home the maxular velocity of this baby, huh? Approximately 150 miles per hour! That’s right! That is unless you’re
about the size of our pal Ginger over there, in which case you could
probably kick it up to about an even 200! Remember, young one. Ninja cool. Yes. Being a ninja is about
more than getting what I want… Oh, one more thing!
Racing Stripe. Cool Fins. Racing Stripe. Cool Fins! Nyah! Sweeet. Now, normally I’d be the first person to ride the pack, but I’d
like to make an exception. There’s someone here who
deserves this ride more than I do. Someone who has proven
that they’re worthy of this great honor! Yes! I’m gonna get to ride the jet
pack after all! This is the best, most awesome day ever! Uh, I mean, I will flow wherever
the river of life takes me. Okay, now, this person really,
really wants to go up in this thing. I’m talking about the one… The only… Angela! What? Who bravely helped us do
a test run earlier! So I guess this will be your second flight in
the jet pack. I mean, if you think about it! That’s right, Tom! It will be! Ginger, be calm! Remember your
training! Remember this… Ninja roll! You guys never let me do anything!
Well, fine! If you’re not going to let me ride the jet pack, I’ll use
my ninja powers to take it! Ginger, no! There is still
time to do the right thing. Why should I? Everyone
treats me like I’m a little kid. Well, I am, I am kid ninja. The ninja kid. Listen to me dung beetle. I cannot let you use your
ninja powers for jet-pack-taking. So it has come to this. That’s right. The teacher
has become the student. Yes, I hate when that happens. Where’s that music coming from? Oh, it’s my new ninja ring tone.
Oh, if you- hold on a second. Hey, Mom? Yeah, I can’t talk right
now. I’m about to have a big ninja battle with Hank. Yes. Okay. I’ll be home for dinner… I love you, too. Prepare to meet your doom, Hank! Hey, isn’t that the actor who played
Kid Ninja’s brother, Tae Kwon Dan? Huh? Where?! Hey, that’s my jetpack. Sayonara! That means goodbyeeee! Well, at least we know it works. What? Why are you filming
me? Film that jetpack! Well, I guess we should’ve
known that creating Ginger The Ninja was a bad idea. Oh, well. In the words of
Kid Ninja’s karate teacher: “When you have a lot of power,
responsibility is also a thing that you have to think about
sometimes once in a while.” That is so true. But where did Ginger go?
Should we be worried about him? I regret nothing! Uh-oh. Ninja Roll. Sayonara! Tom, don’t post that selfie! Angela, what do we do? Tom, don’t post that selfie!

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