Talking Tom and Friends – Ghost Pirate Hunting (Season 1 Episode 28)
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Talking Tom and Friends – Ghost Pirate Hunting (Season 1 Episode 28)

November 15, 2019

When that bar fills to a hundred,
we are gonna have so much fun! You mean we’re gonna have
so much education. This new “Sea Captain Simulator” is the
latest in realistic sea captain software. Right. Of course… Research. Aargh, timber me shivers! Hast ye downloaded the boat
video game yet? Aargh. I wanna name my
captain “Sea Maverick”. Ginger. That is a ridiculous
name. Plus, already called it. Why is the computer going so slow?
It should be downloaded by now! Yeah, did someone put
rocks in the Internet pipe? It’s downloading slowly because
this is a very big, very elaborate program. These simulators simulate every
aspect of being a real life sea captain. The currents of the world oceans. The weather patterns
of the seven seas. The magnetic pole of – Boring! I want to
spin the wheel. Move! No! Download restarted. Progress
so far… zero. Download will complete in… many… hours. Ohhh ! Oh, we were so close! Aargh. Now
it’s gonna take forever to be finished. Actually, it will take… Eight hours… Eight hours
of us watching the computer, making sure nothing messes
it up while it’s working. Eight hours?! Well,
good luck with that. I’m actually gonna see
a movie with Angela tonight. Like, just me and Angela.
I know. It’s pretty huge. Major milestone for us. The
point is, you’ll have to stay here. Tom… I can’t stay here. I have
a ticket to the tenth annual “Thumb Drive Meet and Greet.” “U-S-Be there or U-S-Be square!” Uh. Well… obviously. Clearly
you can’t miss this action. Well, maybe no one will touch
the computer for eight hours. Look out, get out of the way. Download restarted. Again.
Seriously. What is with you guys. Ginger! What? I was practicing my
pirate swings so I could do them when I’m a captain. Don’t get mad at me like
I did something wrong! I am not missing my date with
Angela. But it’s gonna be pretty tough to keep that computer
from being touched while we’re gone. We can handle this in a responsible
way. We’ll sit Hank and Ginger down and simply explain why they
need to avoid the computer. So the point is, for the next
eight hours, you and you can not touch the computer. Are there any questions? Ooh, ooh. Can we touch
the back of the computer? Hank! What did I just say?! I don’t know about all this
digital stuff! I’m not a hacker! Guys. If I don’t get this program
downloaded tonight, we’re gonna fall hopelessly behind
in our work schedule. Sounds like someone wants
to save all the high scores for himself. That does sound like Ben! Oh! They’re not getting it. Tom, we have to go. The
previews are going to start and I want to know what
to look forward to. Okay. Follow my lead. We didn’t tell you the real reason
you can’t touch the computer because we wanted to shield
you from the truth. But I’m afraid I have to tell you. When we started
downloading the ship captain simulator, we discovered something. Oh, neat! Something scary. Oh, no! Have you ever heard
the story of Bigbeard the Pirate? Is that the guy with the big beard? Yeah. No, I’ve never heard of it. He was one of the most
feared smugglers of his day. People knew his name
on every island from here to the Land of … ah …Islands. Woooooah. Tom, what are you… One stormy day, Bigbeard
was cursed by an old sea witch. Knowing that his pirate
days were over, he buried his treasure where no one
would find it. Right here. Under this very garage. Treasure under the garage?!
Someone get a shovel! I wouldn’t do that if I were you.
You see, Bigbeard promised that if any other pirate touched
his treasure, he would come back and haunt them as a pirate ghost. But I’m not really a pirate. So…bros, shovel.
Treasure. Let’s do this. Ah… but because I hooked up
a sea captain’s wheel to my computer, he must think that anyone
who touches it is a rival pirate! That’s right! That’s exactly what he thinks! Anyone who touches the computer is soon to be
the victim of a spooky haunting! B-b-but I touched the wheel! And I did, too! Earlier, when
you weren’t paying attention! Oh, you did? Well, maybe
Bigbeard’s pirate ghost didn’t notice. There’s only one thing to do… Destroy Ben’s computer! Let’s get it! What? No! No! All you have to do is
stay away from the computer guys, stay away from the computer and
the ghost will leave you alone. That’s it. How do you know that will be enough?! Um… Hey, ghost! If what I said
makes sense, give us a sign! We won’t touch the
computer! We promise! Those two were so scared, I almost
feel bad for making up the story. Do you want to go to go to the
“Thumb-drive Festival” or what?! Of course I do. What
kind of question is that? I don’t know. It seems like there
must have been an easier way to keep them from
touching your computer. Was there, though?
I don’t think so. Well, now that I think
about it, maybe not. The important thing is, we’re all
able to go out like we wanted. No harm done. So there’s a pirate ghost in the
garage. And there’s really only one way to deal with a pirate ghost. State-of-the-art
ghost-hunting technology! I have all the gear we need to find
a ghost, because I asked my parents for it for my birthday and they just
want to give me stuff so I be quiet. Get ready to meet your
worst nightmare, Ghost. That’s what Jack Sauna says on
Ghost Poachers International. Ginger, what does
the ghost sonar say? It says there’s something
this way. It must be Bigbeard. Okay, but be on the lookout. Whenever Jack Sauna thinks
the ghost is in front of him, something happens right behind. Bigbeard, be gone ye
from this cursed home! Did we get him?! I don’t think so. Well, the pirate ghost got away. Just like a real pirate, getting
away from the sea police. Wow. We made it. Our big night out. And for a while there, it looked
like it wasn’t going to happen! What big night out? We’ve
been to the movies before. Yeah, but never… Just the two of
us… I mean, there’s no one else but us so it’s basically like a date… Oops. Ha? Cold in here, ha? Brrr… Popped corn? Nah… I’m good. Thanks. Move over, armrest hog… No way. My arm was here first. Fine, it’s a tie. Big night out. Okay. I set up a plate of lemons
right under the ghost trap. When the pirate ghost
tries to eat them so he doesn’t get scurvy, we’ll get him! It’s a perfect plan. No ghost
is going to outsmart us. Bigbeard! We’re sorry
we touched Ben’s computer! But we’re not really pirates,
okay? You get it, right? Go! G-G-G…PIRATE! You aim high, I’ll aim low! I’m aiming everywhere! Ben, that was the
best night out! Ever! You’re telling me!
I slept like a baby! What? I thought you were going to
the Thumb Drive Meet and Greet. Oh, I did. Somebody there was
showing off a pillow that plugs into your computer. It reads you
your work emails when you lie on it. So relaxing. Oooookay. Well, in other
news, Angela and I shared an armrest for like fifteen minutes! Nice… Yeah. So worth lying to Ginger
and Hank about a ghost! Lying to those two was
a really good idea, Tom. And the best part is,
there aren’t going to be any bad consequences. What in the garage
is going on in here?! It’s Bigbeard, Tom! He has us on
the ropes. We tried to destroy him, but all we did was make him mad. You destroyed my computer! I know. That’s what really set him off. It’s not our fault! You left us
alone with an angry pirate ghost! There is no ghost! Ben, you’re like one of the two
people who told us about the ghost. It’s true, Hank… there’s no
ghost. Ben and I made up the story so you would stay away from
his computer while we were gone. But if there’s no ghost,
then why did the light bulb pop and the vase break
and the kayak fall? Well, I shot the light bulb with a
sling shot. And Ben nudged over the vase. Right, Ben? Leave me alone. … And I knocked the kayak
off the wall last week and didn’t put it up securely.
So it falls off about five times a day now. Tom… I am so… Relieved! It was all a hoax… Just
like on “Ghost Poachers International.” Yeah, I’m just glad
it wasn’t a real ghost. Yeah, because that writing
you guys did on the bathroom mirror was so scary! The writing on the who what? Pleased to haunt you?
Uh… I didn’t write that. I didn’t write that either. Guys? Run!!! The law of the sea shall reign.

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