Talents For Sale | 어서옵SHOW – Ep.19 [ENG/2016.10.12]

August 16, 2019

Talents for Sale is a home shopping show that sells human talents. It’s a 1 plus 1 special to celebrate the coming of fall. Leather items are beautiful. I taught myself so I often get asked. It’s different to what we first imagined. It looks like a work of art. I’m going to donate boxing as my talent. (Embarrassing talent inspection) Even she can do it. All of this is going to be edited out. Your Majesty! I deserve to die! (Will the talent inspection end successfully?) (Balloon boxing match) (1. Wear specially made gloves) (Attached with sandpaper) (2. Pop all the balloons to win) It’s a game so… I watched Jongkook work out earlier. This is a big match. (His punch cuts through the air) (The energy of a tiger, Kim Jongkook) (His opponent, the boxing talent product) (I have a tiger’s energy too) (Ji Sangryeol dressed in tiger shorts) (Kim Jongkook vs. Ji Sangryeol) Let’s do it. This is a good match. Gosh. I feel nervous watching. Oh, my goodness. That’s fast. It was accurate. A knockout punch. Master, he’s a thug. All of a sudden… There’s only 1 balloon at the front. I have to hit your back now. Don’t wait or feel afraid. You have to strike first. All my balloons are at the front. Yours are at the back. I have nowhere to punch now. – Move in. / – I have nowhere to punch. Go get him. (Sangryeol moves in to narrow the gap) – Go in. / – Goodness. Nice, nice. That was lucky. The balloons are at the top. Take the lead! (A surprisingly close match) (Sangryeol does it again) Wow, Sangryeol! (Difficult to attack as the balloons are at the back) Move in, get closer. (Forget it!) Move in. (Pummels) (I can’t take anymore of this) (Lays him down and strikes) (Wriggles) Move in, move in. (What?) Move in, move in. (Are his feet more skilled than his hands?) You won, you won! Ji Sangryeol wins! You won! You beat me. – Really? / – You won. What’s the use in winning? He won but he can’t even balance himself. You won. Excuse me. Does this actually verify your skills? It builds up aerodynamics. – It builds up aerodynamics? / – Yes. Aerodynamics to put out the candles. Let’s begin the women’s match now. Solbi, Sejeong! Solbi looks pretty strong. – Sejeong’s really strong. / – No. Solbi said she boxed. – In the past. / – I think she’s going to be good. – Sejeong’s strong. / – I’m scared! (Experienced boxer with good basic skills) (I’ll teach you a few tricks, Solbi) (She overpowered SISTAR with her strength) (I’m a multitalented idol, Sejeong) (Solbi vs. Sejeong) Begin! You have to attack first. What? (Throws a straight punch) That was good. Sejeong’s good. Look how fast that was. Look how fast that was. She’s fast. She’s really quick. That’s great. Look how fast that was. She’s fast. (Accurately punches the balloons) She’s good. She’s fast! Sejeong’s a born athlete. Sejeong jabs. She jabs then moves back. She’s fast! She’s really quick. She’s good. That’s so fast. She’s good. Sejeong’s mad. She’s angry! Wow. Sejeong, you’re so good. (Solbi with a left hook!) – There’s 1 left. / – There’s 1 left. (Sejeong only has 1 balloon left) (Is Solbi going to win?) She’s coming. (I’m not going to lose) (This way, that way) Get closer. Solbi, move in. Lead her to the corner. (Sejeong pushes Solbi to the corner) (Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee) Women are so scary. Wow. Sejeong’s good. Look at your steps… Did you learn how to do that? (They each have 1 balloon left) (The final punch to take victory) (Who will make the counter punch?) (To win the match?) To the corner. Drive her to the corner. Good. Drive her to the corner. Good. You never know. (Collide) They grabbed each other. This is the real fight now. (Who made the counter punch?) (Sejeong slams down an accurate punch) (Sejeong takes victory) She did it. Wow, Sejeong. – Sejeong. / – This is why people watch boxing. It’s the game of the century. They’re really scary. Your right foot usually keeps moving forward. Like this. You can’t keep your feet in line unless you learn. Her feet were perfectly aligned. – I’m so tired. / – Thank you. Great work. Let’s go donate this talent! Let’s go donate! (Indifferent) We can’t donate this as a talent? – This? / – Yes. Let’s go downstairs and discuss it. It’s fun for us… But what on earth are we doing? What’s the purpose of this? (Don’t do this to me) (Talents for Sale) I’m sorry to say this but I don’t think we can use this. What? Just in case, aside from boxing… You can’t use any of the footage we’ve filmed? Donating boxing as a talent… – I think it’s too ambitious. / – It’s insufficient. If you have another talent, let’s review that too. How about if we decide after that? Actually, we prepared something else just in case. – We prepared a 1 plus 1 talent. / – Really? Yes. As you all know… – I’m the Korean father of dogs. / – Right. (Sanggeun, the mascot of “2 Days and 1 Night”) (Sanggeun’s father and dog lover) So how about if we do volunteer work for people’s pets? If we see pretty puppies, Jaegeun can reform their outfits. – I think that’d be nice. / – Wow! To put it simply, like a babysitter. – Pet sitter plus pet fashion. / – Right. That’s good. I want to buy it too. Okay. Let’s see that then. Let’s see it for ourselves. I brought Mungchi with me. Mungchi! Come here. Gosh. It’s so pretty. – Mungchi’s a girl? / – Gosh. – It’s adorable. / – Mungchi’s a girl? (Mungchi, Sangryeol’s pet for the past 8 years) How old is Mungchi? In human age, she’s around 60. Big sis! – Big sister. / – Big sister Mung. Big sister Mung. Pet dresses are similar to children’s clothing. The structure is similar to human clothes. She runs with her legs. Mungchi looks slightly masculine. I wanted to make her look feminine. – So I designed this dress myself. / – It’s so cute. – This sort of fashion… / – It’s pretty. We could dress Sejeong in this. – It’s pretty. / – It’s really pretty. A lot of people use babysitters. The concept of a pet sitter is less familiar. What sort of services can you provide? When people take vacations abroad, if they leave home for a long period, I could play with their pet like family. I could play with the pet at their house or I could take care of it at my place. – The 2 of you together? / – Yes. – You’ll design clothes for the pet too? / – Yes. Clothes, accessories… (Talent inspection complete thanks to Mungchi) As for Minsu… I want to let Seojin be in charge of him. I think you hosted really well. Hongchul got on his bad side. I’m just his acting junior. It’s a little ambiguous. You never know how Minsu really feels. We don’t know who he’ll choose. None of today’s guests suit me. This is terrible. I like Sangryeol and Jaegeun. I don’t mean that I don’t like Minsu. – Right. / – You don’t like him! No, that’s not what I mean. – He and I… / – I respect and like him. We’re really different. Anyway, whoever Minsu chooses… – Let’s all help each other out. / – Okay. – Let’s help each other. / – We have to do that. – Don’t just stand aside, help. / – Yes. This is going to be a tough day. (Solbi, Jang Doyeon’s fashion painting) (Choi Minsu’s leather craft) (Ji Sangryeol, Hwang Jaegeun’s pet sitter, fashion) (Which hosts will the talent products select?) Mungchi, where do you want to go? – Where? / – I can hear Sangryeol’s voice. If you like Seojin, raise your hand. Let’s see. Where’s his room? His room… It’s right next to ours. Knock, knock. Personally, I really like and respect Minsu… (The talent products come to their hosts) (Who will they choose?) Mungchi, Mungchi! Mungchi, Sangryeol! Goodness, we really… – Let’s do this! / – Let’s do it. (Solbi, Doyeon have chosen Seojin) You seem really happy to see us. You’re really happy, right? Do you think you can sell us? If you ask me, the others have nothing to sell. (Then Jongkook?) Minsu has selected you today. (Sigh) Tell him to take good care of me. (He spends a moment alone) I’m really happy, Minsu. I’m going to do my best today to sell your talent. Choi Minsu, let’s do it! (Am I shaking?) (The home shopping show begins now) Hello. This is Talents for Sale, the show that sells talents. I’m your fairy, Kim Sejeong. Let me tell you the order numbers first. Lee Seojin’s product, Solbi, Jang Doyeon’s fashion painting product. #0055. Kim Jongkook’s product, Choi Minsu’s leather craft. #0066. Noh Hongchul’s product. Ji Sangryeol, Hwang Jaegeun’s guest house, #0077. You can order online. Those watching at home can also begin purchasing now. Send a text message to the number of the product you wish to purchase and tell us why. You could get lucky for just 10 cents. (Begin placing your orders now) (Nervous) (First product, Choi Minsu’s leather craft) (Jongkook looks anxious) You don’t hurt people with that, right? I could do that if I wanted to. You look like used brake pads. What do you want me to do? (Please let the live broadcast end safely) (Gloomy music plays) (Embarrassed) (Please be nice to me) (Is Jongkook shaking?) (I feel nervous watching) (I’m too scared to order) Don’t settle for common items made at a factory. Imagine that there’s a single product that someone has made thinking of you… Just the thought of that makes you happy, right? Today’s product is leather craft that’s made for just 1 person in the world. Let’s meet the person who possesses this talent. Am I shaking right now? Please welcome the national boss, Choi Minsu. Hello. You sound like a conman. Our role’s similar. I need to sell your talent. Please say hello to our viewers. (Awkward) I’ve never watched an online broadcast. – This is live, right? / – Yes. That makes me feel sweaty. I feel even more sweaty. The contents that will now go on-air are totally unrelated to Talents for Sale. Only Minsu will be held responsible for his actions. Those who are under 18 years of age should gain their guardians’ consent before watching. The contents that will now go on-air have nothing to do with me. Please don’t forget that. What’s the talent that you’re going to sell today? I thought about it. A card wallet. You’re going to make a leather card wallet? Yes. I saw it earlier. It’s beautiful. You could keep this leather item for over 100 years. I heard he gave the band members gifts. Wow. I have one too. – He made these for you? / – Yes. He’s really kind. – He made these bracelets too. / – He made these? (Couple bracelets) We’re going to make this here today. Look at this, everyone. Each stitch has been done by hand. Minsu stitched this himself. Isn’t it amazing? (Attention focused) He’s really good. Minsu likes motorbikes so he likes leather too. He’s good at it. You’re making a card wallet today. Is it going to look like this? I made this because it’s convenient for men to use. I think women could use it too. – Women could put this in their bags. / – Right. If that’s the case, it should have a lid. Isn’t he considerate? He’s not the Choi Minsu that we know. Why am I stuttering? He’s not the Choi Minsu that we know. There’s only 1 in the world. He’s going to make a card case here. I want to ask something. Where do you receive inspiration for your designs? What inspires you? I heard this story a long time ago. It’s worth listening to. An artist was painting. Someone who was watching said this. “I really like your painting. How long did it take?” This is what the artist said. Let’s say that he’s 50 years old. “It’s taken 50 years.” I remember this story. He meant that his entire life is in the painting. His know-how was expressed on canvas. I was really impressed when I heard this story. That’s why I’m using it now. Live a little longer and you’ll know. I need to get back to work. I can’t work if I talk. Right. – Leave me alone. / – Okay. Speak over there. Sejeong, did you hear that? Leave him alone. Just leave Minsu alone. That’s why we invited a special guest. While the tiger left its hide, some brave men entered the tiger’s cave with courage. They’ve waited for this way. They’re going to reveal all of Minsu’s secrets. Today, they’re going to touch his whiskers. They’re determined to spill the beans. Please come out! Gosh. It’s Lee Byeongjin. What brings you here? Minsu. It’s been such a long time! Hey, brother! What brings you here? What’s your relationship? He’s my university junior. We went to the same university. I’m the victim, he’s the perpetrator. Tell us why you became a victim. – I have so much to talk about. / – Really? – Can you provide protection? / – Sure. Watch it. What are you doing? – Making a wallet. / – A wallet? He’s making a card wallet. Would you like to sit down? I heard that the entire audience gave a standing ovation during your national tour. Minsu was a guest at my talk concert. I didn’t really invite him. Most people don’t go on stage unless they’re invited. Minsu happened to be sitting in the center. He came an hour early. He watched my concert. People usually respond during a talk concert. He sat for an hour with a totally expressionless face. How charismatic! I thought I’d go crazy on stage. He then ended up coming on stage. You were on stage for around 30 or 40 minutes, right? I don’t remember. It was so boring. Goodness. (Terrified) I thought you were taking a weapon out. He said, “Good luck with the show, Byeongjin.” He said bye-bye and left. The audience then got up and clapped. When he left? He’s working really hard right now. I feel more relaxed now that he’s silent. Really? It’d be good if he could just keep working while we bring in the money. (Draw the design, cut with a leather craft knife) (Prepare to put the inner sheet in place) (Insert holes for the stitches to be made) (Stitch the leather together) (Focused) (Use alphabet stamps to print letters) (To be continued) It’s great to see him on television so quiet and focused. I think he’s going to punch you soon. This ends in an hour, right? – It’s almost over. / – Right. He’s just working on the leather. All he’s doing is making the wallet. – He’s not doing anything else. / – I spoke to him. I told him not to speak a lot on live television. We’ve received a lot of requests. People want to hear Minsu’s famous lines. I can’t ask him. Why not? – Do it. / – What? Your famous lines. – I have a favorite line. / – Right. “I thought I could have you if I did this.” Can you say that? (Legendary lines) “I thought I could have you if I did this.” Can you say that? That’s what people want to hear. Not us. Sejeong wants to hear it. From “Sandglass.” A lot of people impersonate that line. – There comes a moment when… / – It distorts. Yes, it changes. (Numerous parodies) (Growing further away from the original version) (An array of distorted impersonations) I thought you were a saint. I thought I could eat meat if I did this. This is my meat! – There comes a moment when… / – It distorts. Yes, it changes. Sometimes, we want to hear the real thing. Do it for the customers. – I want to listen too. / – We’ve never heard it. Could you do us the honor, Minsu? Please say it. I thought I could have you if I did this. You’re my woman. I thought I could have you if I did this. You’re my woman. – That’s not how you said it. / – It’s strange. Your expression was really desperate. As Minsu would say, “It’s a force of habit.” His comments… I’m close to Minsu but I don’t call him up that often. One day, I thought of Minsu. I texted. “Sorry, I haven’t called you often.” He sent a really memorable reply. “Byeongjin, we should miss those we like. Don’t call me often.” “Don’t call me often.” People should use that line. Have you ever made gifts for your wife? A purse, bracelet, bag. – Does she like it? / – For sure. – Does she use them? / – Of course. I’m really proud of the things I make. – Really? / – Yes. – You don’t sell them? / – No. I think a lot of people would like to own your goods. When my friends come to my workshop and ask how much it costs, I feel offended. – Putting a price to them? / – Because… For me, it’s like a piece of art. That’s why leather items… For example, Seungsu is a little small. I design a bag, size it to suit his build. – This too? / – He made that for you? For today’s show… Minsu mentioned it so you would show off this bag. – Take it out. / – You have to be quick to act. Right, show us. I design a bag, size it… – This too? / – He made that for you? For today’s show… He made this bag himself! It’s nice. Wear it. Try it out. He suddenly called me. I always carry my laptop. He asked how big it was. He made this bag for me. Look at this. It says drummer. Let’s open it. Turn around. This leather… Sometimes, people cut off the bottom to steal your things. This leather’s tough. You can’t cut it. I tried cutting leather earlier. If someone wants this bag, they have to take him. I love this emblem in the center. It’s really charismatic. We’re getting a good response. Leather craft, he’s an artist. It looks like a luxury item. What’s this? A cell phone case? This… It’s the same. You can tell he made it himself. He stitched this himself. The stitches show on the inside and outside. This is stitched in, this is stitched out. It must’ve been hard to stitch in. Sejeong, is there anything that you like? I really like the backpack. – Backpack? / – Try it on. Who knows? Minsu could make a bag for you too. We’re getting a great response. We’re not selling this item but we want to show our craftsman’s skills. Wow. – The size is perfect. / – Move your ponytail. Please turn around. It’s pretty. It looks totally different on Sejeong. It’s really different. It’s pretty. The bag has found its owner. Read that post out loud. Give it to Sejeong. Give it to her. People keep telling you to give it to her. Minsu, Sejeong really likes this bag. (Is her smile going to win her a bag?) I made that thinking of Seungsu. – Take it off then. / – Right. It says drummer on the straps. Change drummer to Gugudan. Make her an extra pair of straps. Minsu’s angry. Okay. Sejeong, thanks. Sit down. I made a mistake! What is it? I was supposed to cut this. Where? When you take the cards out? – I have to cut it. / – I think you can do it now. I was checking to see if you were making fun of me. What’s happened… When you open up the inside, you need to be able to see the card to take it out. He didn’t make the round cuts. It’s okay. If you have long fingernails, you can take it out. If not… – I’ve cut it. / – He’s done it. Okay. (He’s cute) It’s done. I’ve made it but I need to finish up. How many minutes are left? – Around 5 minutes. / – 5 minutes? You need to add lotion, make it look pretty. That’s what I’m about to do now. That makes the leather look so pretty. I was really surprised. – That really changes the leather. / – It does. Take a look. Minsu… He’s touching it with his bare hands. – Hand-made. / – One of a kind. How about this? Why don’t you deliver this to the person who purchases it on your motorbike? While holding an umbrella? – With an umbrella. / – Let’s pick a rainy day. On a rainy day. We’ll arrange for him to meet them. He’ll tap them from behind. He’ll raise his umbrella. – Hand over the wallet. / – For a special person. That sounds like a good idea. It’s a great idea. – Right? It will be fun. / – I like it. We could film that in secret. You’re painting it? What are you painting it with? – It’s dye. / – Dye. He dyed the leather to make this bag. – He dyed it. / – Right. He can make cell phone cases. – He can make anything. / – We’re getting orders. Do you make cell phone cases too? He made one for our manager. – Really? / – Yes. – Let’s see it… Manager. / – He made it? – It’s a cell phone case. / – Wallet and case. – Take a look. / – Here? Let me see. He made this cell phone case. Put your phone inside. You can use it as a wallet too. You need to wrap the string. – Like this? / – Yes. When the phone rings… (Frantic) (A thrilling way to receive a call) – Hello? / – You have to be fast. Look. It’s done. It’s nice. I made it in a rush so I don’t really like it. I don’t know who will end up with this. It’s the only one in the world. Please know that I did my best. Of course. Everyone can tell you worked hard. Wow. (They’re amazed) (A freshly made leather wallet) (Standing ovation) That’s the inside. – Try putting a card inside. / – Let’s try that. A card… Wait. Wait a minute. (Pushes hard) – It fits. / – It fits. But you can’t take it out. – Give me that. / – No one will steal your card. – No one will steal it. / – Give it to me. – People can’t use your card. / – Give it here. Okay. This… It comes out easily. – It has to be like this. / – Right. – You’re not going to put just 1 card in it. / – Right. You put several cards in it. It has to be this tight or it falls out. – Should I try it again? / – It can’t fall out. It’s fine. It’s much easier to use. It was okay earlier. – You can think twice about using your card. / – Yes. This… – That’s good. / – It makes you think twice. – No… / – It’s a good idea. I think some people who watched you may think it’s not really that hard to do. Let me tell you this one more time. Leather craft contains Minsu’s powerful spirit. It contains his soul. It’s the only item of its kind in the universe. Today, through Talents for Sale, you can order this amazing product right now. Leather craft, I thought that I could own you. You still haven’t ordered? Place your orders on #0066. #0066. Unique leather craft. He gave good advice, sang for us too. He even made this card wallet. There’s still something that he hasn’t done for the viewers. He should do this before we wrap up. What is it? I think you need to do this to end. – Hold up the umbrella. / – Take the umbrella. – Open it up. / – Hold up the card wallet. – Come this way. / – Hand it to the viewers. You have to do this. Hold it in this hand. I’ll show you a simulation. Open up the umbrella. Do it like this. Look at the camera, cover your face. Then smile. Just do it once. Just do it once. It’s the last time. Geez. Please do it for us. Please play the music. – Now? / – Yes. (Minsu did his best at every moment) (This time?) (One day…) (You receive a courier) (Wait, you…) (For a special person) (The only one in the word) (Who ordered a leather wallet?) (If you want to feel these emotions) (Place your order now on #0066) (Ha ha ha) (What an ugly face) (You’re the best, Minsu) It’s over! We’re out of time. (This was a good day) (Jongkook and Minsu are out of time) (Next up, Seojin’s team) (This music!) (Is this a fashion show?) (The Roman princess walks) (The Roman princess’ catwalk) (She has a headache) (Nominee for NCO) (The Roman princess’ double life) (Seojin looks like a mannequin) (He’s the Terminator!) (Has Seojin left home?) (Fly high!) (Check out Doyeon’s pose) (She’s dancing!) (The Angel of Death) (She walks away after scaring everyone) (I want to buy Doyeon’s height) (Are they drunk?) (Hunched) How is your wardrobe doing? Today, celebrity art… (Still frozen) Celebrity art-tainer Solbi. Visual design student… The fashionable Jang Doyeon. They’re going to paint elaborate pictures on your plain clothes. (Out of trend fashion) (The revolt of ordinary clothes) (Your clothes, shoes, bags, anything) (Solbi, Jang Doyeon’s fashion painting reform) (Talents for Sale) (#0055, place your orders right now) We’re going to sell special, one of a kind clothes. That’s right. The clothes we’re wearing right now are collaborated with Solbi’s art. – This too? / – Yes. Isn’t it stylish? I wore this in my music video. Look at the back of this denim jacket. – You reformed it, right? / – Yes, I did. – It says princess, right? / – Yes. – The Roman princess? / – I’m a princess. I stylize my own clothes like this. – The suitcase you’re holding. / – You painted this? Solbi painted this. Someone was going to throw this out. I picked it up and painted it. – You picked it up? / – It’s really stylish. – I didn’t pick it up… / – You did. Let’s keep that a secret. Old clothes hidden in your wardrobe… – I’m sure everyone has those. / – Right. Don’t throw those clothes out. – I’ll make it into a work of art. / – This comment… You made this for your music video… – But you can make everyday clothes, right? / – Yes. We have 2 clients who would like to experience Solbi and Doyeon’s painting reform. They’ve brought their own items. Wow. – Please come out. / – Our clients? Come this way. Sejeong. Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. 2, 3. Standby, go! Hello, we’re Gugudan. (Gugudan are attractive from head to toe) (Painting reform for girls?) (Gugudan’s Sejeong and Nayoung) – There are 9 members in Gugudan, right? / – Yes. Is there a reason why you two came? Nayoung and I are really close. We went through a lot together. We entered the audition program together. We spent a long time as trainees, lived together. – I’m your fan. / – Really? I loved “Pick Me.” – I rooted for you, Nayoung. / – Thank you. – You’re a great singer. / – Right. Thank you. You brought these items… This… We shouldn’t paint this suitcase. It’s fine. Sorry. You remind me of a high school teacher. The suitcase is fine. It’s fine. Why do you want to reform this? – We want a special friendship item. / – It’s plain. We want it to be special, not just an ordinary design. You’re going to travel a lot together. So it’s easy to identify your luggage, you want a special picture or color, right? I think that’s what they mean. We trust you. – We don’t have a lot of time. / – Let’s begin. (Please make a friendship item for us) (Meanwhile, Jongkook and Minsu backstage) (Enjoying a pleasant conversation with Minsu) (Polite) (Usually, Jongkook…) (He’s the icon of a tough guy) (He can’t help but look down) I feel really tired waiting around. It’s about time you went to bed, right? Is it okay if I sleep? You can wake up later. It’s okay. It doesn’t matter. (Yes, I’m free!) – Let’s begin. / – What should we do first? We prepared fabric to make an eco bag. Let’s all participate. Why don’t we paint it together? – Shouldn’t we make the bag first? / – No, this first. Let me begin. The color’s so pretty. This is already open. She’s going to start off with pink. (It’s like an art class) The meaning of Gugudan… Wow, this is great. Pick a color and begin. I want this. Just continue this painting. I should’ve washed this. (Like Picasso) Sejeong, what are you expressing? For Gugudan to advance into the future. I’m infusing energy. Nice. If you put meaning into the painting… Nayoung, what are you expressing? I’m expressing Gugudan too. – It’s all Gugudan. / – Did your boss make you do it? You keep emphasizing it. – PR is really important. / – So we succeed. Once it dries… – Did you write J.K. with a heart? / – JK? – Is it a secret message? / – Jongkook. Jongkook heart. Did you draw J.K. heart, Sejeong? Goodness… Are you listening? Should I hold your hand? (Like a big brother or something else?) (What’s our relationship?) (Smile) Sejeong’s from A-town. A-town bonds really well. You seem really happy today, Seojin. – He wasn’t like that around us earlier. / – I know. – His expression’s changed. / – I’m shocked. This artwork is meaningful. We’re painting on this fabric… – To make an eco bag. / – It’s going to be a bag? Yes. – I can sew. / – Where’s the sewing machine? I’m going to sew it up. – You can use a sewing machine? / – Of course. I sew like crazy. Good luck! By the way, Minsu is asleep. – Wake him up and join us. / – No. – He’s relaxed. / – It’s better to not invite him. Really? I’ll take good care of him. Minsu’s asleep. Doyeon, if you want to paint with him, you can go and get him. I have to escort him if I want him to join us? (A sleeping lion) Is he really asleep? (Doyeon isn’t afraid) Minsu. – Minsu. / – Yes? – We’re doing something fun. Join us. / – What? Do you want to join us? I just fell asleep. I’m sorry. Go back to sleep. (Anxious) He’s sleeping. But we… Yes. Don’t go to sleep. Please welcome Choi Minsu! Netizens, praise him! What is this? We’re painting. – We’re going to make a bag. / – Who is? – All of us together. / – Together? – Take this brush and paint. / – Me? Yes. – Me? / – We’re making a bag. It’s meaningful as we’re all taking part. Paint something and it will add meaning. Really? (Lurks around) What are you looking for? – I’m looking for a roller. / – A roller? Not a brush? (Basket prop) – You’re going to use that? / – He’s an artist. He’s rolling the paint. Netizens, praise him! – The Gugudan letters… / – It’s so pretty. They were clear. He’s rolled them out. We can’t read 9 now. Hold this for me. We have to help him. It’s really pretty. It’s nice. I’m going back to sleep. – Thank you. / – Thank you. He’s done his part and left us. – It’s really… / – It’s charismatic. It looks good. (Minsu is going back to bed) I used bleach to write the letter 9 here. It’s pretty. The dye’s really easy to remove. I’m going to begin working on it. 9 has met an eye. It looks like a luxury brand jacket. She’s really good. (Artist Gwon Jian’s hands get to work) (A plain denim jacket is given new life) – Are the jackets done? / – I’m drying it now. It’s beautiful. – Should we do the suitcases now? / – Yes. (They work on the suitcases while the paint dries) Are you going to paint it all? No? You’re painting the number 9. (The complex world of art) Seojin, what sort of response do you expect? Why are you asking me that? You feel the same way, right? Since last week, the guests have no talent… (It’s not easy) (Suitcases transformed into abstract art) Look at that. We don’t even squeeze ketchup like that. That suitcase… I wonder if they’ll really want to carry that. The painting that Doyeon has done… It looks like “The Scream” by Munch. (The screaming suitcase) It just makes me want to scream. (They could get caught at customs) (It will be easy to identify their bags) Just buy them a suitcase. It looks like a zombie will pop out of the suitcase. It looks like a ghost will pop out. Someone even said “Train to Busan Suitcase.” (A suitcase is on this train) (Protect your daughter from the scary suitcase) (“Suitcase to Solbi”) Can we try these jackets on? I think this one’s okay. Which one? Try it on. I want to wear one too. It’s almost dry. Do a turn here. Turn around with your suitcase. (Excited) (Happy) (The home shopping fairy loves it) Do you like the suitcase? I do. I really love the initials. There’s only one suitcase like this in the world. Also, Solbi made it for me. Doyeon, is the bag almost finished? Yes, it’s going well. (Doyeon sewing factory is in full motion) (A sewing machine slave) (It contains a painting that they created together) (A unique eco bag) Today, with Solbi and Jang Doyeon… We painted to create clothing and bags. Now, it’s your turn. We’ll give your fashion with the gift of art. (Plain jackets transformed into standout items) (Plain suitcases now contain personal meaning) Luxury painting reform. If you want this, don’t hesitate. Order right now on #0055. #0055. (Get lucky) (It’s our turn at last) (Hongchul’s team) (Guest house ha ha) (Sangryeol, the master of language) (The dog is working hard) Hello, everyone. At last, I get to introduce this product! Look at these cute creatures. There are two kind men who really love these creatures. This product is customized for pets. Ji Sangryeol, Hwang Jaegeun’s guest house. Order now on #0077. (Text your orders) Hwang Jaegeun’s service is called “Dog It Beauty.” (The era of 10 million pet dogs) (Puppy clothes are fashionable too) (Popular designer Hwang Jaegeun’s pet fashion) – Mungchi, come here. / – Hi. Hi, Mungchi. – Sit, Mungchi. / – She’s so obedient. – Tell us about Mungchi. / – Who is she? She was given to me by Boom. I’ve been raising her since she was 1. She’s now 8 years and 9 months. That’s around 60 in human age. She’s a lady. She’s never been married. Sangryeol, you’re famous for having a lot of dogs. – How many do you have? / – She’s the youngest. Of how many dogs? She’s the youngest of 7 dogs. Wow. Is it similar to humans? The eldest gets the best clothes. The youngest is handed down clothes, right? Yes, it’s inevitable. Today is just for Mungchi. It’s fall now. So she looks like me. It’d be nice if Jaegeun made her a trench coat. (Pet and owner fashion) (First product, couple look with your pet) Then let’s get to work. Take your coat off. You can reform mine too? Leave it here. – Thanks. / – You’re going to decorate it? That’s right. I have a lot of coats lying around at home. It smells like a lonely old man. (He kills his own team) Sangryeol, while Jaegeun designs clothes, I heard you also prepared something. What are you going to do? Let me give Mungchi some water first. She has a long tongue. I just thought of this. No shopping… Is it okay if Sejeong holds her? – Okay. / – That’s good. – Sejeong, do you like puppies? / – I do. – Then join us. / – She has a lot of love to share. She’s really nice. Hold Mungchi. She loves it. – Sit down, Mungchi. / – Mungchi’s relaxed now. Sangryeol, what did you prepare? I prepared a homemade pet snack. (Second product, Sangryeol’s pet snacks) For all the pets in Korea, I’m going to make a snack. Describe it for us. To put it simply, it’s a healthy pizza. – Pizza? / – Yes. – Do dogs eat pizza? / – Of course. They even have dog beer now. – Dog beer? / – Yes. But they don’t get drunk. – So they can join their owners? / – Yes. (Pizza and beer today?) I had no idea. Always make the dough thin. – You make shapes. / – Yes. – Mash the sweet potatoes. / – Mash it. – And… / – Add milk to the sweet potatoes? 1 or 2 spoons. Why are your hands so shaky? 2 spoons. You must be nervous because this is live. No, I have hand tremor. Anyone can make this. On top of the flour dough… Sejeong, you really like Mungchi. Have you ever raised a dog? In the country, when I was a baby. – What kind of dog? / – It was just a mutt. – A mutt? / – Yes. Mutts are actually very cute. We used to ridicule them in the past but it’s not bad. Keep cooking as we speak. Otherwise, we’ll run out of time. You seem like my owner. (I’m so hungry) (He speeds up) (An expert was contacted for this recipe) (5. Add cheese on top of the sweet potatoes) (6. Add carrots and dried pollack powder on top) (7. Cook slightly on a hot frying pan) (8. Microwave for 20 to 30 seconds) – It’s all done. / – Is it ready? It looks good. Everyone’s watching Mungchi eat. They think she’s really cute. (It’s hot) It has to be cooled down. – Is it because it’s hot? / – Yes. (Blow) Everyone, please watch this glorious moment. – Mungchi. / – She’s taking the first bite. Mungchi, eat it. Wait. Mungchi… You worked hard to prepare this. I understand how Mungchi feels. It’d be nice if she ate well but she’s not used to the surroundings. I can understand her. We don’t want her to feel uncomfortable. (I usually have a big appetite) Jaegeun… It’s so elaborate. What’s the concept? Flowers live on the flower field… I’m making it a little childish. She’s 60 years old. – Oh… / – Mungchi. She should live a happy life. Be young and happy. Let me explain further. In designer terms, we call this a wappen. You can buy this really cheap at the markets. For $1, $2, $3. This is really trendy right now. Embroidery’s really trendy at the moment. Just spend a few dollars and make a unique design that’s priceless. (1. Prepare a variety of wappens) (2. Arrange on clothes) (3. Remove paper on sticky surface) (4. Stick on to clothes) (5. Use a glue gun to attach firmly) (The transformation of an ordinary trench coat) (Mungchi’s coat is hot too) It’s nice. I used wappens and fringes. It’s pretty. Retro is really popular this fall. I used colorful wappens and fringes. You can stick and remove them. It’s beautiful. – I… / – I want it. – What’s this? / – I used your belt. – It’s mine. / – We don’t have much time. I reduced his belt, added holes. I made a collar. – Let’s try this. / – Yes. It’s nice. – Attach the leash here. / – Nice. Let’s try it. – Do you like it, Sangryeol? / – I love it. – It’s different. / – We have a lot of old belts. The necklace is really stylish. The materials are really cheap. – $1, $2, $3. / – Mungchi looks hot. Mungchi, come here. She looks hot. – Nice. / – She could wear it with the dress. – Nice. / – Play some music. Mungchi looks so different. She’s so stylish. (A great product for just 10 cents) (Couple look fashion with your pet) (Order on #0077) Pet sitters don’t just care for puppies. They should care for all types of pets. We need to verify that… – So people can purchase. / – I’m scared. A client who raises a pet has come to see us. Really? Let’s bring out today’s client. (This song?) Who is it? – Outsider. / – Outsider! (17 syllables in just 1 minute) (Korea’s fastest rapper) (Outsider) It’s here. Nice. Goodness! It’s a tortoise. It’s a tortoise. Wow! – It’s okay. / – Outsider. – I’m glad we chose pet sitter. / – Say hello first. Hello. I can speak at 300km an hour. I’m totally different. I’m Outsider and I’m here with my cute pet. Hello! You’re so fast… How should I put this? (Outsider’s house of strange pets) (Let me introduce my house) (We have a big family) (This is at 3x speed) (Let us love each other) (Snake and turtle reside together here) (A haven of peace…) (Hello) (Utopia of reptiles) (Should I visit the studio?) – It’s handsome. / – It’s beautiful. It’s good looking. You have a lot of pets. Why did you bring this one? I have a lot of pets at home. I became interested in reptiles after I felt hurt by people. After I felt hurt by people, I stopped wanting to rely on other people. I decided to raise pets that I would just have to give love to. That’s why I started raising wild pets. I realized that you can communicate with them. – You can communicate? / – Yes. The turtle feels really awkward here. It keeps walking backwards. It feels awkward. (Back steps) (Where am I? Who am I?) This is an African spurred tortoise. It’s the third largest species in the world. Galapagos then Aldabra then this. It’s a large tortoise species. It’s special. It’s looking for its owner. – It recognizes you. / – It turned. How long have you raised this? This tortoise is around 20 years old. I’ve had it for around 4 or 5 years. – Wow. / – You can touch it. It’s used to being around humans. If you get bitten by a turtle… – Your finger could get bitten off. / – Right. This tortoise is really strong too. – Then… / – Your fingers… You should be careful. Reptiles have a really low IQ. They act on instincts. If you shout suddenly, they get shocked. Otherwise, they’re really people friendly animals. – Yo, man. / – Wow. People are asking how you raise tortoises. It’s a really tough job. You stood up as soon as he said it bites. – No, no. / – No. The reason why some people don’t raise pets is because it’s so sad when they pass away. – I bet this lives a long time. / – It does. – It will live longer than you. / – How long? What if you die first? That’s why I raise these sort of pets. I can treasure them for a long time. You can hand them down to your children. That’s why I like them. Let’s say you have to perform overseas. – You can’t leave this pet alone. / – Right. These two… He’s an expert on animals. He makes animal fashion. If these 2 men… – Would you let them mind your pet? / – I don’t know. Why not? It’s really difficult to raise these creatures. There’s so much to take care of. In my case, I love pets. Since I was little, I’ve raised fish that live in the Amazon. Want to try it now? Take my tortoise, Sangryeol. – Play with it. / – You’re a pet sitter. Want to try and take care of it? Yes, okay. – First, let’s feed it. / – Feed it? Let’s feed Wanggeon. What does Wanggeon eat? – He likes squash. / – He likes squash? His favorite food is squash. – He eats a lot of vegetables. / – Vegetables. Wanggeon’s big so he eats a lot. He can eat up to 30 or 40 of these a day. – This isn’t even a meal then? / – No. – It’s a snack. / – Wow. You need to farm squash to raise Wanggeon. It costs a lot. Outsider makes a lot of money these days… – This is nothing. / – It’s out of season now. How do you feed it? – Cut it? / – Hold the squash. Hold it? Show us first. You need to make it aware that it’s food. – Go close and let it smell it. / – It’s sniffing. Tortoises have a good sense of smell. Let it smell and identify that it’s food. – It’s opening its mouth. / – It’s testing it out. It’s so cute. – It’s opening its mouth. / – It’s testing it out. It’s so cute. If you hold it too close, it could bite your finger off too. Hold the end, at an angle. – It bites it like this? / – Like eating fruit. – It’s cute when it eats. / – It’s cute. – It’s cute when it eats. / – It’s cute. It eats a lot and produces a lot of poop too. It poops a lot more than humans. I’d be happy to clean up after it. – Really? / – It’s so cute. (Gobble) You could use its mouth to chop wood. – It eats a lot. / – That’s a good idea. – Is it okay to touch it? / – It’s okay. – I feel happy just watching it eat. / – Right. It likes to eat. – It’s really adorable. / – Right. You have a big appetite. I like you. I think you’ve brought more pets, right? – Who else? / – There’s more? This is a bearded dragon. – It’s big. / – It’s good-looking. Wow. – Goodness. / – Gosh. Wait a minute. It has a beard under its chin. That’s why it’s called a bearded dragon. Sejeong, you’re really immersed. – Do you like reptiles? / – Come close and look. – Touch it. / – Come close and look. Hana from Gugudan… She loves reptiles. – Some people like them. / – Hello. Hi. – How cute. / – She’s communicating already. It’s so pretty. – Can she hold it? / – Is it okay? Also, the thing is… It’s easy to take care of because it’s so mild. Gosh. It’s tame. It’s really soft. – Women aren’t scared. / – It’s cute. A lot of women raise snakes, lizards overseas. – Right. / – A lot women. It’s so pretty. I think I could look after them, Hongchul. Outsider doesn’t just raise these animals. – He has more pets. / – More? Who else? – Let me introduce someone else. / – Backstage? I’ll bring it out. What about this guy? Just leave it here. Wanggeon will just keep eating. – As long as it has squash? / – It will just eat. (I’m happy as long as I have my squash) (Shock) Goodness. Goodness. (Outsider’s special friend is a boa) Wow. Wow. It’s so beautiful. They’re different colors but they combine well. – Right. / – They’re different species. It’s a boa. This is a normal morph, this one’s an Albino. – Albino? / – Yes. – Boas can gobble up elephants, right? / – Yes. (I won’t hurt you) They like to be touched. – Really? / – It likes to be touched. – Then the pet sitter… / – It’s really smooth. Always stroke it with your hands. You have to communicate. Try it now. I’ll put it around your neck. Gosh. (I like this guy) It likes you. It’s okay. You can’t feel afraid. This is good. If you feel scared, they can sense it. Right, they know. Humans are higher up on the food chain. Just be confident, love it. – Communicate… / – Can I try it too? Yes. – This is great. / – I love snakes. – What’s its name? / – Silva. I’m not just saying this. It’s great. It won’t stand out because we’re the same color. Your pants look like snakeskin too. Really. Silva looks like me. That looks like Jaegeun. – The texture’s amazing. / – Use your hand. Goodness. Don’t be shocked. Put it around your hand slowly. – Around my hand. / – You love them. – It’s like putting wire around. / – It will wrap itself. – Nice. / – It’s like wrapping wire. How does it feel? It’s really smooth. Compared to fabric, it’s like silk. It’s not wrapped around me. It’s just attached. It feels like someone else’s flesh. These creatures remove their skins… – So they’re clean. / – Right. We gave Mungchi a fashion item. Can you wear couple clothes with these guys? That would be really nice. Their clothing’s already beautiful. – Their skins are great. / – How about hats? – Hats? / – Yes. – Wanggeon too. / – Is that possible? We can reform something like small dolls’ hats. – The skin’s already beautiful. / – Let me search. – Let me take a look. / – Decorate hats. – Something like this. / – How cute. It looks similar to my cap. – Nice. / – Use that. I think we can use doll items like this. It’s nice. It’s very pretty. – Right. / – Show the viewers. Show the camera. I can’t see it myself. Watch it on TV later. For just 10 cents, for your lovely pet… Present them with a special day. Order right now on #0077. They will join you! We didn’t get to do much. It’s okay. We started off well! That ends the broadcast of Talents for Sale. The live broadcast has ended so we’ll stop receiving order texts. 3, 2, 1. End of orders! The winning talent product will be decided after today’s home shopping and TV broadcast. I’m your home shopping fairy, Kim Sejeong. Ppyororong! (Delivery of the eleventh talent product) (Someone’s preparing ingredients) (Which talent product will be donated?) Hello. – We… / – We came first. Our food was so delicious. Our opponents were really pathetic. They were weak. We beat them and came first. Someone sent us a request. – They did. / – Read it for us. Requesting Seokcheon, Jiyoon’s food truck. I dream of becoming a figure skater like Kim Yuna. I practice hard every day. I’m Ji Subin. I’m in 5th grade. I train from dawn until late night. I feel hungry and want to eat delicious food. I want to eat with the other team members. Please come and see us. Subin’s so sweet. She wants to share the food with the other members. – We’re near the ice rink. / – Yes. Let’s go and meet her now. – Should we go? / – Yes, let’s go. It’s cool inside. (Future figure skaters train hard at the ice rink) Did you see that? Did you see her spin? She did 3 spins. I saw the Yuna spin. – Yuna spin, wow. / – They’re so good. They’re good. – I can do a Yuna spin too. / – Let’s do it. (Hong Seokcheon’s other talent?) (Figure skating queen, Kim Yuna) (Copy me if you can) How? (What?) (Give you what?) (Chef…) (2 servings of fools here) (What are they doing?) (They make eye contact) Let’s go ask the future Pyeongchang athletes. – Hi. / – Hello. Which one of you is Ji Subin? Subin sent us a text message saying that she wants to share delicious food with you all. That’s why we’re here today. – Are you looking forward to good food? / – Yes. Let’s go! Let’s go! I’m so happy. (Seductive food truck for future figure skaters) If you figure skate, do you have to watch what you eat so you stay thin? Yes. Subin, what do you most want to eat? – Something delicious. / – Delicious? It must be hard watching your diet. Chef Wonil and I will work hard… To cook something delicious. The menu isn’t just something that’s easy to make. There’s fruit, vegetables, meat and bread. We thought about the nutritional value. We made a menu that’s perfect for athletes. (Sizzle) (Slurp) (A nutritional dish for Subin and her friends) (Fruit salsa chop steak) Tell us if you want more. (They dig in) Who wants more beef? Me! Sorry but these girls are figure skaters, right? They’re not judo athletes? Jiyoon couldn’t be here today. She made tarts and sent them here. (Jiyoon’s the baker of the food truck) (She made dessert and sent them) Jiyoon wanted to be here today but she couldn’t be here so she sent dessert. She made tarts for you. It’s waiting for you. (Thank you, Jiyoon) (Tart-holics) – Is it good? / – It’s good. (The girls love their tarts) It’s delicious. – Subin, is it good? / – Yes. – Do you all like it? / – Yes. – How good is it? / – Totally good! I’m so happy. (I’m glad they like it) Everything was good. Seokcheon, Wonil, thanks for making us delicious food. I’m full so I’m going to train hard. She’s the best! It’s great to see them looking so happy. – I feel so happy. / – I know. We’re honored to cook for them. – You’re in love with this food truck. / – Yes. To the figure skaters and Subin, we wish you the best of luck. Good luck! (Thank you for sharing your talent) (Hong Seokcheon, Lee Wonil, Park Jiyoon) Talents for Sale begins now. (People who took part on Talents for Sale) The messenger of laughs, Park Narae. (Lee Seojin, Kim Jongkook) (Noh Hongchul, Kim Sejeong) (26 teams of talent donators) (Ahn Junghwan, Song Sohee, Robot Hubo) (Seo Janghun, Ha Seokjin, Steve and Yoni) (Hong Kyungmin, Cha Taehyun, Park Narae) (Chef Kim Sohui, Zico, Moon Seyoon’s circus) (SISTAR, Park Suhong, Julien Kang, Kim Shinyoung) (Kim Jongmin, Solji) (Kim Junhyun, Hwang Chiyeul, Lee Yeongpyo) (Roy Kim, Kim Yeongcheol) (Yu Huiyeol, Ryu Seungsu, Hong Seokcheon) (Park Jiyoon, Kim Jimin, Heo Gyeonghwan) (Ji Sangryeol, Hwang Jaegeun) (Solbi, Jang Doyeon, Choi Minsu) (And…) Using my talent to provide comfort… Sharing and using my talent to do something useful for another person, that’s really important. I’ve come to a house that needs me. He prepared so much. Having a celebrity host… I was so surprised and happy. Thank you for purchasing my talent. I felt really happy. It’s a first so I’m really happy. I’m grateful to my daughter. I know why this program is necessary. We’ll never forget this. Thank you. This last stage has really impressed me. I’ve learned a lot. Go, Talents for Sale! Bye! (See you again with another great talent product) (Thank you for watching Talents for Sale)

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