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Taking The Gloves Off

August 27, 2019

Robert: While you’re standing
with me this morning, boy, I tell you what,
when you feel the goodness of God, you don’t always
know what to do. Turn with me, if you will,
please, to the book of Jude. The book of Jude. I loved preaching about heaven. Several weeks before that,
we preached some messages on Christ. I made a statement last Sunday night in the message that just
kind of resounded over and over in my own mind and heart. I would deal with that. The book of Jude, beginning,
of course, with the first verse. “Jude, the servant of Jesus
Christ, and brother of James, to them that are sanctified by
God the Father, and preserved in Jesus Christ,
and called. Mercy unto you, and peace,
and love, be multiplied. Beloved, when I give all
diligence to write unto you of the common salvation,
it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you.” What? “That you should earnestly
contend for the faith once delivered unto the saints. For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before
of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men
turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only God,
and our Lord Jesus.” If you would, please drop down
to verse number 21. “Keep yourselves in the love
of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ
unto eternal life. And of some have compassion,
making a difference. And others save with fear,
calling them out of the fire.” What? “Hating even the garments,” what? “Spotted by the flesh. Now unto him that is able to
keep you from falling,” and aren’t you glad of that? “And to present you faultless before the presence of his glory
with exceeding joy,” aren’t you glad of that? Read that 25th verse, read it out loud… Lift your hands and ask that
your God would help the pastor to preach this morning. Come on, I need somebody praying for me. Another verse–
you may be seated. Another verse that will fit with
my message this morning is from the book of Romans
chapter number 1. “They will change the truth
of God into a lie.” I’m afraid that I have met some
of those who will change the truth of God into a lie. I told you I believe I’ve met some of those W-H-O. I have a prayer request for you this morning. I’ve never been more serious in my life than I am right now. I have never been more serious when I’m asking you to pray
for me. But I’m going to tell you
how to pray. I want you to pray that before
God would let me sin against you, sin against God, I would
rather he would kill me. That’s a prayer request. I mean every word of it. Before we would ever depart
from the truth, giving heed to seducing spirits
and doctrines of devils, I’d rather die in the faith. Brother Clendennen said he had a vision, you’ve heard it. He realized that he was looking into hell, that there was a man
running through the fire. He would pick a man up, and look
at him, and throw him back in the fire, only to go to another,
pick him up, look at him, throw him back in the fire. Brother Clendennen said, “God, what am I seeing?” He said, “You’re looking at a man in hell looking for
the preacher that lied to him.” If I didn’t say anything after
that, that’s a message in itself. Last Sunday night, preaching on the Holy Spirit, I don’t know if
you picked up on it or not, but I made the statement that
ministers have departed the faith. They no longer are preaching the truth. They no longer are sounding the alarm. It’s amazing how God works with a preacher’s mind and his heart
because I’m not telling you everything I said last Sunday
night, but I knew that somewhere in that was a message, and
you’re getting it this morning. I got call after call after call
last week. I can’t tell you what the
preachers were telling me. I’d never been so alarmed, I’d
never been so flabbergasted. I’ve never been so shocked at
verbiage and language being used in the pulpit. One man, almost weeping, he said, “Brother Robert, what am I
going to do?” He said, “I love these people. I’ve pastored them 12, 13, 14, 15 years. And they’re leaving me. And where they are going,” and
he began to tell me. Youth, moms and dads, husbands
and wives. My message to us here this
morning is along the line of what I read in the book of Jude. The first thing that you did was introduce himself. Brother Walch brought it out all those years ago, he said, “When
we write a letter, we sign our name at the end of the letter. But in the Bible, they sign their name at the first, ‘I,
Paul. Peter, an apostle. Jude, a servant.'” Everything in this, mercy, peace, love,
multiplied to you, the common salvation, you just name it. And before we get down to these latter verses, with a giving
glory to God, there is something that he put in there between. I’m going to tell you we’re not home yet. But we’re a long way from where we got saved. There’s a lot of things that we have to battle with in the
middle. A lot of things are going on. I’m going to preach to you today, “Taking the Gloves Off.” I’m not very good with titles. Every time I preach, one of
those precious girls in the office come to me, “What did you
title that?” I say, “You give it a title. You heard it. I don’t know, make one up.” If someone wants it, just remember what you named it so
you know what to go get. I believe that this earth is
filled or has in it, put it that way, godly men, Holy Ghost
filled men. I believe there are men that are
walking this earth that are called of God, prepared to
preach the gospel, and every time they get up, I believe they
get up and say, “Thus saith the Lord.” The man that called me Friday or whatever day it was, he
referenced two churches in his city. One ran 18,000. Another ran whatever it was,
10 or 12,000, I don’t know. But when he began to tell me
what was going on, I was shocked. I was glad I was sitting down. But then I was reminded of this. I preached to you years ago when that Jesus of the vine withered
branch, right? Every branch that beareth not
fruit, he cuts it off. I want you to notice the latter
part of that verse, “And there gathered of men.” If you’re interested in the gathering of men, there are
places where they are. If I told you what I have on my
mind this morning after what I heard, I looked at my watch. And that man that talked to me for 24 minutes and some few
seconds, with very few words from me. He was so troubled. And another man that I heard
from. They’re men of God, they’re
holy, they fear God. They only preach what God puts
in their life and in their hearts. I don’t know when it all started, but it has so
escalated, it seems like it could have happened just
yesterday. I’ve never seen such apostasy. I’ve never heard such alarming news in all of my life as what’s
going on now. I’m going to be honest with you. I’m hearing things that I’m not shocked by it necessarily, but I
did not think the church would still be here when that was
going on. I thought surely God is going to
remove his people before some of these things began to happen. Do you know a simple definition of apostasy? You no longer believe what you once believed. I was at home one day praying years ago. I believe it was God that spoke to me, and he said, “Son, it’s
not only individuals and people that are falling away, the time
of the falling away. Jesus cannot come. How many of you believe Jesus is coming? Shout amen. The end cannot come except there
come a falling away first. I believe God spoke to my heart,
and he said not only individuals, denominations,
fellowships. I’ve lived to see that happen. One guy that called me, he told me that there–and he told me
where the church was, that the pastor of that church–I’m going
to take the gloves off. The pastor of that church will
tell you, “If you run 100 to 200 people in your church, if you
will come to my church where it’s at and spend a few days
with me, I’ll have you running 600.” I’m going to call names. John Osteen, one day Brother
Clendennen and I went to his missions convention. He looked at Brother Clendennen, he said, “Brother Clendennen,
I want to talk to you for a minute.” He said, “If you’ll let me, I can get Kenneth Copeland,
Kenneth Hagin, I can get all of these guys to your church, and
you’ll have the growth that I’ve had.” Jerry Savelle, all the rest of them. Brother Clendennen looked at him, said, “John, I’ve got a
question for you. What would I do with them when I
got them? Because I don’t believe one
thing that they believe, and they don’t believe anything that
I believe.” Maybe I have to bleep those out
of the CDs, DVDs, but that’s who it was. Brother Clendennen preached to us, “If all you want is a crowd,
you’ll do anything to get one.” Broad is the way that leads to
destruction, and many there are that walk in that way. Straight is the way, narrow is the gate, and few there are. One thing I told that preacher the other day, I said,
“Calm down now. Just calm down a minute. It’s all in your Bible. Jesus said, “When I come back,
will I find any faith?” But he said, “I’m going to cut
those days short.” Men in judgment are going to
rise and say, “We prophesied in your name. We cast out devils in your name.” He said, “I don’t even know you. Go serve the one you served on
earth.” I’m telling you this morning if
you do not want me as your pastor, I’m only an invitation
away of getting out of your way. But you better be careful who
you listen to. You better be careful who you
follow. You better be careful who you
listen to their tapes, CDs, read their books. None of us are perfect, but there are those that have crept
in unawares. You didn’t recognize it, you
didn’t see it, you didn’t know that was coming. Whose God is their belly. It’s in your Bible that any man
that preaches to you that gain is godliness. Run from him. In your Bible, any man preaches
gain as godliness, run from him. Oh, Brother Dad Ritchie, I’ve
only heard the story, of course. Dad Ritchie over in Houston,
when he died, they were going to bury him in a pauper’s grave. At his funeral, they had flatbed trucks or large trucks. And the funeral procession was made up of trucks filled with
wheelchairs, crutches, canes, whatever else. But he didn’t have enough money to pay for his funeral. Preachers went together and come up with this money to bury that
man of God. I’d like to know how many of
these guys with their millions and their jet airplanes that,
when they want to have an operation, they go out of the
country so nobody will know they had surgery. Come back in, and if you go to their service for prayer, if
you’ve got a real problem, they put you in the back room. They put you in another tent. You’re not listening to me. Take the gloves off. We are in the last of the last
days, and the Lord Jesus is coming. I never thought that I would see this apostasy before the
Rapture. I know that preachers used to,
among themselves, ask the question. At what point do you think God’s going to let this thing go
before he takes his church out? I’ve already seen more than I
thought I would. I’ve already heard more than I
thought I would hear. And since my world is mostly
made up of Christians and I don’t watch very much news,
I’m not talking about what I hear out there. I’m not talking about what I see on the news. I’m talking about what I see in the church. I’m shocked at Victory Temple, where the gospel that we’ve had
in this church for 60 years, the move of God, the prayer, the
fasting, the inerrancy of the Word, Brother Clendennen, my
God, what happens? That devil creeps in unawares. We do not even really understand and know, but I’ve seen more
than I ever thought that I would see. How many of you are believers? Of course you are. As a believer and knowing believers with the vulgarities,
with the morals, with all that I could share with you that is
going on in the world. I would have said never in this
lifetime, you know why? We that are believers, we are
the bride of Christ. That’s my bride right over
there. Come June the 2nd, be 50 years
since I took her from this platform as husband and wife
for the first time. I want to tell you, just like
all the rest of the men here, we’re easygoing. We’re not a danger to you. But if you fool with that bride,
you’re in trouble. Do you feel that way? How tall are you? Six-four. Anybody want to fool this man? He’s not going to fool with you
either. But you go back in that nursery
and you upset that lady, you’re going to fool with this man. We are the bride of Christ. Language, vulgarities, sex,
violence, evil. You can’t even check out of the
grocery line without seeing filth and nudity. It’s in front of you everywhere you go. That’s the work of the devil. That is sin, that’s hell. I guess God is proving that he has a people that will not bow
their knee to that God of this world. We don’t listen to his music. We don’t watch its movies. Maybe some of you do, but you need to get over that. There’s one thing in–and I’m not even through with the
introduction yet. One thing with this message. I began to think of the timidity of the pastor or the preacher,
the evangelist. We are cowards, cowards. Most of the ministry, they’re cowards. They want to be popular. They do not want to deal with
the iffy things. Then I got to thinking, you
know, religion years and years and years and years and years
ago, they took the songs of the blood out of their song book
with this premise: we do not want a bloody religion. When they made that movie “The Crucifixion of the Christ,” they
tell me that was the most gory, bloody thing they’ve ever seen. What I’m saying is an ungodly man trying to make money made a
movie, and the worse he made it, the more popular it was, and the
more money he made. While the preacher, we’ll not
even sing a song about the blood. Cowards. It’s already the law, I’ve been
told, in California. If a pastor or preacher gets up
and mentions homosexuality, they put him in jail. I’m not a hero, but I beg God Almighty so fill me with your
Spirit, just like Peter in the book of Acts, “God, grant to
your servants boldness. Grant to your servants boldness,
that we may declare the unsearchable riches.” In music, movies, television, whatever they can find, they
will use it. They don’t care what it is. While that timid, little old guy that’s not wanting to mess up
his salary, lets the people sitting in front of him,
and go to hell. If I ever get away from this,
God forgive me. I can tell you where this really
hit me, Jim, for the first time, when we went to, what was it,
Lewiston, Texas or whatever, ACE school. That former governor from the state of Indiana or wherever, he
was talking, and he used this Scripture, “Speak the truth in
love.” If I ever get to the place where
whatever I say is not in the love of God, I need to be shut
up, I need to be stopped. When you love someone, you’ll do
anything to save them. You’ll do anything to save them. We’ve not been taken out of the world. So, what have we got to do? We’ve got to remain faithful,
even though it’s going to plunge deeper and deeper and deeper. Then I began to think. They will not endure sound
doctrine, but will heap to themselves teaching–teachers
having itching ears, saying, “Prophesy unto us smooth
things.” Have a great friend, has his own
business. And there were–he’s not
Pentecostal, haven’t been in this church, just a friend. He liked gospel singing. His favorite group, he went to
hear them. Contemporary group, I’ll just
tell you that much. And when–he thought it was the
greatest thing he’d ever seen. When they got through, they
began to put on their rings, break out their cigarettes, talk
like sailors. Did you get what Jude said? “Earnestly contend for the faith.” Don’t read your Bible, but remember I tell you because I
love you, you’re going to pay for it. Lay out of Sunday school because you’re going to show the pastor. You cannot tell me what to do. May I quote you a Scripture? “Obey those that have the authority over you, for they
watch after your soul.” When he said, “Obey those that
have the authority over you,” he wasn’t talking about your boss
in the refinery. He’s talking about that man that
has the burden for your soul. Leave your children out of
Sunday school, leave them out. Young people, go sit somewhere
else. Let that teacher and that class
go on without you. But I want to tell you one day,
they will go on without you, but I wouldn’t want to go where you
may be headed. Thy Word have thy hidden in my
heart. I used to play trumpet a little
bit. Jim and I have talked about
this, he plays the cornet. But he told me one day, he said
people will practice what is easy and what they like, rather
than practicing the things that they need. If heaven was what most people believe it is, I understand why
they live like they live. They live after the carnality of
their own wants. Take the gloves off. They live according to their own pleasure. If you want to do a little Bible study, you go look at the three
sins of Sodom. I’m not going to tell you what
they are. Three sins of Sodom. I’m going to tell you what. It dawned on me sitting at my
desk at home that I have seen those who that have changed the
Word of God into a lie. I want to tell you something. In your Bible, it’s told us that there would come a time when it
would be mother against who? Daughter against mother-in-law. Mother-in-law against–there come a time when it’s going to
be son against father. I know I’m not very popular. I hope I’m in good standing with God. I don’t want to be unpopular with anyone, but if my
unpopularity with you is because of what I believe, by the help
and the grace of Almighty God, you’re never going to interfere
with that. David told Micah
his daughter–his wife, “I’ll become more vile
than this. I pray that God would get me
closer to him than I’ve ever been. It may remove me from somebody. It may remove me from something. But if it’ll get me closer to God,” he said, “I gather you
under my wing, as a hen would her brood.” Now, Jerusalem wouldn’t, but I will. If God will help us, would you look at what I will call–what I
will call, I guess for the lack of–you know, the established
church in America, would you look at it? You see that lady sitting right there? That crooked finger, you may have gotten it mixed up. She come in my office some months ago weeping. She said, “You do not have an idea what’s going on in the
churches in this area right here.” But I’ve got a message for you. Evil men are going to wax
worse and worse. Evil men are going to wax
worse and worse. This thing is spiraling
downward. I’m surprised that the Lord has
tarried this long, but no matter how low it spirals, keep your
eyes. One thing that Christians are
doing, those that are–and some Christians are holding on by
their fingernails. That rope, all that’s left is a
few knots they’ve got tied into it, but there’s nothing under
them. But I want to tell you what
they’re doing. I’m talking about in living for
God, serving God, what they’re doing. What they’re doing is they’re making excuses. They are making excuses. It’s not really what they want
you to believe it is. It’s what they try to convince
you that it is. Hanging on by their fingernails. Jesus said, “I give you life. I give it to you more
abundantly.” Somebody talks about how bad it
is and how sad it is. Go sing that verse to someone
else. I believe the closer you get to
God, the more clear it is, the corruption, the sin, everything. I’m tempted to tell you that one thing. I’m going to preach on that Tuesday or Thursday night. This is a spiritual book. I was sitting in my–
I’ll just tell this one little bit. I was sitting at my house. You know the Scripture that God
puts over nations whomsoever he wills? There’s people in here supported Mr. Obama. There’s people in here that support Mr. Trump. You know, you just take your pick. But God in that same verse in the book of Daniel, when he’s
talking about putting over the nations whosoever he will, he
said, “Even though he be the basest of men.” God said, “I can put even the most wicked, the most defiled.” I don’t know who you voted for. I’ve got the gloves of today,
doesn’t matter to me who you voted for, but I’m going to tell
you why that I believe Mr. Trump won, whether you’re for him,
against him, why I believe he won. God said, “I will bless those that bless you,”
talking to Israel. “I’ll curse those
that curse you.” Mr. Trump said, “I’m going to
move the capital city to Jerusalem.” I know that we give them a lot of money,
but he’s taken a stance. I don’t–he may be the basest of
men, but I say that to say this. Brother Walch said, “God never
puts two trains on the same track at the same time.” He said, “There will come a time when this train that we’re on,
the Gentiles, God is going to take us off the track
and put Israel on that track.” It’s the track of God’s
interest, the track of God’s working. You have your own imaginations and your own thoughts, but I’m
going to try to stay with that which is spiritual, believing
that there’s a reason for everything under the sun. Is God getting ready to turn all of his attention to that Jew? This is not a newscast, but Netanyahu has made friends–I
don’t remember exactly how many, but five or six of those Arab
states that’s been their enemies. Right, have you heard that? I’ve heard that on the news. Something in this earth is happening. And while it’s happening, that church is silent. That church is non-committal. That church is popular. My Bible tells me that if you are of the world, they would
hear you. But he said, “Because you’re not
of the world, they will not hear you.” Just one day last week, these glasses are so heavy, I told my
wife, “I got to get something lighter than this.” We got out an old pair of frames, going all to get lens
put in those. I got stopped, “Victory Temple,
Victory Temple.” Thank you, ma’am. Took two or three steps, “Hey,” from inside a car, “Hey, Victory
Temple.” No matter where we go, it’s just
like that. I love them. But I’m not going to play a game of religions or try to capture
them. As for me and my house, we’re
going to believe in God. We’re going to stand for God,
unmovable, unshakable. It’s going to actually get
worse. I’m going to close with this. Thank you, Jim, for that great choir song. Thank you, Donna, Deanna, and Wendy for the fabulous singing
this morning. The reason it is the way that it
is, do you remember that message I preached to you how many years
ago I had black hair? That’s all I remember. I preached to you on three kinds of believers. Do you remember the message? If not, maybe I’ll break it out
again if I could find it. Three–there are three kinds of
believers: true believers, unbelievers, and make believers. You may even have your soul food,
but you don’t have God food. There is something very special
for the child of God always. Number one, he said–come help
me. I don’t leave you and I don’t
forsake you.” I never slumber, I never sleep.” Promises, “My arm is not shortened that it cannot reach. When the enemy comes in like a flood, I’ll raise up a standard. Your enemy will come in one way and go out ten.” Promises. I’m glad to know this, that
there are still those that have not bowed their knee to Baal. And I’ve got news for the devil. They’re not going to bow their
knee to Baal. Jesus, I’ve brought my message
this morning. I will continue it tonight, pray
the people will come back. Take the gloves off. Say what the people need to hear, not what they want to
hear, but what they need to know. There is life. You said the words that I speak
unto you, they are spirit and they are life. While the world is not afraid to talk about anything, lift
anything up, we who are supposed to have the only real thing
there is in the world, Jesus Christ, we diminish it. Help us, God. I pray that you would help
Victory Temple. And God, I pray for myself
the prayer that I ask the people to pray. God, see my heart before I would ever fail you, before I would
ever sin against you, before I would ever hurt one of these
little ones, sin against them. I would rather you’d kill me. Just take me away before I would have that guilt on my head. I don’t want that blood on my hands. I’d be better if you’d just slip me out. But I pray for this people, that today is the beginning of a new
time for every one of us of searching our lives, our hearts. Do we get offended when we hear the gospel preached? Do we get angry when something comes under the pulpit, even
though it’s the Word of God? If it’s something that we do not
want to hear. God, I must be bold to say it. They must be open to hear it. You will bless the saying, and
you will bless the hearing. In Jesus’ name.

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