Takedown Bow Limbs made out of Old Skis (How to make Bow PART 2/2)
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Takedown Bow Limbs made out of Old Skis (How to make Bow PART 2/2)

August 9, 2019

My old bow OLD BOW

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  1. Whoever tought you to shoot a bow did a good job!! I think yòu must have learnt long bow technique though as, like your style, it doesn't allow time to aim in the fully drawn possition as it isn't good for a long bow. With fiberglass bows you can hold them in the fully drawn possition without damaging the bow. Either way, you're GOOD! Ok, it's a short distance, but it's still hard to get those groupings at that distance (I have my archery instructor's head on!). Have you thought of joining a club? If not, think about it, you're definitely good enough to be winning prizes pritty dam quick!

    Very helpful video, thanks for sharing ????

  2. Jednoduchý a tak perfektný nápad. Máš šikovné ruky. Pozerám, že luk tie nie je cudzí a že si nestrieľal prvý krát 🙂

  3. Is there a wood plank through the skis? Maybe those of 80's, 90's ..? You did a fantastic job! Thanks for this, and now you have a bow….2"

  4. Nice piece, have you got the sizes that you mark up or is is just guess work ? also have you the details of the middle piece please ? Thanx

  5. Nice work. Interesting and workable. Improvement would be to tiller the limbs (balance the curve of the upper and lower limbs during draw), and use siahs on the limb ends for string attachment (better centering of arrows during release).
    Keep up the good work.

  6. I like what you did there. I just couldn't do it myself …i dont have any patience ( more that waiting for my Hoyt Bow to be delivered …great work weaponizer m. Yo do good work.

  7. Отлично.Как изготовлены стрелы,из какого материала?

  8. Обратите внимание как ведёт себя тетива после выстрела на моём видео- интересно.

  9. Draw weight question here as well, guessing 25-30Lb?
    I'd laminate the unused 'waste' part of the ski to the limb at the rear and increase its weight required to reach 28 drawlength, maybe a future adaptation?

  10. Я не понял, в чём разница между луками? Показывает на крепление, а разница вроде в силе натяжения… Кто понял о чём речь, объясните, пожалуйста

  11. Стрелы коротки по-моему для тебя ,лук не растягивается как надо

  12. Very nice tutorial. But could you please make another video bout making the limbs from wood? i dont have skis, we dont even have snow in my country

  13. Robin Hood would be proud to have one you could be one of his merry men . nice video keep em coming . S C UK

  14. Parabens muita técnica para fazer esses arcos muito bom video tambem faço arcos meus arcos sao de madeira artesanal visita o canal Alex Rocha Ramos fique com Deus

  15. Great work
    Music sucks lol
    To bad you don't talk or put words as to what your doing
    Would make for great videos if you did

  16. This is so cool! Would you let this old archer give his opinion? I would not have painted black over ski manufacture symbols but clear coated so all the cool original graphics displayed! I would also spent more time on string/bow slots because of so much width of bow material! I'd get rid of wood knobs an make two part epoxy mix molded with something archery an cool inset in epoxy (example-shine up 4 quarters an dent them with arrow marks, then make epoxy knob handles with them).(something cool not just wood) I'm looking for set of skis because of you, you did Good! Tim p.s. not to brag, just thought you'd like to hear the story, I once shot a perfect 6 sets of 6 arrows or 36 consecutive bull eyes in college archery class along with another archer for 72 consecutive bulls on single target! After first-round with 12 arrows centered on target Instructor made us instructors an she followed our instructions (which was cool!) Everyone else in class stopped an just started screaming an cheering at each shoot an additional bulleye! Their excitement brought a crowd of cheering from around campus, we each felt like Robin Hood shooting for the golden arrow. Cool! Then on last 2 shoots I asked my shooting partner to have us both shoot together the last two arrows. I, being left handed, we stood facing each other, an had shoot so much now together, our releases were instant, an when last two bull eyes hit target, it was hugs cheers like winning some basketball game! Haha! A lot different response from my high school principal cutting up my newly made bow on band saw, all mad, telling us we can't make weapons! Keep shooting an don't let anyone cut up your bows an enjoy that perfect Bull! Tim

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