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  1. Yuli, love you darling. I was there live when u played. Such a great heart marathon XD. Keep up the great content, from Indonesia UwU

  2. The editing and high volume of sound effects is what makes the video terrifying to watch. I thought I don't get easily scared, but I guess those two things were enough. The game as it is isn't that scary though, I am more scared of Yuli… 😀

  3. im watching this video in korea. it would be better if you use korean subtitles. anyway i love your voice and vedio. so please upload video often. thx XD

  4. You have the cutest and most calmed voice I've ever heard, I think you should considerate doing ASMR and gaming streams lol

    Great vid btw

  5. I dont know what scared me the most, the game jumpscares or your screams jajaja. Really good video I want to see part 2 so hard!!!!

  6. Hi cute hahah why I’m doing these to you I think I’ve fallen for you every time I see you in lec and here also ???

  7. Hi. I love your voice, it's very nice, I love this gameplay keeps making more <3 just started on your channel and I love it, greetings from Argentina!!

  8. Stucked between this game's horror and Yuli's cuteness. Play more Horror games! I love how angelic your voice is <3

  9. I like the concept of the heart-rate but is it delayed? your first jump scare it's like afk- and once you are back to normal it goes red :I

    otherwise we need moar of these :vohiyo:

  10. Sorry aber wechsel auf Deutsch dann kann ich dich auch Abonnieren. Kann kein Englisch würde dich aber gerne verfolgen/unterstützen. Wird aber eh nich passieren und geschweige den ob du mir überhaupt antwortest.

  11. I'm used to watch 10 mins highlight league clips but i didn't expect i woukd finish this, of course for Yuli reasons. ??

  12. I never saw you before, you are sympathetic and cute too, dont think that in the wrong way! I subscribe and hope for more good content, horror games are looking funny to you :D! Best regards IronChapter :D, ah btw are you playing in EUW ? (League of Legends)

  13. Damn I wanna go balls deep inside her sweet sugar walls all you see is the nuts hanging out and probly creampie it 3 times in a row she one fine snow white bunny girl

  14. 안녕하세요 율리~ 로스트아크 영상을 보고 팬이 되었어요 괜찮다면 게임asmr 영상도 제작해보세요 목소리가 좋아요

  15. 24:24 just a reminder of where i am for later xD this game is cool tho even better with Yuli getting "cutely scared" xD

  16. I subscribe because the way you talk is so calm and sweet. I wish I have a girlfriend like Yuli. -_- Yuli is love. Only Yuli is life ❤️?

  17. Did you put Korean sub by yourself? If you did, that's awesome. There are only a few mistakes from this 30m video!

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