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[T9A] [QS] Shooting Basics

August 14, 2019

music: swisSisters, “mad leaf” hi there! this is piteglio from the Ninth Age forum, and in this video I wanted to talk about rules in the quickstarter, and specifically focus a bit on one of the quickstarter phases which is
the shooting phase. so in this video we’ll have three sections: a first section
with the very very very basic rules that are interesting to people who have never
played the quick starter or T9A in general. then we’re going to have
a second part with more advanced concepts, and then a final section in which we put together the rules and try and use them to our
advantage let’s start with the first section, which
as we said is the basics of Shooting let’s zoom in into a selection of these
units that we have here. for example let’s have a look at this situation.
you see a unit of Citizen archers from the Highborn Elves faction here that’s five files and two ranks. the
citizen archers have a longbow they can qualify for shooting. we also
have another unit of Skeleton archers skeleton archers also have a sort of bow so they’re also shooters but there is only one of these two units
which can shoot. this is requirement number one: you have to be
able to SEE your opponent in order to shoot at the opponent. so if I
turn the line of sight on, and I select this unit, you see that this unit sees the skeleton archers, and on the other hand the skeleton arches are looking the other way, and so they see
the rest of the battlefield but they don’t see the archers. so requirement number one: you have to see your opponent I showed this to you by selecting the line of sight for the entire unit but in truth you have to
calculate this for every model that’s shooting. so if I take the skeleton
archers and I put them up there, then I put my elves archers here, then
you might see that some of my archers might still see the enemy.
there’s still a portion of the skeleton archers unit which is inside my line of
sight. but as I move down with my archers… …this one still may be the case, but
this Archer here already cannot see its target anymore. so requirement number one: each model that wants to shoot has to have the
enemy in line-of-sight. if it doesn’t have the the enemy line of sight, maybe
some other models in the unit would be able to shoot, but not the model itself.
this was example number one then of course requirement number two is
that you have to have a shooting weapon. I should have said that earlier. when you look at the profile for a given unit, if it has a shooting weapon, then it is stated in the
in the profile. second requirement: the fact of
having the enemy in line of sight is not enough. the enemy also has to be in RANGE of the weapon for each for each model that
wants to shoot. if i am shooting with my Highborn archers at this unit of zombies, which is 8 inches away, then I check the range of my longbow, and I see that the range is 30″ so eight it’s less than thirty.
I’m fine. I’m okay I can shoot at these guys here. but
imagine that I did not want to shoot at these guys over here, but I wanted to
shoot and the sylvan elves archers the distance between my elven
archers and sylvan archers is 33″ so i cannot shoot at them because they are beyond the 30 inches of the Range of my weapon.
let’s remove the meter e put zombies back. how does shooting work with respect to range? it’s the same thing as for the Line of sight:
each model has to have the opponent in Range, if he wants to shoot. there can be
situations where in the same unit of archers, two archers have the model within 30 and
the remaining archers don’t. as we’ve seen for the line-of-sight
issue: same thing. you have to check for each model. once you do that, how do you
actually shoot at the your enemy? let’s make an example with the
Citizen archers and the zombies we have 10 archers and these are armed
with a longbow. it says here that the aim value is a 3+. since
you have one Shot for each of the archers, and you have ten archers, you take ten dice, you roll these ten dice, and you
see how many 3 or plus you managed to roll we roll one, two, three, four and
five. universal battle also tells you “if you need the 3+, it’s
5 of them”. the archers have hit five zombies.
now hitting is not enough. hitting means that you centered your target. but you
also have to make sure that the impact of the hit is strong enough to
cause a wound that makes your opponent unable to keep fighting. in order to
do this you have to Wound your opponent. so first you Hit, you see how many
of your rolls have hit, you take those 5 and then you roll those 5 again
to see whether you manage to Wound you don’t always need the same
result on your roll. you have to calculate what is the result that you need in
order to calculate that, you need some tables. notably you need the “to Wound” table. that table tells you that you have to look at the Strength of the
attack MINUS the Resilience of the target let’s have a look at the Strength of the
bow of the Citizen archers. it has Strength 3. you don’t use the
Strength of the Archer, you use the strength of the bow. it’s not the archer
poking the arrow into the face of the of the zombie. it’s
the strength which comes from the bow, so Strength 3. then we
need to know the Resilience of the Zombies and zombies have resilience 3. you go to the tables, you see that the table for Wounding is Strength MINUS Resilience. 3 – 3=0 it means that you’re gonna wound on a 4+. if my strength is very high and your resilience is very low (for
example if I have strength 5 and you have resilience 3, the difference is 2), it’s gonna be easier for me to wound you
(for example wounding you on a 2 3 4 5 or 6 as a result on the dice). very lengthy explanation i’ll try and be not so lengthy in the future, be faster than this I need to roll the 5 dice
which have Hit, and see if I can make a 4+ to Wound, and I do 1 1 1 2 & 6. so there is
1 hit that also wounds I can take one of the zombies and consider it is dead this is how a shooting unit can inflict
casualties on a target unit. you remove casualties from the back rank.
probably what happens here is that these guys shoot, they kill this
zombie in the first line, then you have some reshuffling around.
you got the idea. they move forward, that’s why you
remove one from the back, even if probably the one who died was at
the front of the unit this is the most basic set of things that you need to know for Shooting the Line of sight, the Range, the Aim of the weapon that you’re using the number of Shots that the weapon can fire,
and then how to Hit using the Aim value and how Wo wound using the Strength of
the of the weapon and Resilience of the target, and then Removing casualties
from the back rank. this is he really basic stuff that lets you have a very general understanding of how shooting works. let’s move now to
the topic of advanced shooting.
let’s move on to section two. music: swisSisters, “mad leaf”

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