Switching Clothes with my Brother!!!!
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Switching Clothes with my Brother!!!!

August 29, 2019

>>Hey, guys! It’s Karina.>>It’s Ronald from, Sis versus Bro.>>And today, we’re gonna be
switching our clothes for one week challenge! So basically,
this challenge is exactly how it sounds. We’re gonna be switching
clothes for one week. I know.
It’s gonna be a little bit crazy, but we’re not gonna be switching shoes
because it might be a pretty big compared to Ronald’s and we got different shoe
sizes here. Okay? But, we’re gonna have to dress up
in each others clothes. Each day, we’re gonna have to dress up
into something different. I’m going to Ronald’s closet, and Ronald is going to my closet.>>It’s easy for you.
What am I gonna do? Like wear some crop tops?
What on earth is that?>>Um…
Really nice shirt.>>Guys, I have no clue how
I’m gonna do this.>>Okay, guys. Now let’s go into each other’s closets
and pick an outfit for today. Let’s go!>>Wish me good luck, I don’t think I’m gonna survive.>>Okay, guys! Now I’m in Ronald’s closet. Let’s see what
I can wear for today. Mhm… Eh… I kinda like this black one. “Chilled”. Maybe this
can work with jeans. He has so many jeans. Which one’s should I pick? Probably these ones. Let’s see what has here. I’m thinking maybe I could tie a sweater
or something around my waist. Hm… Okay, guys! I think It’s actually too hot for a
sweater so I’m just gonna stick with what I got right here. I got a black and white “Chilled”
tee shirt and some jeans. Let’s hope they fit me. Guys! these pants are
too small for me. I gotta find
new ones. Okay, let’s see
what else he has. These ones looks a lot bigger. Yeah, these would
probably fit me now. Okay,
guys. This is the final outfit. I tied up the shirt and added
a hat into the mix. I think it looks pretty good. What do you guys think? Comment down below. So this is my outfit
for day number one.>>Okay, so now. It’s my turn.>>Ron, don’t worry I have a nice selection of
crop tops for you to choose from.>>Oh no… So, guys. Now I’m in Karina’s closet and we’re gonna
be looking here for some pants. I don’t know which ones to pick
because they’re all girly. Which is, sadly. This one?
Okay, okay. There’s something pink here. Oh my goodness.This pink thing
is gonna give it away. It’s so big though. It’s so big! That’s not fair. It’s fairly decent. We’ll leave that in the options. Okay. Something black here, we might look normal. But, this this Is just bad now. No, I wanna look good. I don’t want to look bad. Okay, the shirts is gonna be hard. I wish she just
had a plain gray shirt. That will be just the best. There’s a grey thing here, there’s always
something girly on it. Yeah,
like. What is this? Like, Eiffel Tower? Oh no, it’s Paris! Hahaha,
I got close. No.
I would look way too bad at that. Let’s see.
This one’s black. Sis team?
No way, Jose! What else?
What have we got here? Okay,
is this something good? Yes? Pink,
weird textures? No. Running out of options here. This? This might be the decision. This might be it. Might be too big though. This,
might be it. This, this, this!. Okay!
We’ll leave that in the selections. I [mumbles] find something else. Some things are
white over here, but it feels like something girly. So, let’s go here. This feels girly too. It’s plain white. It’s plain white!
Let’s go! Okay, this
is definitely an option. So let’s try this plain white shirt
and jeans and see how it looks. I’ve got a good feeling. So, guys. This is how I look. I think I look okay, I think I can
survive like this. Day one is
gonna be survival. Let’s go! It’s okay. Not too girly. I think,
I can survive day one. Okay Karina,
are you ready to see me?>>Yeah. Ronald!>>You had a nice jeans
and plain old blank shirt.>>Ronald, you’re too basic!>>I know,
I’m gonna look so good.>>But it’s only day one, guys.
Wait until day seven. So guys, this is how we look
for day number one. We have nothing planned for today
except going for ice creams. So, let’s go find ice cream. Okay guys we are
at the ice cream place. We look pretty normal, I think,
let’s order ice cream, and see if people are gonna
be questioning us. So guys, we got our ice cream. No one’s giving us
any weird looks. That’s pretty easy for day one.>>See you tomorrow.>>So guys, this is day two
of our clothing swap challenge. I just came out of the pool. So my hair is wet but we are about
to go to the restaurant. Sorry, Ronald. We’re about to go
to the restaurant. So we got to pick our outfit. I’m gonna pick my outfit first. Hm… at the restaurant we’re going to
has a beach next to it. And I’m going to be hanging
out near the beach. So maybe you should
be like kind of beach sort of friendly but not
like a swimsuit. Definitely, I need short sleeve and I don’t
know about the shorts. Maybe, I could try
some of the shorts. Hm… He has some white pants. Maybe I could try these on. What other pants
does he have here? Hm… Maybe, these ones. I’ll try those on as well. Now,
we need a shirt. We can look over here, he has a
bunch of shirts here. Hm… Let’s just look through and see
which ones look good. Maybe I can go
for this colorful one. That’s an option. Malibu. This one is pretty,
I like the color. Okay, so I have these two shirts and
these two pants right here and I’m going to try these on. So guys, I went with the colorful shirt and I tied
it up and I also went with the white pants and I rolled them up a little bit. So they’re not as long
as they were before. I think I look pretty okay. I hope Ronald’s gonna look
as bad as me though.>>So guys, this is day two. I’m about to choose
Karina’s outfit. Well, my outfit
from Karina’s closet. Which is a shame. Cannot choose the same kind of pair which
was awesome white shirt. But this, no, no, no. This might be the one. We might go for this one,
today. Which is- okay. We’ll put that in our options. Okay, what’s over here? Hm… okay pants, pants, pants.
I respect it and really big
pants with a weird thing. Oh no, these are overalls. I hate overalls. This might be potential, potential. Did I wore this last time?
This was from last time. So we’re not allowed. That would be
a good choice though. Hmm…Not bad. That’s too girly. Here, this one,
this one, this one. Potential, potential, potential. Hey,
actually I might go with it. We’ll put that in our options. Yes,
my options is just a big pile. Well, soon to be big. Okay, this is no. This is just no. That’s too girly. This, Nope. That’s bad cause I see it
has the things there, and it’s not that good. Wait, wait. These are– These are pants. These are pants. We might go with these actually, and then we can go with this. The school–
the school PE uniform. We might actually
go with this, and this. That would be just
super smart of you, Ronald I don’t know, we’ll put these in our options. Put the winner option. We have potential here. Oh, these look nice. Well, for a boy yeah. Okay,
options. I think I know what
I’m going for. I’m not going for this, because that’ll be too Savage. I’m going for these two.
Because, I think… This doesn’t look
too much as a girl. But, this shirt has stuff on
it and looks girly. It says, oh no it’s Justice. It says justice.
But, we’re in Spain and they don’t
have Justice here. So, they don’t know what Justice is. They might think,
oh! it’s a cool boy shop. But you are wrong my friends. Let’s go change in this bad boy. Oh my goodness. I look decent. Decent for this challenge. Might be better than day one. But, day one was a bit better.
Because plain white. Yeah. Okay,
we’re gonna roll with this. It’s just I need to tighten this.>>Wow,
Ronald. How did you
find this outfit? when are you gonna
wear a crop top or something? When I run out
of combos. [laughs] So guys, so far
I’m doing really good and really
lucky but I’m afraid soon I’m gonna rat out of combos and then I’m going
to have to wear this.>>No, no, no, no. More like this.
>>No, never in life.>>So guys, we are at the restaurant
in our clothes and we’re feeling pretty
good about ourselves. So this day is pretty easy.
Lemon squeezy.>>We also have five more days.>>Okay guys,
this is day three of our challenge. I think I’ve done
pretty good so far. But today, I think I’ve just run out of ideas
to look actually good.>>Same.>>I don’t have a good
feeling about today. Okay guys.
So, I. What I think I’m going to wear… [gasps] This is my shirt and somehow ended
up in Ronald’s closet. I can still wear it because it’s
in Ronald’s closet actually might not be that fair. But Ronald, has his own tie dye shirt here, and I can wear that. This one. It’s not that bad.Mine’s better. But, it’s okay. I can wear this. And for the pants, I never liked
the pants that Ronald had. Let’s go back to the shorts. What kind should I wear today? Maybe I could dig deep at the bottom
and I’ll find something nice or not. I mean, these ones
are alright, actually. And I’ll actually
go with these ones, I think. Yeah,
I think I will. And I’m gonna take
Ronald’s hat. I wore this all the time and make
my hair look pretty okay. And I look better with the hat. So, I’m going to roll with the hat. So guys, this is my outfit. I got the hat backwards on. I tied up the shirt and these shorts
are actually the shortest ones I’ve worn in the last two days I think these are the shortest ones but
they’re still too long. So guys, what do you think of
my outfit for today? Comment down below.>>So guys,
I am in Karina’s closet. Let’s choose an outfit. Okay, I am gonna put these aside because
these are just like meh. Unless there’s a…
Oh. There’s a good one here. “Tomboy” but it’s a– Ew, what’s this? Ew, no! Maybe, Coca-Cola
or maybe not. Okay.
We’ll go here. This is my favorite section
of Karina’s closet. Okay. What pants? Jeans? It has weird things at the back
pockets here which is ‘meh’ so, I don’t want that. Um… No. Same weird thing on the back pocket. I don’t know what to choose. Okay, back pockets are good. Little string,
giving it away. But. Hm…
Okay! Options.
Options. Hm… Ooh! what’s this? Some black pants? Okay,
We’re on to something. I think this is–
I think this is too short. No way. We’re running of options here. What to choose? This is a girly color. No. I don’t know what to choose. We might have to pick something
more fashionable. This. Okay. This.
Maybe, probably. Does it have
anything to give it away? This design? Maybe? Maybe, this design will give it away. Okay, options. You’re going into options. You should feel good about yourself. Okay,
on to the shirts. Oh wow. We are running out. Okay something blue. Okay, is it blank? Is it normal?
Is it regular blue? That would be nice. What is it? No. This is too pink. I don’t
know what to choose. This is H&M. Okay we’re on to something. We’re on to something. What is it? Wait. Wait is this regular black?
Is this just plain black? Please, tell me. you are going in options. You stay there in options.
Yes! I don’t even need to pick anymore shirt. I’m looking here. I have no clue why. Okay what’s over here? Uhh… This is school uniform ‘meh.’ Okay, Dresses? No. Purses? Maybe. No, actually.
No. I don’t know what to choose. I want to go with this
but it has a design. It’s the same as the black ones
but just a different color. If I go all black
that would just be bad. that would just be bad, so I. We need some other pants. Okay, let’s take these jeans maybe and this
awesome Regular black shirt. Let’s go. Okay guys,
This is how I look. It’s average, it’s decent. But now, I think,
I completely ran out of options. So one day, I have to wear a crop top or something. Hopefully, not.
Let’s cross our fingers. Maybe, there’s a secret lair in Karina’s
closet where there’sn all boy stuff. That would be nice. But let’s show Karina now. Karina,
how do I look?>>Seriously?>>Yeah. Seriously,
I’m very serious.>>Well, it won’t happen again
next time for sure.>>I think I completely ran out actually. But hopefully, you have a secret lair in your closet
where you have only boy clothes.>>It’ll be the awesome… But look at me, I actually look like a boy. you’re supposed to look like a girl.>>You look like a girl.>>No. So guys, we are at the store. No one’s giving us looksies so I think
we’re doing pretty good. We’ve come to the store to get
gluten free cookies and ice cream. So let’s do that. [music playing] Let’s get the smaller ones.>>That was simple. No one really gave us any looks.>>No one noticed anything. So guys, right now.
Still in our outfits. We’re are going to the dentist,
and I’m need to get my braces.>>And I’m gonna be getting
my sort of braces>>They’re the ones he can take out, but mine are like drilled to my teeth. I’m so nervous. But so excited at the same time. [music playing] So guys,
you wanna see my braces? I don’t know.
Maybe, you shouldn’t. These are my braces. You can barely see them,
which I like. So guys, we have our outfits still on and we didn’t
get any looksies from the Doctor.>>He wasn’t like. Hm…
>>Something’s going on.>>Yeah.>>But I can’t quite put my finger on it. But right now, we are heading home with my braces.>>And my fake braces, they’re definitely here you know. They’re like right there. They’re right there. Okay, okay. What should I wear today? Okay, options. Options! [music playing]

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