August 24, 2019

(upbeat music) Hey guys, it’s Karina! It’s Ronald and we are (screams) Sis versus Bro and we are back with another challenge. Today’s challenge is going to be, drum roll please. (drumming) Sweet versus super spicy challenge! So one person gets sweet food and… The other person gets the spicy food! (Ronald screams) (Both scream) And as usual we get to take turns if you wanna keep it or switch it. And just in case we need it, we got water close by. (upbeat music) Ready for dish number one! Dish number one. All right you go first on switching, if you want. Okay. (upbeat music) I don’t know what to do. Ronald, say something! I’m gonna keep mine! Okay. 3, 2, 1. (Karina laughs) (metal clangs) Are you sure you didn’t get the spicy one? Yeah, I’m sure. I got the sweet chocolate and Ronald got the spicy one. (sighs) Tabasco spicy chocolate. (container clangs) All right, I’m gonna open it up to see how it looks. (paper tears) Oh you’re so lucky! Ah, creamy taste. Ah, creamy taste. (slurping) Ron, I think I need help opening it. I would wreck it. Me and chocolate are in a battle and I’m winning. (both laugh) (paper tears) Oh, let me get it. (grunting) All right, got a piece ready. Oh no. Oh. All right, let’s try one. 3, 2, 1. (upbeat music (crunching) Mmm. (Ronald smacking) Oh, there’s the spice. I have the spice. Oh! Oh the spice is coming in. (Karina laughs) I was gonna say no spice at all, but now it’s coming in. It’s not that spicy. (upbeat music) It’s spicy enough. It taste like… Mine’s good. I like it. It’s spicy, but not that spicy. Ready for dish number two. Dish number two. All righty! I’m gonna… Switch! Okay, I’m probably gonna get the spicy one. (metal slides) Maybe Karina always gets the good ones and for switching I might get the good one now. No. 3, 2, 1. Yes! Wait. I love Starbursts! No. Yes! You… I got a full box of Starbursts. I got a full box of Starbursts. I don’t know what Starbursts is. Starbursts is a magical gum that swirls in your mouth what makes you go like, “Ah! This is beautiful.” I got Dentyne fire. I got Dentyne fire. It looks weird. And it’s on fire on the picture. (Ronald chuckles) So I guess your mouth will be on fire. And we have… And mine smells so good! Gum pieces. Smell it. (upbeat music) I’m gonna die now. Ron, let’s try it at the same time. Okay, I’m gonna take mine out. My, I, I’m probably gonna blow up after this so I need my water to be near. I’m scared. (Karina laughs) All right. 3, 2, 1. (upbeat music) (smacking) Not spicy yet. Oh, now it’s getting spicy. Oh my God. It’s so good. Mmm. (upbeat music) (cup clangs) Ronald got the spicy! (smacking) Oh! (smacking continues) Oh! (Karina giggles) Oh! (upbeat music) Spicy. (upbeat music continues) Does this run out? (Ronald yells) Blah! Blah! Ew! That’s it. I have enough. Okay! I guess it’s time for dish number three. Dish number three. (metal sliding) Ronald… (Ronald yells) What are you gonna do? I’m gonna switch. I don’t why. I have a… If I get the good one, that’s just pure luck. I don’t think this is good. 3, 2, 1. 3, 2, 1. No! Oh yes baby, I got… Oh yes baby, I got… What?! There’s even a demon right there on the side. (Ronald laughs) I got a lollipop. It’s amazing. This is gonna be yummy. Yummy I say. This one is gonna hurt. (Ronald chuckles) It says here it’s called The Devil’s Toe Lollipop, so I guess this is gonna be spicy. Okay, let’s try at the same time. Mine… (candy wrapper crumbles) I want it to be good. (both giggle) Imagine if it was actually the other way around. (candy wrapper crumbles) I can’t quite open it. Oh, I think I got it. 3, 2, 1. 3, 2, 1. (upbeat music) (candy clangs) (Karina yells) (Ronald sighs) (Karina yelling continues) Mmm. (Karina yelling continues) Ah! So good! It’s so spicy! This is too spicy. This… Mine is delicious. Ah, help me! Ah, help me! Help! Yummy. I could eat this all day. (Ronald laughs) (metal clangs) Time for dish number four. (Karina panting) Translated, time for dish number four (laughs). (upbeat music) (cup bangs) I need more water. Translated, “I need more water.” Translated, “I need more water.” Dish number four. All right Ronald, what you gonna do? It’s your turn. Oh it is? Yeah. (upbeat music) I’m gonna keep mine. 3, 2, 1! (upbeat music) What happened? Oh yes! (metal clangs) I got, oh I got chocolate! Oh no, it’s candy. Yay! Oh no! (candy bag crumples) I got ghost pepper candy. (Karina giggles) It’s blue raspberry flavor. This is perfect! (candy bag crumples) This is a caramel hard candy. I bet this is gonna be awesome! (upbeat music) Then not that good for me though. I hope this is not that spicy. It has a skull on it. Okay… (upbeat music) here’s the candy. (candy bag crumples) Oh, it smells spicy. You can’t really smell spice, but I can tell it’s spicy just from the smell. All right Ron, let’s try it. No I don’t want to. It looks like a caramel. Oh that creamy caramel color. All right, 3… 2, 1. 2, 1. (upbeat music) Ah! Just from a little lick! Just from a little lick! I knew it, I knew it! (upbeat music) Mmm. Tastes like caramel. Mmm, so good! That’s why I took a little lick. See, just a little lick is like Karina’s whole last dish. I don’t believe you it’s spicy, so let me take a tiny little lick at this. No, no. (Ronald giggles) Good luck. (upbeat music) You didn’t catch the spice? No, I didn’t catch the spice. (candy clangs) Lick it on the back here. (candy clangs) (upbeat music) Nothing. (Ronald laughs) Karina’s smiling face. No, there’s nothing. (upbeat music) Okay, let’s try it one more time. Bye bye to Ronald OMG, R-I-P Ronald OMG. (upbeat music) (Ronald screams) Dish number five. (metal slides) Ooh, am I gonna switch it or keep it? Oh I am curious. I’m gonna switch it. You know nice switch-a-roos are nice to have sometimes. 3, 2, 1! 3, 2, 1! Yay! What just happened? (metal clangs) Which one’s spicy? (candy bag crumples) So I got chocolate coconut chips. And I got the sriracha version. (candy bag crumples) Oh no. That’s good that I switched. (candy bag rattling continues) Hey… No, why did you have to switch? (candy bag rattling continues) 3, 2, 1. (crunching) Mmm. (candy bag rattling continues) I could eat this all day. Mmm, good. Mmm, good. You like it? Mm-hmm, it’s not spicy. What did you just say? What? It’s just not spicy. (upbeat music) Oh no, now it’s getting spicy. Oh no (laughs). It takes quite of a while. Yeah. (candy bag crumples) These tiny little demons in this bag. You can just hear them growling. No, I like this. I’m gonna eat it all day, you know? That looks really tasty. Is it actually chocolate? Yeah, it’s chocolate. (upbeat music) Coconut though. (metal clangs) Ready for dish number six. (upbeat music) Dish number six. Woo! What you gonna do (claps)? I’m gonna keep mine. 3, 2, 1! Yay! Wait, but what did I get? I got… I got jellybeans. I got ghost pepper jellybeans. Oh! Karina got spicy jellybeans. Oh, it’s so colorful! These jellybeans are not colorful. They are just red and orange. (candy rattles) Oh, plain. (candy rattling continues) And they’re growling! (Ronald laughs) Another growling noise. (candy clangs) They smell good, but they’re all so evil. (Ronald chuckles) 1, 2, 3, go! 1, 2, 3, go! 1, 2, 3, go! Oh! (smacking) Ah! It’s spicy! (Ronald giggles) No! (Ronald giggling continues) (upbeat music) (Karina whimpers) You don’t like it? (giggling) Ah. Well… (spitting) Ah, that shows you really don’t like it. Mine are delicious. Mine are spicy! That was so spicy, it’s crazy! My mouth feels like it was just on fire and it’s steaming. All right ready for… Dish number seven! Dish number seven! Dish number seven. Okay. (mumbling) You wanna keep or switch it? (upbeat music) (Ronald giggles) Keep or switch it you say? (laughs) Yes. Is there a option to turn into a unicorn? (upbeat music) Why?! I think I’m gonna switch. Okay. (plates slide) (metal scrapes) 3, 2, 1! 3, 2, 1! No! Yes! You got a gumball machine?! Oh, that’s so cool! (candy rattles) I have a gumball machine and here’s the coins. (coins rattle) Yes, ooh! I wanna see it come out. I never saw this before. Okay, let’s look. Put the money in. Like that? Yeah, like that. And then you have to like turn it. (coin rattles) It doesn’t accept the money. It doesn’t want our money. Okay, let’s try this one. (coin rattles) Maybe, five cents wants to work. Ah! (candy rattles) Oh! See, I got a gumball! (upbeat music) Wow, does it taste good? (smacking) Mmm. Ain’t nothing. We can keep this in our room. This broke. You got the money back! (upbeat music) Free gumballs! Free gumballs! Woo, woo! Free gumballs! It says on the package ghost pepper gumballs so I don’t know about this. There’s a lot of ghost things. Yeah. It’s so ghostly. Let’s try this spicy gumball. (candy bag crumples) (Ronald chuckles) Ew, it smells like ghost. Ew! Want it (laughs)? Go ahead. (upbeat music) (crunching) (Ronald chuckles) (candy clangs) It’s disgusting. Here we go again. (mumbles) It’s so spicy. Oh no. Ah! (Karina mumbles) This is super spicy! Translated, “This is super spicy!” I think that’s what she said. But mine is delicious. Free! I don’t know if I’m gonna survive this. Translated, “I don’t know if I’m gonna survive this.” Should I call Mom? Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Mommy! My gumball fell out of my mouth! (Karina coughs) One second. You know what, let’s grab a new one. (coin rattles) Free gumballs! Oh they’re different flavors! (Ronald laughs) (clap) This really hurts my lips. (Karina whimpers) Help me somebody! (metal clangs) Ready for the next dish. Yep. (claps) Dish number eight. You want–oh wait, it’s my turn. Mm-hmm. I’m gonna keep mine. On three, 3, 2, 1. Ha! Wait, what?! I got popcorn. (bag crumples) I got sweet and salty! It’s sweet! What did you say? Sweet and salty. I got spicy popcorn. (upbeat music) I’m so jealous. Ghost pepper popcorn. (bag crumples) Everything is ghost. I know. Probably from the same company, that’s why. Let’s try this sweet popcorn. I’m so jealous. Mmm. It’s so sweet! Oh no, now I have the spicy popper, at least it’s popcorn. Popcorn’s my favorite food, so it might be good. (bag crumples) You know? Okay, let’s try. I bet it gonna be bad, you know? It’s always bad. This company always makes bad stuff. 3, 2, 1. (upbeat music) (Ronald breathes loudly) (upbeat music) (Ronald coughs) Ah! It’s not going away! (upbeat music) Let me try one please? Okay, just one. (bag crumples) Best popcorn in the world. It’s so sweet; it tastes like candy. I’m gonna eat it all day. Karina, you have to try mine now. I’d rather pass. Nah, I tried yours, you gotta try mine. (upbeat music) (crunching) (laughing) (crunching continues) Okay… (popcorn rattles) you need the whole thing. (upbeat music) Open. (crunching) (upbeat music) (Ronald chuckles) Is it supposed to be spicy? (upbeat music) Okay, let me try it one more time. (upbeat music) Ew! (Ronald gags) Ew! Ew! Ew,ew,ew,ew,ew,ew! (Ronald panting) (metal clangs) Time for the next dish. Here it comes. (plates slide) Dish number nine. Oh! What you gonna do with the big, fat butt? Wait, whose turn is it? Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle (laughs). (Karina yells) Switch. (Ronald chuckles) 3, 2, 1! No, I mean yes, I mean no. I mean no. (metal slides) Yes! Mine isn’t spicy. So mine is almonds with cranberry plus honey plus sea salt, which looks like that. (bag crumples) I got wasabi and soy sauce flavored almonds. Wasabi’s spicy. It is? Really spicy. Oh that– I once got–yeah, I once tried it and it was like, “Oh!” (Karina chuckles) I don’t wanna try wasabi. Oh, this smells awesome, smell it. (plastic top clangs) Oh! (Ronald whimpers) Here, I’ll go first for you. Okay. (bag crumples) (Ronald sneezes) 3, 2, 1. (Ronald sneezes again) Mm, I like it. Mm, I like it. I don’t want to try wasabi. (upbeat music) Come on. You gotta. Be a man. Oh! Water, save my life. (cup clangs) (Ronald whimpers) This is my first time I tried wasabi, it’s okay. First times are okay. Second times are not. (upbeat music) A lick is fine. A lick is fine. Oh no, it’s coming now. (upbeat music) Oh, fine. No really. Is it coming? No. Is it coming to the mind, telling you that it’s spicy? (bag scrapes) Nah, mm-mm. It’s not spicy at all. Well I’m glad to hear that ’cause I didn’t wanna hear you going like this, “Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!” Get ready for… (metal clangs) dish number ten. Dish number ten. Okay you pick if you wanna switch it or keep it. I’m gonna switch this time. (plates slide) I’m so excited! I don’t know about this. 3, 2, 1! Yeah! Oh no! I got chips of chocolate. I got Popchips. (upbeat music) Ah! I’m gonna try one who has a lot of chocolate, like this one. Oh! 3, 2, 1. 3, 2, 1. (upbeat music) (crunching) Mmm. Aw, you’re lucky. (bag crumples) It’s so good. And I’m to g–ah! Smells spicy. Let me smell. (bag crumples) Smell’s right in there. (bag crumpling continues) I don’t wanna get near this thing, but I’m gonna have to if I wanna try it. (bag crumpling continues) (upbeat music) Oh! (crunching) (upbeat music) So good! (crunching continues) Really? Oh no, now it’s coming. (laughing) (crunching and chewing) It’s always just coming after. Oh no, now it’s really coming. (upbeat music) Mmm. Are you doing good? Karina, try mine. (sighs) It’s kinda good at the first place, but then it comes in. It comes in, it takes like minutes to come in, and even forever and kill you. (Ronald giggles) Am I gonna die from this? (giggles) maybe. (giggling continues) Aw whatever. (Ronald laughs) (crunching) (upbeat music) Not spicy. It’s coming. It’s coming a little, it’s a little spicy. (upbeat music) Nothing now. (crunching) Eat like the whole thing. (crunching continues) It’s spicy, but like a good spicy. Mm-hmm. (upbeat music) That’s pretty much it. (upbeat music) Just wait five minutes. Can I have another? Oh yeah, take ten. (bag crumples) Hey, just shove them all in your mouth. (chips crunch) Am I gonna, am I gonna blow up from this? No. It’s really good and sweet chips. (upbeat music) If you say so, probably is. Just shove them all in. They’re so good. Shh! (crunching chips) (Ronald giggles) (chewing) Is it coming? No?! Not yet. A little, a little. A little, a little. It should be a lot ’cause there’s loads of them. ♪ I feel like TNT ♪ Ssss. (Karina makes explosion sound) Last dish. Number eleven! The last dish. I am gonna… What do you want me to do? I want you to keep. Why? I love levitation. I think levitating is really cool. (Ronald giggles) I think switch. Nope, no, no, you have to keep. Yes, switch. Keep, keep, keep! (plates sliding) Okay goodbye. I hope you are nasty actually. (Ronald giggles) 3, 2, 1! (upbeat music) Yes, I think. What just got? I got… A salsa. Peachy mango… I got hot salsa. Why?! I got peachy mango. This is gonna be awesome. (bottle clangs) Did you notice something? What? We got chips. Yeah, we got chips with it. All right, I’m gonna try mine. (upbeat music) (chips crunching) I have no more water left. This is gonna be an issue. This is so good. Okay, I’m gonna try a little bite, you know? Okay, let’s try it. (upbeat music) (chips crunching) Are you gonna scream? Maybe. I can tell you what’s spicy. I think the chip is spicy. (laughing) Really? Can I try? (upbeat music) Try it. It’s kinda spicy. Like, I could eat it you know? It’s not like spicy like– No it’s not spicy at all. (upbeat music) I’m taking a lot of it. Okay now it’s spicy. Oh no what do I do? What do I do? (upbeat music) Is there any water in here? Doesn’t look like it. (upbeat music) That helped a little bit. Just put my air in this cup. (heavy breathing) (cup clangs) I’m just joking. So go like ah! (panting) What’s up with you? (chuckles) A lot of good things. So guys from all of the spicy foods I had today, The Toe of Satan was the most spiciest. Ronald has not tried it yet so Ronald’s gonna try it. Okay, I’m gonna try it. One lick, but I need a full glass of water. All right, do it pronto. Be right back! (box falls) Two hours later. Five hours later. (Ronald breathes out loud) You took 20 centuries. (Ronald giggles) I was gonna ask how many seconds have I took? (laughs) A lot. Here comes your lollipop. All right Ronald. I’m gonna lick it. (upbeat music) Go ahead. 3, 2, 1. Just… That was the tiniest lick ever and so spicy. (Karina giggles) I could a lick. If I shoved it in my mouth, I would blow up literally. Probably. Okay, the lollipop was extremely bad, but I have a worse thing too and that was the ghost pepper popcorn. I already tried and I don’t think it’s that bad so let’s just try it again. (upbeat music) (crunching) Good? Yep, it’s good. Okay. Why’s your eyes so red? Because a little bit steam went up to my face. But it went away really quickly. Why is your forehead sweaty? It’s not. It’s completely dry seriously. Maybe the popcorn is more spicy than you say. Uh-uh. Guys let us know in the comments if you think Karina’s lying on this one. I’m not. She’s got a sweaty forehead. I don’t have a sweaty forehead. Red eyes and a big mouth. Red eyes and a big mouth. (laughing) And a huge nose and a big nostrils, means that you’re lying. (laughing) Guys we really, really hope you like this video. If you did… Smash that like button! If you hadn’t yet subscribed, hit the subscribe button. It’s right down there! And we’ll see you guys next time. Goodbye! (upbeat music)

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