Sweet Turkey Hunting Teamwork: Make It Happen, Baby! (#234)  @GrowingDeer.tv
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Sweet Turkey Hunting Teamwork: Make It Happen, Baby! (#234) @GrowingDeer.tv

August 16, 2019

GRANT: Heath and Lindsey Martin have another
great turkey hunt. Back home, the beans are germinated and we’re one step closer to a
great deer season. ANNOUNCER: GrowingDeer.tv is brought to you
by Bass Pro Shops. Also by Reconyx, Trophy Rock, Muddy Outdoors, Non-Typical Wildlife
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Edge Knives. GRANT: We’re wrapping up turkey season and
busy with our food plots. But that doesn’t mean the GrowingDeer team doesn’t take time
to celebrate Memorial Day. Memorial Day to us is not just a day to go have a picnic and
go to the lake. It’s a day to sit down with our children and, especially, our elders and
talk about the great sacrifice that’s been made for the freedom in our country. All of
us know a serviceman or woman, fireman or policeman that’s made the ultimate sacrifice
in protecting our freedom. This year, join the Woods family. Take time and personally
thank one of America’s heroes. GRANT: Heath and Lindsey Martin are having
a great turkey season. A couple of weeks ago we featured Heath and Lindsey taking a pair
of great toms and a GoPro. LINDSEY: There’s the rest of my carnage. Maybe
the GoPro survived. GRANT: This show they’re back in Kansas where
they rapidly discover it’s cold and the turkey hunting is slow. GRANT: Heath and Lindsey decide to drive the
property, simply trying to locate some birds. GRANT: They spot two mature toms in a large
wheat field. GRANT: With no way to approach the toms, they
drove around the field and entered in some woods on the back side. GRANT: They located the birds, but they were
still 200 plus yards away. GRANT: Heath threw all sorts of calls at them. GRANT: He got their attention and it certainly
appeared they were interested, but they were certainly taking their time. GRANT: Then, something happened that completely
changed the situation. A pair of eager jakes had taken notice of Heath’s calls. GRANT: As the jakes make their move, those
big toms really take off toward Heath’s calls. GRANT: Lindsey’s in an awkward position and
fairly exposed, so they decide to take the first good shot. LINDSEY: (Whispering) Stop him. (Shot) LINDSEY: You made that happen, baby. That
was awesome. Awesome. High five. (Inaudible) HEATH: (Whispering) (Inaudible) GRANT: Congratulations to Heath and Lindsey
for great teamwork. But, they’ve got more hunting ahead as season opens in their home
state of Arkansas the next morning. GRANT: Heath had used his trail camera in
a time lapse mode monitoring a small clover food plot and had a great pattern on a mature
tom. At 6:50 a.m., they could hear the birds coming. GRANT: Within minutes a pair of toms were
high on the edge of the clover plot. GRANT: It appeared to take awhile for the
toms to figure out where the calls were coming from. There was enough roll in the field that
the toms couldn’t see the decoys from their position. GRANT: Heath kept calling softly and brought
those toms right in. GRANT: Heath and Lindsey’s scouting with the
trail camera paid off big dividends as these toms put on a great show. GRANT: They’ve done it before with two mature
toms in the plot, Heath and Lindsey were hoping to pull off a double. HEATH: (Whispering) To the left. I’d stay
on both of ’em. Tell me whenever you’re ready. LINDSEY: (Whispering) I’m ready. (Shot) (Shot)
(Shot) (Shot) GRANT: They did it again. Congratulations
on another successful double. GRANT: Adam started planting food plots here
at The Proving Grounds on April 29. He was planting Eagle Seed forage soybeans and soybeans
are a large soft seed which could be damaged if the soil is too cold. This year we had
adequate soil moisture, waited until the temperature was appropriate and in nine days, we have
soybeans three and four inches tall. What a difference a year can make. Last year right
after we planted beans, it was extremely dry. In fact, the soil was like powder. This year
we had an extremely cold winter and it was pretty dry. When the soil finally warmed up
enough to plant soybeans, we got a few rain showers — we planted right before that rain
and you can clearly see the soybeans have germinated and are coming on strong. GRANT: You can tell these rows are fairly
close together. I use an older no-till drill with seven and a half inch spacing to plant
soybeans. You don’t see spacing this close in commercial fields because the combine head
can’t get between the narrow rows to harvest the grain. Food plot farmers aren’t worried
about harvesting grain. We let the deer and turkey take care of that. So by planting narrower
— seven and a half inch rows — the root systems cover all the ground, getting all
of the available nutrients and moisture to the plants. GRANT: In addition, the close rows shade over
quickly, making a canopy and helping control weeds that much quicker. GRANT: Just like a deer herd needs proper
management to express its full potential, so do soybeans. So we added Antler Dirt early
on, sprayed to kill the competition, planted the seeds but we’re not done yet. We’ll probably
spray one more time just to keep the weed composition down before they canopy — we’re
gonna need to monitor groundhog populations. Those populations seem to be expanding throughout
the whitetails’ range. And they can do a lot of damage to your soybean plot and we’ll use
a Non-Typical electric fence in a few areas, smaller plots, let those beans grow up big
and be ready to provide a lot of food during deer season. GRANT: If your hunting ground is further south
than ours or you want to get a head start, simply go watch episode 183 of GrowingDeer.tv
and we’ll show you exactly how we installed a Non-Typical electric fence. Even if turkey
season is over where you hunt, take time to continue getting outside and enjoying Creation
and most importantly, listen to what the Creator is saying to you. Thanks for watching GrowingDeer.tv. ADAM: Don’t start that. We’ll be here all
day. (Laughter) GRANT: I just try to throw the big ones out
every time I go by them.

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  1. I'm planning on putting my eagle seed beans in this afternoon. Do you think I'm too late? I'm also in Missouri. There is a slight chance of storms tonight and tomorrow then it looks dry for the next ten days. Should I weight for a sure shot at rain?

  2. So as I watch this video, I'm not quite certain where she is aiming at the turkeys.  Granted she killed both turkeys, but we didn't see poses with them afterwards I didn't see the heads of either turkey move backwards like you would expect with a head/neck shot.  Were they close enough where she was using a 3.5" shell and shooting them through the breast?  Both birds did the same thing, I've killed a lot of turkeys, and never seen them flop like that.

  3. Dr. Grant Woods, can you explain to me the behavior, why male turkeys seem to stick together? It seems to me that for most species, males fend off other males, but for Turkeys it seems different?

  4. I enjoyed the video and funny how you guys killed those turkies but my question is did you guys ate those turkies ?

  5. great video. i grew up near Hardy Ar, great hunting in that area, that red clay is great for growing crops. lot's of minerals

  6. Great vid Grant and the Growing Deer ? tv crew Smile More God Bless Stay Safe guys ??

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