Sweaty Hands Hyperhidrosis stopped by Silver Gloves
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Sweaty Hands Hyperhidrosis stopped by Silver Gloves

August 23, 2019

Do you have to wear protective gloves at your work? possibly acid proof gloves? cut proof gloves? Latex or Nitrile gloves? possibly during complete working time? this might lead to heavy perspiration … … Eczema and other skin irritations might develop. BestSilver gloves with up to 12% Silver Fibre could help to avoid these problems. And this is how the silver glove acts on the skin … Upon contact with humidity the silver fibres emit electric charges, so called Ions Thanks to these ions, silver promotes the evaporation of humidity and this the better, the more humid and warmer the environment. Result: your hands perspire less and are kept more dry than with normal cotton gloves. But silver regulate the temperature too! It reflects the body’s warmth until the body core temperature of 37° is reached. This effect is known from the survival foil you may find in all car’s first aid kit. Silver gloves keep your hand much better warm than those without silver. But silver has more properties! Thousands of nerves end at the surface of the skin where they emit their nerve charges Nerve charges are very small electric charges. As silver is the best electric conductor the silver fibre in the glove pics up these charges and dissipates them. A weak but detectable electric current is created. Any current flowing through a body automatically creates a magentic field – a phenomenon known from the electric motor – Magnetic fields in turn may have a positive influence on the micro circulation of the skin, with other words: the blood circulation is improved An improved blood circulation in turn may reduce the heatloss of otherwise cold hands. Best4Hand silver glove can be worn without problems underneath latex and nitril gloves as well as all kinds of protective and safety gloves.

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