Swamp People: Willie’s Tough Luck Gator Hunt (Season 8) | History
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Swamp People: Willie’s Tough Luck Gator Hunt (Season 8) | History

November 18, 2019

15, the midway point of alligator season. And solo hunter Willie
Edwards is in trouble. With gator prices the
lowest in a decade, halfway through
the season, Willie has yet to turn a profit. So today he’s heading
to a spot called Billy’s Lake, where he’s caught
big monsters in the past. –you ain’t a man. And I’m a full-blooded man. I mean, I’m going to provide
for my family no matter what. Looks like we’ve
got one down here. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh! Hold on. Oh, no, no, no. [MUSIC PLAYING] [GUN SHOT] Atchafalaya River has been known
for some big, old alligators. But seven foot– I don’t think that’s even
gonna pay for the gas. Got one right here. Don’t know how big you are. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh. [GRUNTING] NARRATOR: Willie’s travel
lands on top of the beast, and snags it once again. Come on, boy. Oh. Get out of there. [GUN SHOT] NARRATOR: At only
6 and 1/2 feet, it’s not the colossus
he was hoping for. Up here at
Billy’s Little Lake, we usually got monsters here. I mean, I don’t know
what’s going on. We’re just trying to
catch some alligators, and it ain’t paying
off back here. He’s a big one. [MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: Willie revs
his engine in an attempt to rouse the monster
from his hiding spot. Come on, big boy. You have a alligator, he
either gets off the hook or he takes it off himself. You got to keep your
eyes on where the bubble go when he do leave you. If you can’t find the
bubbles again, he is gone. Sometimes you don’t catch him. It’ll be a year or two down the
line before you do catch him. Gets you aggravated. I mean, you chase him down,
trying to get a hook on him. And I mean, he just
gets away like that. It’s unbelievable. [MUSIC PLAYING] I mean, that was a
big disappointment. Just gotta get back on track. See what we got here. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, yeah. He got something on him. [MUSIC PLAYING] 7 or 8-foot alligator. [MUSIC PLAYING] [GUN SHOT] [MUSIC PLAYING] I mean, that’s 7, 8-foot. Have yet to see the 13-footer. Every day I don’t catch
eight or 10 alligators, I mean, that’s the next day
I’ve got to catch double the amount of alligators. And it’s not looking good. NARRATOR: With only 15
days left in the season, Willie’s luck needs
to change soon if he’s ever going to turn a profit.

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  1. Despite everyone else willy has always been one of my favorites in the show. I hope he pulls through and has the chance for a well deserved rest.

  2. I'm a gun guy. Why do they all hunt with rusty hulks of a firearm? Clean and take care of your rifle. It's not that hard.

  3. Why does the water always blow up around them if they are shooting a gator in the head. It's only a little .22

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