Susie Rodgers, Rio 2016 Paralympic gold medal winner #198
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Susie Rodgers, Rio 2016 Paralympic gold medal winner #198

December 3, 2019

You watched it all, brilliant. (passer-by) And I was like: my god I swam next to that women there. And she’s twice as fast as I am! (Susie laughing) (passer-by) You are amazing. (Susie) Thank you so much. (passer-by) Did you have a great time? (Susie) Yeah, it was brilliant, loved it, loved it. (passer-by) And since, nothing? (Susie) I’m just relaxing, yeah. But I will get back to doing something. So glamorous, this is my glamorous lifestyle. You have to kind of dodge the pigeon poo. Oh, here’s Keith. Hello. (Keith) Hello, how are you doing? Alright? (Susie) How many people are in the gym this morning? (Keith) I’ve no clue. (Susie) Oh, you don’t know, well. How is the diving? (Jo) I don’t really wanna touch it ’cause I’ve got chalk but… very nice. (Susie laughing) (Jo) I have to take a picture of that, Suse. (Susie) Yeah, I’m just thinking if I should maybe get it out the box. Should I get it out the box? (Jo) Yeah. (filmmaker) Yeah, sure. Well, whatever you’re comfortable doing. (Susie) I’m never comfortable taking it out the box, ’cause I’m always like: it’s gonna get damaged! (Susie lauging) (Charlotte) This is how we ride. (Susie) This is how we roll… in the village. Susie driving, hello. The day of the race obviously I was, you know, nervous, but focused. And I remember walking out in front of the crowd and hearing the roar of the Brazilians. I mean, they were very, very welcoming. And, I remember thinking: this is like a stage and I am a performer. So I’ve gotta give my best performance. And it was all about the process. You always have that slight dream, you’d have that moment where you think: what would it be like if I won? But you kind of don’t dare allow yourself to dream, because you think: it may or may not happen. After London 2012, I did well, I won three bronze medals, but I always knew that there was more that I could give. And I was just curious to see what my body, which is very unique to me given my disabilities, would actually… you know, what it was capable of doing. And that became sort of the daily goal. You know, my lungs have been on fire, my heart raced through the roof, I’m in pain. But there’s always that motivation of, you know: but what if? And how fast can I go? (Keith) In training she can be, really she can be a bit of a pain in the backside sometimes. (Susie) I would say: perfectionist. (Keith) But, in the day she likes to achieve things and wants to get the best result. (Susie) You want to reign me in all the time. Like: Susie stop doing… (Keith) She always wanna do more than is necessary. (Susie) Yeah, otherwise I’ll injure myself. I say: I want you to do so many wraps of this and she’ll always add ten to it. (Susie) Winning a gold medal is one thing but, the swimming and the gym and all of the stuff that I’ve done in the swimming, has given me a huge amount of confidence in who I am. And positivity actually having an impact on you as a person is even more valuable.

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