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SURPRISING DANCERS on Got Talent! | Top Talent

October 9, 2019

hello…I’m new here hello… uh who are you? Who are you? we are ‘old men groovin’ okay.. We’re old men grooving. Ok…Do you have jobs? uh yes we do. Yes we do. I’m an it manager I’m a teacher and i do some part time teaching aswell. do you thing that this is something the queen or the royal family would like? yeah we think they’re gonna love what were doing ok best of luck i won’t dance i won’t dance don’t ask- (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) i wanna get into it man ya’know! (Music) rev it [laughs] like a sex machine man a 1 2 3 (Music) like a sex machine (Music) (Music) (Music) *laughing *laughing woahh… this should be interesting this should be interesting
this should be interesting (Music) Moves… (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) bout the fastest routine ive ever seen ahhhh! what..! shut up, man. oh my god….. oh my god. amazing! hello there hello hello. what’s your name? whats your name? my name is Oscar Hernandez. my name is oscar hernandez okay. you’re here on your own? yes yes are you nervous? dont be nervous. yeah, a little bit. awwh don’t be nervous ok well look i wont ask you anymore questions. best of luck. thank you OK well look i wont ask you anymore questions. best of luck. thank you thank you inaudible (Music) no…!

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  2. That jackass Simon should be kicked out of the show, moron, always pressing the buzzer before watching the whole performance.

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  4. I loved the elderly woman and the two guys in which one was in a wheelchair out of them all. The wheelchair dance was amazing and it touched my heart. Goes to show we can do more than we thought we could be capable of. He must have mass faith in the guy he was dancing with. That's awesome!!!! The other dancer were great as well. Tyfs

  5. المترجم من جيش المشطوبين 😂😂😂😂😂 موسيقى وبيترجمها ( موسيقى) على اساسا مابنعرف ياشيخ 😂😂😂

  6. The man in the wheelchair….AMAZING. He let nothing stop him. I need to show this to my girls at my job. I cant stop crying. Thank you.

  7. Chè zanmi! Tan nan favè a ap kouri soti .. Dezyèm ap vini nan Kris la ap trase tou pre! Prese vin bay Jezi Kris la, avèk repantans ak lafwa. Li renmen ou. Jezi ap padonnen tout peche ou yo. Lavi!
    ‌Estè Bib la, Seyè a atravè li pale pèsonèlman nan chak moun!

    16 "Paske, Bondye sitèlman renmen mond lan ke li te bay sèl Pitit li a, pou tout moun ki mete konfyans yo nan li pa peri, men gen lavi etènèl." Levanjil Jan 3-16
       "31 Men yo di :, Kwè nan Senyè Jezikri a, epi ou menm ak tout kay ou yo pral sove." Acts 16-31.
    Swiv kòmandman 10 Bondye yo, yo se yon plak pwotèj ak yon gad kont pouvwa ki nan fènwa!

  8. Son varias actuaciones :
    1) 0:43 cinco hombres cantan y bailan muy bien
    2) 2:38 un grupo de bailarines actuan jugando con las luces
    3) 4:30 una anciana y un hombre joven bailan con una agilidad impresionante
    4) 7:00 un gordito baila muy bien
    5) 8:25 un chico en silla de ruedas hace acrobacias y baila con su amigo
    6) 11:40 quince chicas bailan claqué

  9. There was a clip on Britain's got talent with a plus size girl doing a pole dancing routine in front of Simon and the judges. I'm commenting about it here because they eliminated the comments section to post a comment.
    This win woman obviously weighed between 250 and 300 lbs. and she easily swung around upside down and sideways on the metal stripper pole like a girl who weighed 100 lbs. AMAZING!!!
    Now I've been to my share of strip clubs and I've never seen anyone other than petite girls pull off what I've seen this plus size girl do. Again AMAZING!

  10. 11:00 Тут будучи вроде всё исправно работает и то не уверен в себе…. БЛЯ!!! ВОСХИЩАЮСЬ ТАКИМИ ЛЮДЬМИ,КОТОРЫЕ НЕСМОТРЯ НА КАКИЕ-ТО БОЛЕЗНИ и Т ,П, ДЕЛАЮТ ТО,ЧТО ХОЧЕТСЯ!!! И тут такой вопрос- а кто из нас,типа нормальных-нормальный то?!

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