Superstars show support for Roman Reigns following his emotional announcement: Oct. 22, 2018
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Superstars show support for Roman Reigns following his emotional announcement: Oct. 22, 2018

October 7, 2019

[MUSIC] My real name is Joe And I’ve been living with leukemia for
11 years.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>And unfortunately it’s back.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>And because the leukemia is back I>>Cannot fulfiull my role. I can’t be the fighting
champion adn I’m gonna have to relinquish the universal
standard challenge.>>You’re not alone.>>We got to work. We got work to do. [MUSIC] Yeah.>>Thank you, brother. I’m here for you. Anything, you know that, anything.>>All right, group hug?>>Yes,
[CROSSTALK] girls [INAUDIBLE] group hug.>>Everybody in. [MUSIC] Billy.>>All right get off.>>Billy have a good time.>>Here’s my mentor right here. My foundation mentor.>>Take care. I got you.>>I’m sorry about my other shit.>>Okay.
>>[INAUDIBLE] Yeah get them bro.>>Yes text you.>>Yes.>>You have me too.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>I will. You guys are just, enough. Already. Enough. Don’t get in my rental car,
it’s not a good one. It’s not even a full-sized SUV. I came last minute. I wasn’t prepared.

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  1. Hey Joe wanna flip WWE on its head? and have the crowd asking how did he get so big? and toss the so called super stars around the ring like they weigh 20 lbs.? Ask Mark Henry to tell you the truth of what he saw with his own eyes in the brigade gym of Fort Leonard Wood Missouri when he was forced by order of General Mccolaczek in a 1 on 1 weightlifting competition and Mark chose it to be on the bench press! The 100% truth is after he hit his maximum bench press of 550 lbs. I laughed at him and bench pressed 1,200 lbs. 10 times and was ordered to stop by staff sergeant Palmer to stop! then the idiot tried to attack me and i scared him so badly without touching him he ran to the door and ripped it off of its hinges, and ran screaming like a 5 year old girl through the basketball court and out of the gym! All 100% true fact! if you would like i will put you through Super Soldier training, I'll be your drill Sergeant. i hold every record for strength, speed and endurance set in the military which absolutely destroys every civilian record and military record of any human on earth and in history! As part of my training I am a master of 7 forms of martial arts as well The Super Soldiers are the little flag no one knew was there on top of the Special Forces pyramid! the unspoken 5th element and most lethal element!

  2. Roses are red
    Daiseys arnt blue
    Leukemia hits Roman with a finisher
    He kicks out at 2 took him 4 months ,now hes back HE DEFIED THE ODDS BELIVE THAT

  3. If reigns can Superman punch the League of Nations, he can Superman punch leukemia


  4. Emotionally this means a hell of a lot true hero a true legend never back down never give up keep fighting lifes too short

  5. Ok so I know he’s been back for a while but yo when nia hugged him just a little bit harder my heart broke

  6. I think Roman didn't have a leukemia because he was in the movie of The Rock and he just used leukemia to have a leave for the movie.

  7. I love you I'm going to miss you buddy you're my best wrestler in the world if I get big and not go to WWE can you train me you're my best friend ??

  8. Lol every since wwe wanna copy edge retirement promo drama and only kidz believe its all fake he aint got lukeimia

  9. Român reinz e un jucător bun mai rial neim ia joe șamoa joe and i beat uit luchimia and unfortubateli ia beck din păcate iar dau examen la atm.

  10. I love how when he enters the ring he's extremely emotional and when he leaves he acts like nothing happened in that last 5 minutes

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