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Superliminal | Abbreviated Reviews

December 8, 2019

What if you could experience that with a weird
narrative about lucid dreaming vaguely reminiscent of The Stanley Parable? Well then you’re gonna love Superliminal! Nap your way into the role of a person who
tries out a strip mall dream therapy program and ends up getting sucked into a world where
perspective changes everything around them. Navigate through strange Portal-like testing
sessions, confusing repeating office hallways, and around the back alleys of industrial looking
areas using your first person perspective to make weird shit happen. Have you ever held your thumb up to the moon
and said, “wow look my thumb is huge, it can cover the whole moon!” Well, what if in doing so your thumb became
gigantic and ripped through the atmosphere destroying Tokyo with a tidal wave? That’s the sort of fun you can experience
in Superliminal! Every object you can pick up changes its size
depending on how it looks compared to the surroundings. Some giant object blocking your path? Bring it close to your face and suddenly not
even an ant would be inconvenienced by its existence. Need a ramp to get up high? Grab an exit sign and hold it at arm’s length. Now you’ve got yourself a 30 foot platform
you can use to shimmy up to glory! Sometimes you’ll even need to line yourself
up with weird paintings like those Riddler puzzles in the Arkham games so you can make
objects appear out of thin air! Take these strange perspective manipulation
tricks along with a host of other similar mind-bending maneuvers through many levels
of dream manipulation. Wake up over and over again as this therapy
becomes increasingly confusing and ends up in strange places where the puzzles make less
sense and you start to wonder if the game is broken. You can even enjoy aimlessly wandering through
this dark scary section where you can barely see hoping that nothing jumps out and makes
you literally shit the bed. Superliminal, proving that small things can
actually be pretty big as long as you’re willing to get them close enough to your face. Without spoiling the story or giving away
too much of the last portion of the game, this has one of the most trippy and mildly
existential endings for a game I’ve played in a while. I thought I was just settling in for a neat
puzzle game and next thing I knew I was looking into my soul trying to determine if my dreams
were secretly deciding my fate. Am I really abbreviating these reviews…
or are they abbreviating me?

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  1. Just a reminder, Youtube doesn't like to promote short ass videos like this. That's pretty obvious given how my few longer videos got recommended to everyone and their Uncle Bill. So if you like this stuff and want to see more, please share this video, show it to your dog, mail it to a long lost relative, whatever works. I will be grateful for a period of time up to but not including an eternity.

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